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If you do not know the alternatives after cutting your cable cord, you may be reluctant to make the shift. Whether you enjoy your favorite shows on Disney plus , Netflix, ESPN, TNT, Amazon Prime Video, or the local NBC, PBS, or ABC stations, you can watch them without cable as well. You only need to maximize your knowledge and trust in cutting the cord. This blog addresses almost all the questions that customers ask frequently to make a smooth transition. So, let’s get started.

What Is Cord Cutting?

The process of eliminating your satellite or cable TV subscription is called cord-cutting. You may watch your favorite shows through HDTV Digital antenna or streaming services. This phenomenon became popular in the last couple of years after a rise in the cable bills and wide availability of a variety of content through antennas and the internet.

Can I Still Watch My TV Shows?

Yes! You can access most of the content aired on cable or satellite services through streaming services or over the air antennas based on an internet connection. Content availability varies by streaming provider and is subject to licensing agreements. To check which cable networks are available over the air in your area, search FCC Reception Map.

How Does a Common Cord-Cutting Setup Look Like?

One of the best options is antenna installation using a TiVo® DVR along with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney plus , YouTube TV, or Apple TV plus subscriptions. However, everyone has different setup requirements based on their needs.

Can I Use a DVR Without Cable?

Yes, you don’t need to have a cable subscription to use a DVR. The only condition is that the DVR should have an antenna. You can benefit from the award-winning interface of a TiVo® and watch your favorite shows at your scheduled time without paying high prices of satellite or cable.

How Much Internet Speed Do I Need After Cutting the Cord?

Your internet speed depends mainly on two factors: one is the total number of people in your household using the internet, and the second is your internet usage purpose. You may take an internet speed test to better understand your internet needs.

For instance, if there are too many people in your home using the same internet connection, then you may need a high-speed internet up to 25 Mbps or more. On the other hand, if there is no one else in your home, then any internet speed up to 12 Mbps may be sufficient.

What Channels Can I Get When I Cut the Cord?

Before you cut the cord, we recommend you to invest in a good 4K antenna and explore all the available options beforehand. This way, you can get immediate access to ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CW, and Fox without paying any monthly charges.

You can easily subscribe to cheap streaming services like Sling TV. These give you access to multiple sports channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, Golf Channel, and any other channel you can think of. If you are not a big sports fan then we would recommend the Netflix streaming service as the first choice.

How Much Does It Cost to Cut the Cord?

You have to pay upfront costs ranging from $200 - $600 to get the equipment for cutting the cord. On average, most cable or satellite users pay more than $1,200. Hence, a small investment for cutting the cord pays for itself in the future.

How Much Money Will I Save by Cutting the Cord?

On average, you can save up to $100 every month after getting rid of cable or satellite.

How Can I Use Wi-Fi After Cutting the Cord?

Your cable service provider might have given you Wi-Fi as a part of the bundled deal with your cable. After cutting the cord, you can enjoy high-speed internet at more reasonable rates by buying a standalone internet service.

How Much Does Wi-Fi Cost After Cutting the Cord?

The cost depends on the internet speed you choose. On average, Wi-Fi can cost you approximately $50 each month. To make it more affordable, you may buy bundle deals that offer both Wi-Fi and a landline phone service.

What is Over the Air TV?

Over-the-air TV is a high-definition, digital broadcast signal that comes free with an antenna.

Is It Possible to Watch Sports Without Cable?

Yes, definitely! You can easily subscribe to cheap streaming services like Sling TV. These give you access to multiple sports channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, Golf Channel, and many other channels.

What Is Better: Purchase or Rent a Modem?

If you are looking for affordable options, then we would recommend you to purchase your modem. This is a more prudent investment as it allows you to freely access the modem for years.

In most cases, internet service providers offer you to lease a modem through subscription. But they usually charge additional dollars every month.

In Summary

Cutting cable is becoming easier and cheaper with a variety of unique options available on the market. Not just savings, you also get the independence to choose any service you like – and get rid of it, if you don’t like it later. Just make sure to do your research. If you cut the cord correctly and select services from one of the best internet service providers, then you will never want that old cable box again.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I watch sports without cable?

Yes, you surely can! All you have to do is subscribe to worthwhile TV plans like DIRECTV Premier and get access to premium sports networks like ESPN, Fox Sports, Golf Channel, and many other channels.

How much internet speed do I need for streaming services?

A high speed connection that delivers up to 25 Mbps or more is good enough for standard household usage that includes streaming, gaming and browsing.