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So you have selected one of the Spectrum cable TV plans and now you are lost in the sea of channels. Spectrum offers the Hallmark Channel in all of its TV plans and channel lineups, including the Spectrum TV Select Signature, TV Select Plus, and Mi Plan Latino. Its channel offerings range from 150 to 160+ with free HD channels, and lots of premium add-ons.

Hence, it is understandable how difficult it is to keep flipping before you can find Hallmark in the list, and you want to quickly find out the channel number for Hallmark on Spectrum.

Hallmark has remained a favorite of families and couples alike since 2001. So why wouldn't you want to marathon through each movie and TV show with your loved ones? Sounds like a plan, no?

What Channel Number is Hallmark on Spectrum TV?

If you have recently subscribed to the Spectrum TV plan, you must still be switching channels to find one you are looking for. You want to watch a romantic movie but are left agitated as you cannot find the exact channel number for Hallmark.

To find out the channel number of Hallmark, you can simply use the Spectrum on-screen TV guide. It is a detailed and thorough guide that includes a range of helpful features, such as filters and personalized lists for channels. You can use your Spectrum account to find the channel number, or call 855-423-0918.

Remember that the Hallmark channel number on Spectrum varies from one location to another, so make sure to use your exact ZIP address to verify the channel number.

Watch Hallmark Channel on Spectrum TV

What to Watch on Hallmark?

Now that you have found the channel, let us also tell you about the content aired on Hallmark. You get rom-coms, hallmark-exclusive specials, and family shows all in one place. 

Here is the current Hallmark programming along with syndicated programming of the shows aired so far on the network.

Hallmark Programming

Movies on Hallmark Channel

  •  A Dash of Love
  •  A Royal Christmas
  •  A Harvest Wedding
  •  A Brush with Love
  •  A Summer Romance
  •  A Taste of Summer
  •  All for Love
  •  All of my Heart
  •  Bottled with Love
  •  Bridal Wave
  •  Date with Love
  •  Destination Wedding
  •  Just my Type
  •  Once Upon a Prince

Latest Romantic Movies

  •  Country at Heart
  •  Love in the Forecast
  •  How to Train Your Husband
  •  Love Under the Olive Tree

Hallmark Specials

  •  Kitten Bowl
  •  Cat Bowl
  •  American Rescue Dog Show

Syndicated Programming

  •  Frasier (Current)
  •  The Golden Girls (Current)
  •  I Love Lucy (Current)
  •  The Brady Brunch
  •  Dog City
  •  ALF
  •  The Middle
  •  Family Ties
  •  The Munsters
  •  Muppets Tonight
  •  Aliens in the Family
  •  The Equalizer
  •  Gunsmoke
  •  Empty Nest
  •  The Virginian

Why Hallmark is a must-have?

Hallmark is an American premium TV channel owned by Crown Media Holdings. This pay television network’s journey started in 1988 when it was initially branded as VISN. Fast forward a couple of years later, 2001 was the year when Hallmark emerged with a makeover and since then the channel has been successfully catering not only U.S. households but international markets as well.

The channel’s journey towards earning its current stature has been quite remarkable. It is no easy feat to be available to over 85 million U.S. households. It means that a good 73% of households that have pay television cable have access to Hallmark.

What is so good about Hallmark’s overall TV programming? There is a lot to tell. 

Original Content

Hallmark has a long list of syndicated movies and TV shows, but the network also has produced a wide range of TV-specific movies. The movies are not limited to one genre either. At one end of the spectrum, you have family holiday movies and on the other end, you have fuzzy rom-com movies couples would love to marathon on a cozy Christmas eve.

Hallmark has been successful in airing over 35 original movies from 2009-2010 and the network is still going strong in premiering original content to this day.

 TV Shows

Hallmark’s programming also comprises a variety of TV shows. Some shows are original, while some have been acquired by Hallmark. The TV show lineup has been divided into different segments over the years.

In 2014, Hallmark started its Hallmark Hall of Fame where only a compilation of original Hallmark movies was aired. Another notable series segment was the Walden Family Theater that started in 2013. The segment was primarily about family-based movies only broadcasted on Fridays and aired Space Wars, Return to Nim’s Island, and Dear Dumb Diary.

Ready for some binge-watching?

If you are in low spirits and want to watch something lighthearted with no action or thrill, Hallmark is the best channel selection.

In case you are here looking for a Spectrum TV plan to subscribe to and cannot make the decision, contact Spectrum Sales Support (for Spanish users dial in  Telefono de Spectrum) and you will be guided accordingly.