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The Entertainment Capital of the World, the most populous city in Nevada, and the largest in the Mojave desert, Las Vegas, has emerged as a favorite during the recent upswing in relocations. For many the opportunity to work from home, instigated by the pandemic, implied they could relocate from more expensive cities like New York to others like Las Vegas, Nevada. While the cost of living in Las Vegas maybe a little higher than the national average, the big plus is Nevada is a no income tax state. Housing cost may also be higher than the national median, yet it is much lower than what you see in the neighboring state of California, for instance.

Whether you’re planning your move, or already settling down in your new Vegas home, one of your top priorities must be to get the right internet service. After all one can simply not survive on public WiFi or mobile hotspots for more than a couple of days at the most. But, where do you start looking for a new ISP in a new city?

Well, our article today talks about one of the major ISPs in Las Vegas, Nevada, i.e. CenturyLink. Read on to learn about what CenturyLink Las Vegas has to offer residents, so you can better compare with other options available at your address.

In the 3rd most connected city in Nevada, i.e. Las Vegas, the average download speed is a little over 150 Mbps. The city is served by about 14 residential service providers, a mix of nationwide and local/regional companies. As for the big industry names, you see the likes of CenturyLink, Cox Communications, HughesNet, Rise Broadband and T-Mobile. Among them, they cover all internet service types. High-speed DSL, Cable, Fiber, Fixed Wireless and Satellite.

One of the largest high-speed DSL and Fiber service provider in the U.S., CenturyLink, spans 15,000 plus ZIP codes in 36 states, and has an estimated 4.5 million broadband subscribers. In Las Vegas, CenturyLink covers about 93% of the city population. While the ISP delivers both high-speed DSL and Fiber to residential quarters, availability of pure fiber internet remains more select at this time. CenturyLink also delivers a landline phone service for Vegas homes, but does not offer a namesake TV service. Instead, it allows you to add on a pay-tv or streaming option from among CenturyLink partners.

Since nearly 95% Vegas residents are connected to more than one wireline service at their address, chances are you will find CenturyLink Internet pitched against Cox Internet in most neighborhoods. And that is when, among other service aspects, you must choose based on which internet type works the best for your kind of usage.

Founded in 1930 as the Oak Ridge Telephone Company, rebranded in 2009 and now part of Lumen Technologies, CenturyLink continues to connect American homes and small businesses via communications and data services over traditional and Fiber networks. Given the expertise the provider has accumulated over 90 years, you can sure count on the reliability of service. And, CenturyLink’s continuous effort to expand its Fiber footprint means you are also likely to find its pure Fiber service in your area in the near future, if not already available.

Las Vegas is one of the cities where CenturyLink does provide Fiber-to-the-Home connections, but at this time availability is limited to rather select neighborhoods. The CenturyLink hybrid network, which utilizes a mix of DSL technologies, is the primary source of the provider’s service delivery in residential quarters of Las Vegas. Powered by Fiber to the Loop, CenturyLink Internet delivers steady and fast speeds, albeit speed availability does vary with area.

Fiber or high-speed internet, either way CenturyLink pledges to offer the fastest possible speed available at your address. Here is a quick look at CenturyLink Fiber and high-speed internet offers, but we recommend you call at 1-855-349-9310 to confirm speed availability.

Internet Plan Max. download speed Pricing

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet

100 Mbps

$50/mo. w/ paperless billing or prepay

CenturyLink Fiber

940 Mbps

$65/mo. w/ paperless billing or prepay

Unlimited Data

CenturyLink Fiber in Las Vegas, as well as high-speed internet plans come with unlimited data. Which is a great perk to have, especially so with super-fast Fiber speeds.

Whether you subscribe to CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet or CenturyLink Fiber, either way you get rid of worrying about running out of data, or having to pay an overage fee. While fiber internet providers very often allow unlimited data, there are only a few other high-speed DSL providers that give subscribers the same perk to enjoy. Also, it is worth remembering, by industry standards unlimited data is $30-$50 value, which you get included in the price of your CenturyLink plan.

Fast in-home WiFi

CenturyLink in Las Vegas gets you advanced internet equipment, which ensures your in-home WiFi network is able to support all connected devices. Most CenturyLink leased wireless modems come with embedded security that remains up to date so your connection can be protected from emerging cyber threats at all times. Privacy tools and parental controls are also made available.

Plus, the My CenturyLink app puts you in control of your in-home network with ultimate ease and flexibility. You can monitor and manage all devices connected to your CenturyLink in-home network, and personalize it as you like.

No Annual Contracts and No Bundling

CenturyLink Fiber and high-speed internet services do not bind you with annual contracts. There are no promotional offers that expire after a limited time period. What you see is what you pay, on a month-to-month basis. And you can cancel anytime necessary, without fearing a hefty early cancellation fee.

Unlike most competitors, CenturyLink does not condition a better internet price with bundling. The price you see for the internet-only plan, is the price you pay even when you bundle your internet with landline phone from CenturyLink. Like so you don’t feel pushed to bundle up for better pricing.

The CenturyLink home phone is a landline service that you can count on for multiple reasons, even if you don’t think a home phone is necessary in this time and age.

Most importantly, the CenturyLink phone service is able to identify your exact location in case of an emergency so the first responders can reach you without delay. Since it is a landline, you can count on its coverage, reception and call clarity, plus you don’t need to worry about the lag time.

With CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Phone, you get to save on your cellular service bill with unlimited nationwide calling. And also make your everyday communication more efficient with the many essential and popular calling features you get, e.g. Caller ID, Voicemail, 3-Way Calling, Anonymous Call Rejection, and more.

If your home needs both the internet and phone, it only makes sense to bundle up both CenturyLink services. When you do that, you can earn a $10 discount on the phone every month.


With the information we’ve shared about CenturyLink in Las Vegas, we hope you feel more informed when you set off to run a comparison of options available at your address. A word of caution here though. When you compare CenturyLink prices with competitor offers, remember what you see is not a promo price due to expire after a limited time period. Rather it is the standard rate of the service, which must be compared with the after-promo price charged by other ISPs.

To confirm CenturyLink Las Vegas availability at your address you can call the CenturyLink Las Vegas Customer Service 24/7. You can also check out the guide here to know more about CenturyLink customer support.

  • For English-speaking customers the CenturyLink Las Vegas phone number is 1-855-349-9310.
  • For Spanish-speaking customers the CenturyLink Las Vegas phone number is 1-844-527-5629.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do if I want to know more about CenturyLink Las Vegas services?

Contact CenturyLink Las Vegas Customer Service at 1-855-349-9310, and allow representatives to determine CenturyLink offer availability in your Las Vegas neighborhood.

What are the best CenturyLink internet plans in Las Vegas?

CenturyLink provides up to 100 Mbps downloads with its Simply Unlimited Internet. And with CenturyLink Fiber you get up to 940 Mbps symmetrical speeds. Both internet types get you unlimited data. But, CenturyLink speed availability varies with location, so call at 1-855-349-9310 and see what you can get at your address.

What type of internet connections does CenturyLink provide?

CenturyLink is an internet service provider that offers both high-speed DSL and fiber internet in 36 states. To check which service type is available at your address call at 1-855-349-9310.