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Have you just moved to Phoenix, Arizona? We understand moving to a new city can be overwhelming. There is a multitude of tasks you must accomplish to make your new house feel like a home. Sure, once you have settled in the city, which enjoys 300 sunny days a year, you can have fun with dessert hikes, take rail tours, and unleash your adventurous self. But before you get to that, among other essentials, you must also ensure your new home has a reliable internet connection. Using your cell phone as a hotspot is not an ideal option for the long run.

Let us face it. In today’s fast-paced digital realm, without residential internet service, it can become exceedingly frustrating to accomplish routine everyday tasks. And you would not want to get into complications that make your life in the new city troublesome and arduous. After all, when you are dependent on the internet for work and school, banking and shopping, as well as leisure time activities, you cannot run your daily regime without a fast and reliable internet connection.

Internet Services in Phoenix, Arizona

Yes, deciding on a new ISP in a new city sure feels like a daunting task. But, when you make your new home in one of the top ten connected cities in Arizona, you get the perk of having good choices. Phoenix gets to access a variety of broadband types—high-speed DSL, Fiber, Cable, Fixed Wireless, and Satellite. And, the “Valley of the Sun” also has a few big names in the U.S. ISP industry to boast of.

CenturyLink and Cox both provide the city with wired internet, albeit of different types. CenturyLink ranks #1 with its high-speed DSL network reaching over 95% of the city neighborhoods, while Fiber internet is available to an impressive 75%. On the other hand, the Cox Coaxial network also spreads out to 94% of Phoenix delivering Cable broadband to residents.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your needs. If you reckon high-speed DSL coupled with a reliable phone backup at home does the trick for you, or for that matter Fiber internet is the fix you need—then CenturyLink is a great choice. But, if you have a thing for cable TV and broadband, Cox gives you that. Both providers offer services that vary in range and pricing. Read on to find out more about CenturyLink internet service in Phoenix, this information can come in real handy in your decision-making process.

CenturyLink is one of the leading ISPs in the U.S. industry—and ranks among the top 5 when it comes to the coverage provided by its DSL network. Not only that, CenturyLink is among the top 5 Fiber internet providers as well. With an estimated 48 million people in its Copper network fold, and nearly 19 million able to access CenturyLink Fiber, the provider shows an impressive footprint in Arizona, Washington, and Colorado among other states—50 in all!

You may think DSL is out of fashion now—but the fact is the more innovative service providers in the U.S. have been smart at utilizing their pre-existing Copper networks. CenturyLink, AT&T, and Windstream are examples of ISPs that are now delivering enhanced speeds over hybrid Fiber-Copper networks—by extending the “Fiber in the Loop” and incorporating new technologies. Meaning CenturyLink Internet is not the slow traditional DSL from yesteryear by any means.

As for fiber broadband—while it optimizes the scale of usage for subscribers, it is limited in terms of coverage across the US. But as we said, Phoenix is lucky the CenturyLink fiber network covers almost ¾ of the city—so the fastest internet in the market is at residents disposal more readily than elsewhere.

Striving to accommodate the masses, CenturyLink keeps its values intact, makes its strategies effective, and sustains the customer-oriented approach—so as to ensure what it delivers is a quality service at rates that are affordable. And, despite the cut-throat competition, the service provider has dealt with the changing consumer needs and evolving market trends with a degree of resilience and astuteness.

Here are some salient features of the CenturyLink internet service in Phoenix:

Freedom from Contracts & Price Hikes

CenturyLink Internet plans give you freedom from stress—internet users do not like getting bound by a contract or being penalized by an Early Termination Fee if they choose to walk away from the service. CenturyLink aims to build a relationship of trust with its subscribers, so you pay month-to-month. And, you are free to terminate the service if you must.

Plus, CenturyLink does not make promo offers that come to an end after 3, 6, or 12 months—so there is no price hike after the “honeymoon” is over. This also brings us to the next unique service feature of the CenturyLink internet service in Phoenix.

Price for Life

CenturyLink Internet plans come with an amazing perk—the Price for Life guarantee. Meaning as long as you stay subscribed to the same CenturyLink Internet plan you will continue to pay the same price as you started off with—and that is a bargain deal! Especially appreciated by the consumer who does not like switching providers every now and then.

Secure in-Home Wi-Fi

In-home Wi-Fi in this age and time is as big a necessity as the internet connection itself. After all, you are not going to use Ethernet to go online—wireless access to home internet is what you need. And, you also must make sure the in-home network is safe and secure for everyone to use.

Well, CenturyLink internet service in Phoenix offers secure in-home Wi-Fi. Not only does the high-end CenturyLink gateway device ensure wall-to-wall coverage everywhere in your home, but state-of-the-art embedded security comes built right into select CenturyLink modems. Even your Smart TV and other Smart home devices stay connected without the risk of cyber intrusion.

Plus, the My CenturyLink app gives you complete control of your in-home network—you can personalize the network, monitor and manage connected devices, run parental controls and do much more right from your mobile device.

