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You have your smartphones to watch your favorite TV shows on. You no longer have to stick to your TV sets. Oh, how the times have changed. You have YouTube for light streaming and if you are an avid gamer, you can watch 12-hour streams on Twitch. There is something for everyone in the realm of streaming.

Despite all these novel changes, cable TV is yet to lose its charm. Instead, the cable TV regime has begun adapting itself to these new changes, and cable providers like Spectrum have done a great job so far. The provider now offers a streaming app that lets you watch On Demand content, stream on the go, and even offers an exclusive DVR service. What more could one ask for from a cable TV service? Well with Spectrum all your entertainment needs are covered. That is one reason why the provider covers 41 states within the U.S. and the hype is very well deserved.

The TV plans? You get over 150 channels to pick from, depending on what plan you get. The best part is that the TV plans do not come with an expensive price tag either. You pay for the service monthly, get access to premium TV networks and globally renowned channels like E!

So what is so special about E! Here is all you need to know about the channel, and how E! on Spectrum makes everything better.

E! Channel – An Intro To Quality Reality Programming

E! (Entertainment Television) saw its inauguration in 1987. Fast forward to several decades, the channel was able to secure availability to over 92% of American houses in 2016. These stats have fluctuated over time but one thing that remains constant is the popularity of this channel within U.S. homes. The best part is that despite airing globally renowned reality shows, the channel is not a premium network but a basic cable channel.

The channel was originally branded to broadcast content revolving around music, fashion, gossip, and all things Hollywood and to this day, E! has not deviated from its original roots. That is one reason why E! has become all the more special and popular among its allocated demographic. The gossip is juicy, the content is crisp and every new TV show release has a flair of originality to it.

What Channel is E! on Spectrum TV?

Channel E! is available with all the service tiers of Spectrum TV, regardless of what you get. To find the channel, all you have to do is simply go over to the Spectrum On-screen TV guide and search for the network. Or, you can ask your Spectrum Voice remote to pull it up for you!

Check out other networks included with the Spectrum Channel Lineup.

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Channel lineup varies for every U.S. city

What to Watch on E!

Just when you tune into the E! channel you will find out that you have many options to pick from. Some popular shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians and Meet the Frasers are channel favorites but there are also a few titles that might spark your interest. You get glam, gossip, and even thrilling sitcoms to pick from!

The channel’s former and current content did not face much of a makeover. It is still all about Hollywood gossip, comedy sitcoms, and fashion shows. Before you cherry-pick which TV show you will binge-watch, here are some of the network's favorite and current shows that you can enjoy.

  • Kards Katch Up
  • Mathis Family Matters
  • Nikki Bella Says I do
  • Nighly Pop
  • E! Romcoms
  • If We Are Being Honest
  • Total Bellas
  • Meet the Frasers
  • Ashlee Evan
  • Keeping Up With The Kardashians

It is sad to see that some of the former favorites are yet to be re-run but if you are looking to keep up with the Kardashians then head here for the E! program schedule. You might even find some hidden gems there!


Now that is about it about E! channel on Spectrum, however, E! is not the sole popular reality TV network offered by Spectrum. You get Bravo, TruTV, TNT, and many other TV choices that air reality TV programs. You can pick one and watch it away on a weekend or a tiring weekday evening!

Is something still holding you back from securing your Spectrum TV subscription? Is there anything else we can help with? If yes, contact Spectrum Sales (for Spanish users visit Telefono de Spectrum) and place your inquiries before choosing to subscribe!