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The Google Nest Doorbell

A glimpse of the smart home experience

ADT smart home experience

The Google Nest Doorbell is a doorbell camera that keeps you updated on what is happening on your porch. Developed by Google, this camera is a compatible ADT product and one of the smartest of its kind. With the Google Nest Doorbell, you get intelligent alerts as it differentiates between objects that cross your front door. In addition, you can tap into your Google Nest even when you are away and see all that happens at your front door in crystal-clear HD.

Hard wired and cellular coverage on your Google Nest means you stay connected even when the power is out. In addition, the face familiarity feature on this smart and compatible ADT camera recognizes reappearing faces and conditions. As an ADT security camera, the Google Nest is compatible with most homes, giving you the best vantage point seeing who is at the front door, deterring porch pirates, and recording all video footage.

The ADT Outdoor Security Cameras: Protecting Boundaries

ADT outdoor cameras include wide lens coverage and crisp 1080 HD video quality. In addition, ADT Cameras placed outside can provide two-way audio so you can communicate on either side. ADT security cameras include smart video analytics and will only notify you of the important things, so your phone will not receive an alert every time a bird flies by.

With the ADT Outdoor camera, keep an eye on everything that matters. Set up your ADT security system to control everything through your phone, whether getting alerts, turning on your porch lights, or checking up on your home. A weatherproof design means that your ADT cameras can bear the rough outdoors and temperature changes. You'll need a power source and Wi-Fi, and you are good to go.

ADT Outdoor Security
ADT Indoor Security Cameras

The ADT Indoor Security Cameras: Internal safety matters

The indoor ADT camera system is the perfect mix of innovative and smart. You get crystal-clear HD video, infrared night vision, smart alerts, two-way communication. So whether you are a toddler mom or a cat dad, rest assured that your voice will ring as clear as day throughout your house – even when you are not home.

Indoor ADT security cameras allow you to watch over the things you value most in life - your home, family, and pets. You can control your cameras and your security system remotely on your phone, so you are never stuck in a helpless situation. Set up home automation and other features to stay up-to-date on your home. And if all this wasn't enough, ADT indoor cameras are intuitive enough to understand alerts, delivering you only the most vital info.

Hack your way through life with ADT DIY security cameras

Are you looking to protect your home but not sure if you want to invest in a whole system? No worries, ADT has the answer! ADT products include a unique security camera line by Blue. These cameras are a modern take on the DIY home security trend. With these ADT security cameras, you can do everything you can with the other ADT cameras, only without the fear of commitment.

Talk to your dog through your camera or keep an eye on visitors when your roommate throws a party with Blue by ADT's camera options. Home security has never been easier!

ADT DIY security cameras
ADT Mobile App

The ADT Mobile App

Take your home security with you

You are always on the go, and there is no reason why your security shouldn't be mobile. As long as you have your phone on you and an internet connection, it's like you never left home. With the ADT Mobile App, control all your ADT products, automated home devices, and even the ADT camera system while sitting in a different city.

You get the ultimate control of your home system with the ADT mobile application. Check on your family or pets, and keep an eye out for home deliveries. Arm or disarm your system, get alerts on your phone and even go back to old video clips on your ADT camera storage. Check the thermostat and control other automated devices such as lights and door locks. The ADT Control App always keeps you in the loop, whether you are in the house or miles away.

Rediscover the world through the ADT lens

ADT is not just a home security service; it is so much more. There are multiple resources at play with ADT systems, all of which fall into place when you get them together. As a result, ADT creates a seamless mesh of integrated systems that deliver you the best security.

ADT Services

ADT Services

ADT offers 24/7 home security services that work with ADT outdoor cameras, indoor cameras, motion sensors, and more. So say goodbye to sleepless nights as the professionals keep you safe every day.

Home and Life Safety

Home and Life Safety

The ADT security system works like a dream with up-to-date devices designed for your safety. ADT Home and Life safety services offer immediate detection and lightning-fast response times against all threats.

ADT home security

ADT home security

ADT Home security ensures that you are protected all the time. Any suspicious activity is picked up by the ADT monitoring system and flagged. In addition, emergency responders are always on standby with ADT.

ADT Home automation

Home automation

Welcome to the age of technology with the smart ADT home systems. Control your home from literally anywhere on your mobile phone with the ADT Control App. Then, sit back and let Alexa run your home from your voice commands!

Automate your life with ADT today!. Call now:

The Google Nest Doorbell offers multiple features, including night vision, customizable activity zones, pre-recorded quick responses, quiet time, and noise and echo cancellation. These features ensure you get the best possible experience with the doorbell camera.
The ADT outdoor camera is a compact device that serves you in more ways than one. You can easily set it up yourself, and it will work with your wireless internet to send you alerts. The weatherproof design and built-in heater mean your camera can handle extreme temperatures. Plus, you can tune in and watch the live feed at any time.
Yes. Blue by ADT offers standalone camera services that you can buy separately and as part of a security plan. So if you are looking for self-monitoring or want a no-strings-attached setup, Blue by ADT cameras are just the thing for you.
ADT security systems and home automation go hand in hand. You can now control your house and ADT Security system through voice commands. So, you can have your voice assistant manage your home for you, be it Google or Alexa!
The ADT customer support number is 844-343-1168. An ADT representative will be happy to assist you through your problems.