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Unfortunately, internet outages are a common mishap that internet users collectively face around the globe. It is now an unavoidable suffering for everyone, particularly for those living in smart cities or smart homes, working in IT-based companies, engaged in online businesses, or doing any type of online work.

There can be several reasons for internet outages but at the top lies the significant shift of life from physical to virtual medium after the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc across the globe. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has hit us hard, leaving no room for other means to survive than the internet.

This remarkable shift has broadened the demand and supply gap of internet services, which even the giant internet service providers in the US are unable to bridge. The same is the case with CenturyLink. Despite being the country's top telecommunication services provider and having state-of-the-art infrastructure, the ISP cannot protect itself from internet outages.

CenturyLink outage is usually not a nightmare for its customers because the ISP stands side by side alongside its extended and diverse customer market across the country during its times of trouble. Its customer services are highly active and have contributed a lot to strengthening the company's reputation. The 24/7 customer service remains active to provide assistance and real-time help to its customers.

As we know that CenturyLink has exceptional service quality across 37 states of the country. It is fairly hard for any internet service provider to hold its position as the leading company in a highly demanding customer market with tough competition. The efforts are quite evident from its initiative to prepare its customers to deal with any large-scale CenturyLink outage to avoid a disastrous situation.

If you are already utilizing CenturyLink services, you must have witnessed issues on the ISP’s end for handling internet outages during the pandemic. But it is obviously an issue straining any internet service provider regardless of how proactive or finest its services are.

However, now the ISP is well prepared to counter any internet outage. Curious to know how? This blog is loaded with every piece of information you need to learn about CenturyLink outages and how you can cope with them.

Are you ready? Let’s get down right into it without any further ado.

Not every time your internet is down, there’s an internet outage. Therefore, you need to ensure that the current problem is not a CenturyLink outage. How? Well! Here’s a quick guide for you to follow and learn how to detect an internet outage and get it resolved:

  • Area Outage: You will get a notification "Known Outage Found" from the CenturyLink Troubleshooter when it identifies an outage. Plus, it will keep you updated with the latest information and estimated time needed for fixing the issue. Furthermore, via this tool, you can receive an update for problem resolution. That means you don’t need to contact the customer support team to report such problems or look for resolutions elsewhere because the Troubleshooter tool is designed for CenturyLink customers’ convenience.
  • Home Outage: Unfortunately, you are the only user affected by a power outage. So your lines will be scanned by the Troubleshooter to identify the root cause and then give you a repair ticket. It will also save you from calling CenturyLink customer support.
  • No Outage: For instance, if the above-mentioned CenturyLink troubleshooting tactics fail to identify your issue or an outage in your area, then it will provide you with different resolution tactics and help from tech support. You simply follow the instructions provided by the CenturyLink Troubleshooter to find the issues in your home phone or internet service. Then you need to lodge a repair request from there or can directly coordinate with the customer support team.

Causes of Outages

CenturyLink outages can happen for various reasons, so we have listed down some of the common reasons that may lead to a massive internet outage. Let’s check them out!

  • Lack of Maintenance: It can be a reason for outages. As the ISP has a huge infrastructure expended across different states of the country, there is a higher probability of not meeting maintenance requirements fully. However, it should not happen because CenturyLink is the giant in the internet service industry, and poor maintenance practices that result in network downtime are unheard of from CenturyLink.
  • Lack of Backups: The lack of a reliable backup mechanism can also be the case for internet outages. It is one of the smart techniques which averts network downtime because it allows an ISP to quickly move to the backup network when there is an internet outage. So, if an ISP does not have a backup system, it may face severe consequences in the shape of customer shift to alternatives.
  • Natural Occurrences: We know that no provider can successfully wrestle with mother nature, especially when it comes to disasters. In extreme weather conditions, internet outages occur extensively. Nevertheless, a competent ISP should remain fully equipped and prepared to deal with such situations so as to mitigate its impact to the possible level.

In October 2020, the subscribers encountered a massive CenturyLink outage, which had put customers through great trouble. Irrespective of the fact that it is a remarkable telecommunication company, it was unable to protect users from the negative impact of that internet outage. The outage was so devastating that it has affected everyone, from an individual client to internet-based services such as Chase, Xbox Live, Discord, Hulu, and Amazon.

Despite CenturyLink service outages in the past, why do Americans still prefer to go for its services? Because CenturyLink is offering the best value-added Dish TV, internet, and home phone services across the country. Also, it does not bound its customer to any contract for subscribing to any of its services or packages.

All the plans at this platform are truly reasonable with zero data caps. In addition, its fiber and DSL internet connections provide the super-fast speed that supports the reputable CenturyLink status in the market.

It is a good ISP if you are looking for money-saving options. A huge range of plans is available at CenturyLink with no price hikes that frees you from any hassle or worry. You can also check out the CenturyLink bundle offers that allow you to pick any two or more services at a budget-friendly price.

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What makes CenturyLink stand out from other internet service providers in the USA is its robust customer service. You can easily get CenturyLink outage map during the time of internet outage through its 24/7 available and truly accessible customer support team.

The CenturyLink customer support team is always available to answer your questions and ready to fix your issues no matter how critical the situation is. At CenturyLink, you will always be heard, understood, guided, and satisfied with every issue for sure. You can reach out to CenturyLink customer service via phone call, live chat, and social media support system.


We wish that you never face internet outages ever as we have seen how drastically it impacts our lives. As life has gone online now, we need to be fully prepared to handle such occurrences. If you are using CenturyLink services this guide must have taught you how to figure out the actual issue and how to sort it out by yourself. And if you have tried everything but it seems the issue lies elsewhere, maybe it is just a slow connection at the time. To find out if that is actually the case, read the guide attached here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a CenturyLink outage in my area?

You can check the CenturyLink outage in your area by using the Troubleshooter, an online tool provided by CenturyLink. It detects known outages or actual problems with your line, and, if necessary, initiates the repair process without the need for a phone call.

How do I report a CenturyLink outage?

You can contact CenturyLink customer service by calling them at 1-800-244-1111 and speaking to a representative to report the outage, or you can complain online via the CenturyLink Troubleshooter.

Where can I find my CenturyLink Account Number?

The upper right-hand corner of the paper bill has your CenturyLink Account Number printed on it. You can also find it in the upper right-hand corner of My CenturyLink online account.

If you are still facing a problem in finding it, you can simply go through your documents such as CenturyLink Welcome Letter and Order Confirmation mail or email. Lastly, if nothing works out, you can simply place a request online to send you the email address on record for the account number.