WOW Home Phone: Practically an Assistant

The feature-packed WOW Home Phone has so many in-built and optional capabilities that it’s like a 24/7 assistant handling your calls. Let’s see why WOW subscribers find the digital home phone service a Godsend.

Keep Your Current Number

Keep Your Current Number

If you’re already subscribed to a home phone service, you can most likely keep your number when you switch to WOW Home Phone. As long as you’re not moving out of your area, you won’t have to send out a new home phone number to friends and family. The same number that’s in your friends and family’s address book remains so you don’t miss a call.

WOW! Robocall Blocking

Robocall Blocking

Those pesky telemarketers who make you get off the couch to answer the phone only to find out it’s an unsolicited sales call. These automated, voice recorded spam calls can be really annoying. That’s why, WOW Home Phone customers can opt-in to have their calls automatically screened for genuine callers.

WOW! International Calling

International Calling

With WOW Home Phone you get the best international calling rates possible. Other providers tend to charge more, but you’ll find WOW Home Phone rates for international calling so reasonable you will be tempted to call loved ones residing abroad so much more often. After all it only costs 5 cents/minute to call a landline in the United Kingdom and you can call a U.K. cellphone for just 49 cents/minute.

WOW! Smart Landline

A Smart Landline

We all have smartphones, but our landline home phone should also be smart. That’s why, WOW Home Phone has the following features to make your life easier and your work flow as efficient as possible.

WOW! Use Any Device Use Any Device

Use Any Device

It’s up to you which cordless handset or other phone equipment you wish to use for your WOW Home Phone. All you need is a push-button telephone to get the installation underway.

WOW Home Phone Voicemail

WOW Home Phone Voicemail

Voicemail feature is included with WOW Home Phone. The number of mailboxes offered vary with the packages. A cool feature of WOW Voicemail is that you can listen to your messages from the WOWWAY portal from anywhere! The portal allows you to delete or download the WOW Voicemail messages as well.

WOW! Unlimited Calling Options

Unlimited Calling Options

Make unlimited local calls and talk as much you want with WOW Home Phone service. Not only that, WOW Voice service will keep you connected with loved ones across the United States and Canada with 100 long distance minutes per month. After you use up your talk allotment, long distance calls are charged at just 5 cents per minute while you can also choose to opt for unlimited minutes. WOW Home Phone is the best way to stay in touch with family or conduct business.

WOW Lifeline Assistance

WOW Lifeline Assistance

Residential WOW Home Phone customers in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia may qualify for Lifeline Assistance. It is a government program which provides credit for discounted WOW Broadband or WOW Home Phone service. An amount of up to $9.25/mo. will be discounted from the bill. Call 855-349-9313 to find out if you qualify for this assistance program.

WOW! E911 Feature


If a call is placed to emergency response services (911), the WOW Home Phone automatically transmits information about your residential address and your name to the dispatcher. This is called Enhanced 911. Should you be unable to speak clearly to the dispatcher during an emergency, firefighters, police, and ambulance can still be dispatched promptly after connection to 911. Stay safe with WOW Home Phone.

List of WOW Home Phone Features

List of WOW Home Phone Features

Here’s what you can do with WOW Home Phone:

  • Call Waiting (Optional)
  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Auto Call Back
  • Call Return
  • Call Forwarding
  • Caller ID Name & Number
  • Caller ID for Call Waiting
  • Selective Call Acceptance
  • Selective Call Rejection
  • Selective Call Forwarding
  • Remote Access to Call Forwarding
  • Distinctive Ringing
  • Voicemail (Optional)
  • Robo Call Blocking (Optional)
  • Unlisted Number (Optional)
  • Unpublished Number (Optional)

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