CenturyLink high-speed DSL comes in a variety of speeds—the data allowance for all CenturyLink Internet plans is the same i.e. 1TB or 1024GB, and so is the price point. Depending on its network capacity, CenturyLink offers you the fastest available speed at your address. CenturyLink Internet speeds in Phoenix range from 15 Mbps to 100 Mbps—with 20 Mbps & 40-80 Mbps tiers in between. As for the CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit service, it delivers symmetrical speeds as fast as 940 Mbps with unlimited data.

All plans and packages are carefully crafted to fit consumer needs—and deliver maximum customer satisfaction. Here take a look at some popular CenturyLink offers in Phoenix.

CenturyLink Internet Plans & Packages Max. Download Speed & Data Allowance Price Best For…
CenturyLink Internet 100 Mbps & 1024GB data $49/mo.
Price for Life
If you are a family of 3-4, this is an ideal connection for you. You can work from home & attend school online, shop & bank online, surf social media & browse the web, stream HD & indulge in light gaming with ease.
CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit 940 Mbps & Unlimited data $65/mo. A household of streamers and gamers? And you also need the internet to work from home and for virtual learning? This plan gets you all the bandwidth for multiple connected devices. Not only members of the family but the Smart home gadgets can also stay connected without a glitch.
CenturyLink Fiber & Home Phone 940 Mbps & Unlimited data $85/mo.
Price for Life
A home phone is a great backup. Nothing beats the reliability of a landline, and it also saves you on your cellular service. Ultra-fast speeds and 99% reliability of the Fiber Gigabit service, paired with unlimited calling in the U.S., and to U.S. Territories—makes it a bargain bundle deal for your home—the best part being the Price for Life!

As we have said earlier, Phoenix is one of the luckiest cities to have three-quarters of its neighborhoods covered by the CenturyLink fiber-optic network. Meaning residents can take advantage of real fast symmetrical speeds and unlimited data at a price that is hard to beat. Not that Cox does not offer 1 Gig internet in the city—it certainly does. But, there are two things:

CenturyLink Fiber is pure fiber optic with 99% reliability guaranteed. Whereas Cox provides the same download speeds via its hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network—so the upload speed does not exceed 50 Mbps, and data is capped. Moreover, Cox Internet 1 Gig costs you $109.99/mo. with no contract, whereas the standalone CenturyLink Fiber plan costs $65/month.

CenturyLink service in Phoenix also offers a FREE modem and installation when you order the Fiber Gigabit plan online. And, if you bundle it with CenturyLink home phone service, you get the Price for Life advantage too!

The CenturyLink service in Phoenix comes at a discounted price when you bundle it with the internet. And gets you a solid backup at home with unlimited calling in the U.S. and to Puerto Rico, Guam, Alaska, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Albeit many of us prefer to use cell phones as our sole mode of communication, with CenturyLink home phone service you get the reliability of a landline as well as the convenience of a cell phone. Because it comes packed with a number of essential and popular features like Block Unwanted Calls, Caller ID Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Voicemail, 3-Way Calling, Call Tracing and more—all the features which can help you fast-track your daily communication and save on your cellular service bill at the same time.

Opting for a home phone service along with internet from CenturyLink services in Phoenix can give you the opportunity to hold on to a crystal-clear smart landline connection at Price for Life!

With CenturyLink services in Phoenix, Arizona you are bound to figure out your digital fix without much trouble, but if by any chance you are still making up your mind about your move to another city, here are some around the U.S. where CenturyLink displays an impressive footprint.

Albuquerque, NM Colorado Springs, CO
Portland, OR Saint Paul, MN
Denver, CO Salt Lake City, UT
Las Vegas, NV Seattle, WA
Minneapolis, MN Tucson, AZ

The Final Take

Choosing a new service provider is a hassle—we all agree on that. And having to pick one in a new city only adds to the aggravation the process may entail. CenturyLink services in Phoenix, Arizona sure make the dilemma simpler if you are looking for an ISP in the city. Widespread availability makes it easy to access, and you get some unique perks at prices that are hard to beat. And, if you wish to complete the service suite for your home with a TV service included—CenturyLink in Phoenix gives you the chance to pick any of its partner providers—DIRECTV, AT&T TV, or DISH. Alternatively, you can pick YouTube TV, Philo, or fuboTV and put CenturyLink internet service to good use—without having to break the bank!

Find out today if CenturyLink is available in your area or not, by clicking here! . For more information on CenturyLink services in Phoenix, Arizona contact CenturyLink Customer Service at 1-855-349-9310—you may find expert advice useful as you make up your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many types of internet connections does CenturyLink provide?

CenturyLink offers different types of internet services. For residential consumers, the provider gives out high-speed DSL and fiber optic connections. The CenturyLink DSL network covers over 48 million people in 50 states while the fiber optic service reaches an estimated 9.6 million people. To check availability in your area, call 1-855-349-9310.

Do CenturyLink internet plans come with data caps?

CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit plan comes with unlimited data. But high-speed DSL plans come with a 1TB data allowance which is more than adequate for all standard household usage.

Which CenturyLink Internet plan comes with a Price for Life guarantee?

All CenturyLink high-speed DSL plans come with a Price for Life guarantee. The CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit plan does not qualify for the Price for Life offer but if you bundle it with a home phone, you get the bundle price for life. The price for Life offer is applicable to all internet and phone bundles. For more details contact CenturyLink Customer Service at 1-855-349-9310