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With all the call and messaging apps inundating the market, landline seems like ancient technology. However, those who know better know the benefits having your own home phone has and even in this day and age make sure to subscribe to the service. If you’re one of them, welcome to the gang!

Here you’ll find all the help needed in connecting your phone and Wi-Fi router. To be fair, it’s quite simple, just keep reading and follow the steps below and you’ll have your landline working in no time.

What is VoIP and Why Is Router Important

With advances in technology, we’re no longer dealing with old phone services and their analog signals transmitted over the landline. No, this is the digital age.

The phone service used today, called Voice over the Internet (VoIP) Service, converts the incoming voice signals to digital signals over the internet. As the name suggests, internet service is important. So, to get your phone working you’ll need to connect it to the router. It might sound difficult but we assure you it’s not. So, here goes:

How to Connect Landline to WiFi Router

Honestly, the process is fairly simple. Sure some wires might trip you over if you aren’t tech-savvy, but if you follow the steps below you should be done without any incident. Before you know it, the incoming voice signals will be converted into digital sounds ready for you to hear.

There are two ways to go about it though and it all depends on your modem, router situation. You might have a modem cum router that houses all that you need in one device or you might have two separate pieces of equipment. To find out what you need to do in case of each, keep reading. We cover both the methods and provide detailed instructions so it’s easier for you. So, let’s get to it.

Method 1: Separate Modem and Router

Turn off the Router

Your broadband connection needs a modem and a router to work. The two can exist as separate devices or as one, a modem-cum-router. If your system uses separate devices, just make sure it is the router that you’re turning off.

Also, when you do so though, make sure not to unplug the various wires connected to it as it will only make it harder for you to recognize the ports.

Connect the Ethernet Cable

Next, you’ll need an Ethernet cable. Your phone service might provide you with one or you might have to purchase it separately. Once you get your hands on it though, plug in one end of the wire into the port at the back of your router and the other, into the corresponding port of your cable modem.

Connect the Router to Your Computer

Once the router and modem are connected, grab another Ethernet cable. Plugin one end of this wire on the LAN port located at the back of your router. Plugin the other end into the Ethernet outlet on your computer.

Connect Your Phone and Router

The next step is connecting your analog home phone to your router. Look for the phone adapter port, often labeled ‘Phone 1’, at the back of the router and use it to connect your landline. Voila, you’re done. Your home phone is ready for use.

Power up Your Modem and Computer

With everything in place, fire up the system to see if it is working properly. When you turn on the computer and modem check the indicators light. If they blink and few times and become stable it means you’re good to go.

Turn on the Router

With the modem stable, connect your router to a power source and turn it on. Now, wait till the indicator light on your router stabilizes as well. Once it’s steady, move on to the next step. 

Test Your Phone

Testing your phone is easy, just call up a number and see if the person on the other end answers it. For this, you can either your own or a family member’s cell phone number or dial a toll-free number. Given that the latter option is free, many prefer to do that.

Method 2: Modem cum Router Device

Turn of the device

Before you go around connecting any wires, turn off the device for safety.

Find the Phone Port

Since the equipment functions as both a modem and a router, most often all the ports will be located at the back of the device. So turn it over and find the phone port.

Connect the Cable

Next, grab an Ethernet cable. Plugin one end into the phone port on your device and the other into the back of your phone.

Turn on the Device

With all the cables plugged into the right sockets, its time you power up the router. The device will take some time to get steady. To know when the process is complete keep an eye on the indicator lights. They’ll blink for some time and then stabilize. Once that happens you’re good to go. You can use your phone.

Test Your Phone

Now all that’s left is checking to see if the phone is working as it should. For this, just dial a number and wait for someone to answer it. You can try calling your own or your family’s mobile numbers or a toll-free number if that’s more convenient.

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Connect Phone to Router

The process was easy, right? Well, we told you it would be so. Plugging in wires correctly is all it takes to get your phone up and running. The only bit of trouble you might face is if the prerequisites aren’t met.

Before you go about connecting cables you should be aware of some important factors that can affect the way landlines are connected to the internet. So, here are some basics about Wi-Fi routers, connection types, and internet speeds to help you out.

You Can’t Connect Phone over Wi-Fi

You’d think that if a phone needs connecting to the internet, a Wi-Fi network would do. Honestly, it would be ideal. The only thing is though, that’s not how it works. You will need a physical connection between your phone and the router.

If you do want a wireless internet phone, however, get a cordless phone. It should do the trick.

Type of Internet

The type of internet connection you have will impact the kind of service you receive. Sure, the difference is minor and one you won’t notice once you get used to it, but there is a delay nonetheless. Fiber internet speeds far outstrip what DSL and cable internet has to offer. The connection has the least latency so if you’re used to fiber internet and switch to DSL or cable service it will take some time to get used to the delay on your phone.

On the bright side, all these connections offer VOIP landline service so if you’re concerned with getting a home phone, anyone will work. WOW phone services offer unlimited local calling and 15 cool features that you’ll enjoy so make sure to check them out if you haven’t already.

Internet Speeds

It’s not just latency you should worry about, speeds are just as big a worry especially given the number of devices clogging up the bandwidth at all times. If you have a high-speed internet connection, you’ll get crystal clear voice quality over your phone.

And, you’ll never have to worry about dropped calls. DSL internet generally goes as high as 30 Mbps while cable internet can reach 940 Mbps speeds, almost the same as fiber connection. Suffice to say, if you have DSL internet you might struggle. Then again, factors like network traffic and your location also play a part.

Wi-Fi Standards

You might have the right internet plan, but if the equipment is old and outdated, you won’t get the best service. So, make sure to check what the Wi-Fi standard on your router is. You’ll find inscriptions like 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n listed on your device.

These reflect the rate at which the device can transfer data. If the standard is 802.11ac or above you should be able to get quality service. RCN phone offers top-notch equipment with its internet plans so if you’re looking to rent your router you should consider subscribing to RCN. 

How to Get Internet Service without a Landline

With so much talk about the internet, you’d think it was essential to get it if you need phone service at home. Luckily, it’s not. You don’t need to bundle services if the phone is all you need. You can subscribe to a standalone phone service if you have a cable outlet at home. Sure, not all providers offer this option but many do and you just have to find that the one for you. Spectrum, with its large coverage, might be available in your area so give them a try. Spectrum phone plans are affordable, reliable, and come with a ton of features you’ll enjoy.

Final Words

So, that’s all. You have all the information you need to connect your phone to the router. With nothing in the way, go ahead and get working. You’ll soon be able to enjoy the voice of your loved ones over the phone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a standalone phone service?

Yes, you can but it differs from provider to provider so be sure to check with the ones you’re interested in pursuing.