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Initially, having an internet connection was essential, but today, having a fast and reliable internet connection is everyone number one priority. The reason is simple - a slow internet hinders your everyday life and interrupts your plans.

Apart from the frustration evoked by an internet connection that works at a snail speed is the fact that you will always end up waiting for your favorite online streaming show to buffer, or simply have to compromise with the blurry video quality.

Thankfully, there is the option to fix your CenturyLink Internet speed. In this article, we will share steps on how you can enjoy the best internet speed from CenturyLink before having to call them for repairs.

Why Is There No Internet Connection?

You will come across various reasons online if you were to search “why do I have no internet connection?” However, here are two major reasons behind you having no internet connection:

Let us take a look at how you can fix your internet modem in order to have a fast internet speed.

First and foremost, there are only two types of CenturyLink modems, and you should be able to see a bunch of flashing lights on both of them. The first thing you should check is if your modem is even getting any power at all.

The power light is located in the far left corner of the modem. You should see a green power light, but if you see any other light apart from green, here are what they mean:

Red or Amber Light

A red or amber-powered light means that the modem is testing its own hardware. This light usually stays red or amber for half a minute and then changes to green. That said, if it does not change to green, here are some possible causes:

  • The wrong cord is inserted in for the power supply. Make sure you are using the cord provided by CenturyLink.
  • The modem is overheated. Always place your modem at a spot that has air circulation.
  • Your power strip or surge protectors are not providing enough power to your modem. You can always try plugging the modem directly into a power outlet.

If none of the above seem to work, you should reset your modem to its factory setting by pressing the restart button with a paperclip until you see no lights on the modem itself.

No Visible Lights

If you see no lights at all on the modem, you should double-check the power cord and ensure it is plugged in. However, if you are still not getting any power despite it being plugged in, then there is a high possibility that the outlet is not providing any power.

If the power outlet has no power, then there might be a bigger problem than we think. In this scenario, it is best to call in an electrician to have a look and fix your power outlet.

DSL, Internet Lights, and Wi-Fi Lights

If the power light on your modem turns green, all the other lights on the modem should start to turn green too. Below is a checklist of everything you need to ensure so that all other lights turn green as well:

  • When it comes to the DSL light, it is important to make sure that an Ethernet cord is plugged into the modem. If for some reason, even after the Ethernet cord is plugged in the DSL light does not turn green, perhaps you can consider buying a new Ethernet cord.
  • The internet icon light should turn into a solid green once the modem is connected to CenturyLink Internet. If the icon is either red or amber-colored, it is usually due to the login credentials being entered incorrectly, or simply because the internet connection is down in your area. It is recommended to get in touch with CenturyLink technical support in such cases.
  • The Wi-Fi light is usually turned off if it has not been enabled. Here is how you can set your CenturyLink Wi-Fi:

    - Open a web browser and go to
    - Choose wireless setup and head to basic settings.
    - Select Enable next to Wireless Radio.
    - Always select apply to save any changes made.

It is as simple as it gets. If all cords are plugged into the modem correctly, and your area is having no internet breakdown, your internet ought to work reliably.

Use Service Troubleshooter before Rebooting

There is no reason to jump into rebooting your modem before trying everything else. You should run the Service Troubleshooter tool to test for any possible internet service problems, and reboot the modem if it does not work.

Here is how you can use the Service Troubleshooter tool:

  • Go to the Service Troubleshooter login screen and enter your account or billing phone number, alongside the billing zipping code. Once done, select the “Run Test” option.
  • Wait patiently while the test runs. If any issues are found, the system will tell you how to proceed. However, if no errors are found, you will need to click on the Internet Problems option to be forwarded to a specific menu of options regarding your internet service.
  • If you want to run a diagnostic test, you will need to clock on the “Sign in to MY CenturyLink.” After that, you will need to select the Run Data Line Test button and wait for the system to complete testing it.
  • Finally, you should be able to see various options for automated troubleshooting for both your modem and internet service. You can also chat with a Service Troubleshooteragent for further assistance or to open a repair ticket.

How to Reboot Your Modem?

If adjusting and resetting your internet modem is not helping you restore CenturyLink Internet, perhaps you should try rebooting your modem entirely. Here are some ways to reboot your modem manually and through the My CenturyLink app.

How to Manually Reboot Your Modem?

Here is how you can reboot your modem manually step-by-step:

  • Simply unplug the power cord at the back of the modem. Ensure that all the lights on the modem turn off.
  • Wait patiently for 1 minute.
  • Plug the power cord back in and simply wait until the power light turns green.
  • You should be able to go online once all lights turn green.

First of all, you will have to log into the My CenturyLink app, and then select My Products. Simply select the Reboot Now button, or you could schedule the reboot for a later time. Once selected, the reboot should be in progress.

Once again, you will need to be as patient as possible, as the reboot takes a few minutes to complete. Once you see the internet lighting turning green, it means you are back online. Another way to tell if the reboot is complete is by keeping an eye on your phone Wi-Fi connection. You should be able to browse on CenturyLink internet on your phone if the reboot is complete.


Well, there you go!

We have shared various ways on how you can fix your CenturyLink internet. If you think that the problem is not “No Connection” to the internet, rather it is a “Weak signals” problem, we’ve got a solution for that too! However, you can always contact CenturyLink professionals for further assistance!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my modem power light red?

It usually means that the modem is testing its own hardware.

Should be rebooting the modem be my first option?

Absolutely not. In fact, it should be the last option after you have tried adjusting and resetting the modem, and after you have tried troubleshooting it for any errors.

How do I know if there is a CenturyLink internet breakdown in my area?

You can confirm this by calling CenturyLink professionals at 1-844-349-9310.

Does the placement of my modem affect my internet speed?

Yes, you need to place your modem at a place where it does not overheat itself.