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You may have the trident that rules the world of entertainment in your possession, but you will find that wielding this powerful tool requires some work. You must train yourself on the Charter TV remote and master its workings, if you want to use it to its full capacity. Luckily, it is not that hard, but then again it is not that easy either.

Sure it is a remote and remotes have been around since as early as the 1950s, but this remote is not the same as those before it.

In just the last few years technology has advanced at an unprecedented rate. Where once getting to hear radio was a big deal, we now have the world at our fingertips thanks to smartphones, and each year a more advanced, more powerful phone is launched changing our lifestyle still more. TV remotes may have started out small, but over the years they have become more complex, more sophisticated and more advanced. The technology around remotes has become more advanced too - we now have smart TVs after all! Suffice to say then, simply popping in the batteries and directing the remote towards your TV just wont cut it.

You must program your Charter TV remote to use it fully and we assure you that while the word program might sound techy, the process itself is not that difficult. If you follow the instructions correctly, you will have your system up and running in no time. With the wealth of entertainment, the Spectrum channel line-up ensures, it only seems fair you make the best of what is on offer from Charter Spectrum™.  So without further ado, let us help you reap the most benefit from your Charter Remote. 

How to Program the Charter TV Remote?

First things first, when you subscribed to Charter Cable TV you must have received a digital box and a DVR. Got it? Ok, good. Check for their remote controls, you will need them to use these devices. If they have buttons like TV, AUD, AUX, VCR, etc., that great. This means you have a universal remote.

The good thing about universal remotes is that they are compatible with a range of devices. Juggling even two remotes can be annoying, which is why having a universal remote is a dream come true. You are free from the pain that is swapping remotes every few seconds. Now all you need to do is program it.

When you check your package closely you will find the remotes came with Charter remote codes. These are highly important so hold on to them. You will need them to operate the equipment.  

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Steps to Setup Your Universal Charter TV Remote

There are obvious perks to be had from programming your remote properly. It saves you from a ton of hassle making your viewing experience seamless. With just a few minutes invested into setting it up, the little techy gadget promises to save you a lot of precious time in the future. Before you begin programming though, take a good look at the remote in hand.

Get acquainted with the buttons. You should especially make it a point to locate the buttons for Power and Setup. Getting familiar with the gadget will make the programming process easier and you wont find yourself in a panic looking for the right buttons while you are in the middle of the process. When you are done familiarizing yourself, just follow the steps below, and you will have your remote programmed in no time.

  • First, find out the four-digit code needed to program your device. You can easily find it listed in the user manual which you are sure to have received. In case you cannot place that manual, try retrieving it from the information on the Spectrums official website. With Spectrum Internet you will get there in no time.
  • Next, turn on the device that you want to program your remote to.
  • Now, press the button that corresponds to your device. For example, if you are looking to program your DVR, you would have to press the DVR button.
  • Next, press the Setup button and hold it. You must keep holding it until you see the red light blink twice.
  • Using the keypad on the remote, enter the four-digit code you found for your device.
  • Then, press the Power button and wait till the device turns off. If it does not you might have to start over from the 3rd step onwards and plugin the next code if you want to program your device.

If you follow these six steps, no matter which device you want to program your remote to, you should be able to sort it out. Every time you want to program your remote, just follow these steps. They are quite standard and get the job done. You might have to change the button you press in step 3 depending on which device you want to program, but apart from that, it should be pretty simple and straightforward.

Finding the Codes for the Charter Remote

Can not find the codes on the website either and becoming increasingly frustrated? Well, that is nothing to worry about. We assure you these are not nuclear codes, locked away for only a select few to know. The Charter remote codes are public, all you need to know is where to look.

If you checked the manual, or failing that, Spectrum TV website, and were still unable to program the remote right, chances are either you were unable to find the correct code or the code you put in simply did not work for some reason. This may sound complicated, but it is not. While finding the codes for your Charter remote is easy, if you still cant get hold of the code, you should try scanning.

Scanning is the process of finding the right code by running the remote through its memory and trying out the various codes that it has stored. This trial and error method can be time-consuming as the remote starts with inputting common codes and working its way through to the others. If you must scan, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the device you wish to program
  • Press and hold the button that corresponds to the device you want to program
  • Next, press the Setup button and hold it till the red light blinks twice
  • Enter 9.9.1 using the number buttons on the keypad
  • The remote has hundreds of device codes stored in its memory. So press the number corresponding to the type of the device you plan on programming
  • The device would blink twice whether it is a TV, DVR or an audio device
  • Then, press the Power button and point the remote at the device
  • Press and hold the channel up button until the device turns off
  • Next, press the Setup button. It will lock the code after which, the device will blink two times
  • If that does not work, keep repeating the steps to program your remote to your TV or another device. Just be sure to change the device button each time depending on which device you are programming it for.

With this information, you have got the programming task under your belt.

Charter Remote Codes for Devices

As you can see programming your Charter remote is not difficult. Sure, it takes time to get a hang of it, but once you do, its really easy even if you are not tech-savvy. The only tricky part to it is getting the right codes. You must bear in mind codes vary across manufacturers. To help you out, we have compiled a list that may help you narrow down to the right code for your TV:

TV Brand (in alphabetical order)






2049, 1423, 1564, 0171, 0463, 1204, 1326, 1517, 1660, 1963, 2417, 2751


1423, 0178, 0017, 1768


1867, 1454, 2597, 1755, 0171, 0051, 1365, 1913, 1963, 1990, 2492


1480, 1927, 1947, 1925, 0051


1867, 1454, 2597, 0171, 1365, 1990, 2492, 2622, 2992


0047, 0090, 0051, 1661, 1868,  1958, 1959, 2183,2434, 2746, 2932, 2855, 3382, 3577, 3717


0178, 0812, 1959, 2051




0810, 1685




1524, 1343, 1369, 1935, 1959, 2684


1758, 2707, 0864, 1756, 0885


1423, 0178, 0047, 0017, 0463, 1661, 1365


Getting a Charter Remote all ready to serve you cannot be made any easier, and we hope you found this guide helpful. If you have something to add, let us know. Wed love to hear about your experience.

Just so you know, if you lost your original remote from Charter Spectrum™, you can use any universal remote. You can find one at any store, and that too at a reasonable price. It can be programmed just the same to work with any of your devices. All you would need to do is to follow the steps outlined above, and you should be perfectly set up to enjoy your Spectrum TV favorites.

On the other hand, if you have a state-of-the-art entertainment system and are getting anxious about the complicated system, do not be. Whether its a Blu ray DVD player or an Apple TV the remote proves just as effective. If you are still confused, you might want to give Spectrum (for ESP user please visit Spectrum de telefono) a call at 1-855-423-0918.


Where can I find the four-digit code to program my device?

You can easily find the four-digit code in the user manual that comes with your Charter TV Remote, or through Spectrum’s official website.

Why is it important to learn how to program my Charter TV Remote?

In order to have a seamless TV viewing experience and avoid any confusion, you’ll want to learn how to program your Charter TV Remote.

How do I know my Charter TV Remote is Universal?

If your Charter TV Remote has buttons such as TV, AUD, AUX, VCR, etc., then you have a universal remote.

What are the four-digit codes for a Samsung TV?

These are the four-digit codes for your Samsung TV: 0178, 0812, 1959, and 2051.