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Enhance your home with ADT Smart Home Accessories

ADT smart home products are a bunch of inspired accessories that will elevate your home. Although most features are included in the smart home installation by ADT, some accessories can be bought separately. Convenience is at your doorstep with everything that the ADT home automation systems have to offer!

Smart locks

With the ADT automated home smart locks, you no longer have to fret about losing keys. Instead, say hi to keyless entries into your home. Get text alerts every time the door opens when you are away and virtually access and lock or unlock your doors from anywhere in the world!

Smart locks are included in the Smart home and Complete package by ADT. ADT puts an end to travel with keys, and a smart home system means you are always in the loop. Create smart lock key combinations for your family members. And since the ADT Security cameras and smart locks complement each other perfectly, use them together to create a safe, smart home system for your loved ones.

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Garage door controller

Have you left the garage door open on your way to work, AGAIN? No worries. Say goodbye to all your garage-related issues with the ADT smart home garage controller. Not only is the controller compatible with most brands and garage doors, but also extremely sensitive, which means you get a text alert any time you leave your garage door open. You can then remotely close your garage door from anywhere.

You can also use the ADT home automation application to create modes that automatically open or close your garage door. Conversely, with ADT smart home integration, ask Alexa or Google Assistant to do the honors for you. Get customized alerts, so you always have updates on your smart home system, day or night!

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Smart Plugs

ADT smart home automation means that you get complete control of your entire house via smart plugs. Simple to set up at any electrical outlet, these smart plugs can connect to lights and other small appliances in your house. Then, add as many of these as you like, dim the lights and control your coffeemaker and thermostat directly from your ADT mobile application. With ADT home automation systems, nothing is ever out of your reach.

The smart plugs with ADT are compatible with most devices, appliances, and other things in your home. They also respond to Google and Alexa, so you can use voice commands whenever you feel fancy. Professional smart home installation ensures that these smart plugs are at appropriate positions and working well. You can also schedule time for a specific activity to happen, like turning off all the house lights at 9 PM.


Rediscover your life with the ADT smart home products.

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Features of the ADT Smart Home system

Features of the ADT Smart Home system

The smart home systems by ADT are instinctive and go with the flow as naturally as possible. They work seamlessly and offer their users a ton of useful features. With these handy features, you can,

  • Remotely arm or disarm your ADT home security system
  • Receive email or text alerts of different happenings inside and outside your residence
  • Tweak the thermostat settings at different times to have a cozy environment but also save on bills
  • Home automation to control lights or schedule on and offs
  • Receive camera alerts and video feed to see who is at your door or check in on your kids
  • Access appliances and set schedules for them to work like your coffeemaker
  • View storage of most video clips from your doorbell, outdoor security, and indoor cameras whenever you want

Always be in control of your smart home with the ADT Mobile Apps

Smart home systems with ADT give you an automated home that you can control on the go. ADT has a few different mobile applications for the vast number of services they offer. Not only do you get smart home monitoring, but you always have the edge with updates and the ultimate control on how your house functions.

  • The ADT Control App lets you command your home all from the ease of your home. Set up alarms, arm your home security system, and more, taking home automation to the next level!
  • The SoSecure App takes you on a journey through the entirety of your ADT home security system. Check up on your cameras, set alarms, motion sensors, and more. Take your home security wherever you go.
  • MyADT App gives you a sense of your ADT account and everything associated with it. Pay your ADT bills, run system tests, register cards, change passwords, get help, and more with the MyADT app.
ADT Smart Home Security Services

Stay connected with all that you love with the ADT Smart Home Systems.

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ADT employs the use of the latest tech in coming up with the best for your automated home. Smart home accessories with ADT include door locks, plugs, and garage controllers that make your life easier.
Your ADT home security system comes with professional monitoring that is available 24/7. Currently, ADT does not offer any self-monitoring plans.
ADT packages vary on what you want with your security system. You can choose a package that best fits your needs.
A smart home is where you can electronically control one or all components of your house even when you are not physically present. A smart home installation by ADT ensures that everything important to you is well taken care of.