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A Little about the Cozi TV Channel

Run by the NBC Owned Television Stations division of NBCUniversal, Cozi TV is an American free-to-air TV network launched in 2012. But, the movement towards the formation of this channel started three years earlier, with a local news and lifestyle programming format, under the brand name NBC Nonstop. Following the 2011 decision that 7 NBC digital sub-channels, which used to air the NBC Nonstop programming, be merged into one national network, in December 2012, Cozi TV was soft launched on stations owned and operated by NBC.

Today, Cozi TV is broadcast in most markets served by NBC Owned Television Stations division—via sub-channels that are run either by NBC or affiliates. Telemundo stations also air the network’s programming. While cable and satellite service providers as well as some streaming platforms, carry the Cozi TV channel.

Originally, the network’s programming centered on news and lifestyle programs. But, following its rebranding as Cozi TV, taking inspiration from the concept behind MeTV, the NBC-owned network began to air classics—shows like Columbo, Frasier and Highway to Heaven. Yet, the channel did not completely stray away from its roots. Cozi TV still has a 13-hour programming block every week, which is dedicated to newscasts and local programming—and this was what formed the basis of the network when it was first conceived.  

Cozi TV Channel on Spectrum

Now, if the Cozi TV channel is one that sparks your interest, you have come to the right place.

No doubt, quite a few cable TV providers carry Cozi TV, and so do some well-known streaming platforms. But, Charter Spectrum™, one of the top-ranking cable service providers in the U.S., gives you Cozi TV in its channel lineup, and much more! The best part is Spectrum services are widely available in 40 states. Well known for affordable quality, Spectrum has taken the pain to modernize its cable TV service, making TV watching a flexible and convenient experience for subscribers.

The most enticing attribute of Spectrum TV is its channel lineup—which is over 200 strong—as far as the top-most tier. The Spectrum Channel Lineup boasts a plethora of local and popular networks, as well as sought-after premium entertainment and sports channels. So, if you have been looking to access the Cozi TV channel via a cable provider, and Spectrum TV service is available at your address, we would suggest you consider giving it a shot.  

What Channel Number is Cozi TV on Spectrum?

Cozi TV takes the phrase ‘a blast from the past’ in a very literal manner. And, adorns its programming with classic TV shows that can never do you wrong. So, if you have been itching to access classic American TV shows like Hart to Hart on Cozi TV, and you happen to have landed a Spectrum TV subscription, the next step is to find which channel number is Cozi TV on Spectrum. Cable channel numbers tend to vary from one region to another. Which makes it quite a task to figure out the answer—whether you are newly subscribed to Spectrum TV, or you have relocated along with your Spectrum services.

Spectrum TV comes in three tiers: SELECT, SILVER, and GOLD. SELECT is the standard TV plan which offers 125 channels and covers all TV essentials. On the other hand, SILVER builds upon SELECT and gives you access to premium networks like HBO® and SHOWTIME®, among the 175 channels that it carries. Overall, SILVER is the middle road between SELECT and GOLD. Because GOLD with its 200 channels gets you everything you ever wanted to watch—from premium networks like STARZ® to sports networks like BeIN Sports. The best part is that Cozi TV is available in all three Spectrum TV packages. So, no matter which package you have subscribed to, you get to access the Cozi TV channel. 

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What to Watch on Cozi TV on Spectrum?

Before it was rebranded as Cozi TV, NBC Nonstop programming block revolved around local news and lifestyle shows. Today, Cozi TV broadcasts classic American TV shows, sitcoms, drama series, and more—and quite a chunk of that comes from the NBCUniversal Television Distribution program library. You can rewind back in time to the 1950s or you can reminiscence the glory of the 2000s. Here are some popular shows—a must-watch on the Cozi TV channel on Spectrum.

Must-Watch Shows on the Cozi TV Channel


American sitcom series, Frasier is considered a 90s classic. The sitcom earned itself 11 seasons and 264 episodes. It was initially broadcast on NBC in 1993 and ran until 2004. Produced as a spin-off series of Cheers, it centers on Frasier Crane and is a continuation of his life story as a radio advice show host in Seattle.

Highway to Heaven

The fantasy genre will never go out of trend. Highway to Heaven premiered on NBC in 1984 and ran for a good five seasons with 111 episodes. The show’s first season secured a visible spot in the Nielson Top 20 rankings, while the rest four ranked in the Nielson Top 40. The plot? It is an interesting one. Jonathan Smith is sent to Earth as a part of his probation. And, his assignment is to help troubled humans. Can he prove himself worthy of going back to Heaven?  


American crime TV series, Columbo, was distributed by NBCUniversal Television Distribution to the NBC network in 1968. And, was broadcast on the network until 1978. It was then picked by ABC in 1989 and ran up until 2003.

The show, starring Peter Falk, ran for a good 10 seasons—with 69 episodes under its belt. It gained recognition for introducing the reverse detection plotline. The crime drama tells viewers who the culprit is, but every episode showcases how Columbo, a homicide detective, catches the perpetrator.

All in all…

Cozi TV stays true to its slogan: “The easiest decision you will make all day”. Classic TV shows will always be considered gems. And, Cozi TV knows exactly what the viewers want to see. From fantasy shows to crime series, you will not have to look elsewhere. But if you want to add a few more classic TV networks in your channel repository, you can give MeTV and Hallmark a try—again, like the Cozi TV channel both are included in all three Spectrum TV tiers.

With that said, we would recommend a subscription or upgrade to the Spectrum SILVER package—because this Spectrum bundle package is certainly worth it. It brings to your TV set affordable quality that Spectrum is so reputed for, and gives everyone in the family TV favorites to watch.

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  1. Is Cozi TV available on streaming services?

Cozi TV is available on the following streaming services:

  1. What is the Spectrum customer support phone number?

Contact Spectrum Customer Service at 1-855-423-0918, and a Spectrum representative will take care of your inquiries.