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Just moved to the city sitting at the foot of the Pike Peaks, and looking for high-speed internet options in your neighborhood?

While switching providers or getting a new one for your home is a task none of us digs, getting to know the broadband scene in a new city can only appear more daunting. But trust us. It doesn’t have to be so. It is all about informing yourself of your options. When you are out to buy, you must be able to weigh each available offer against your needs, and compare to see which one gives you the best value for your money. So before you step out in the Colorado Spring broadband market, it’d be a good idea to learn about one of the most widely available internet service providers in the city.

Whether your new home is in Spring Creek or Cathedral Pines, Mountain Shadows or Broadmoor, it is likely you’ve already heard about CenturyLink Internet from the local community. To broaden the picture, read on so you are able to choose better when you shop.

Before we get to the specifics of CenturyLink Internet and the nitty gritty of service plans and costs, let’s quickly introduce you to the provider. A little context always helps when you are shaping a picture of things.

CenturyLink is a nationwide internet service provider with its footprint in 36 states. There are over 48 million people under its DSL network coverage, making it the 4th largest. And also over 18 million able to access its Fiber service, which again ranks it as the 4th largest. The service provider depicts an impressive coverage in nearly 40 Colorado cities. And, Colorado is also one of the states where CenturyLink offers its Fiber Gigabit.

More recently CenturyLink rebranded itself as Lumen Technologies, but its residential services are still sold under the CenturyLink brand name, so that should not confuse you.

Colorado Springs sees the CenturyLink network cover 92% of its population. Here too, the provider delivers both high-speed DSL and Fiber, albeit Fiber is relatively limited in availability.

In most neighborhoods you are likely to see CenturyLink pitched against Xfinity from Comcast. The 2 providers compete closely in terms of coverage in the city, but provide different connection types. As opposed to high-speed DSL and Fiber from CenturyLink, you get cable broadband from Xfinity. And this is where your knowledge of which internet type maybe the best for your needs comes into play.

Among other wired ISPs in Colorado Springs, TDS Telecom provides cable and fiber internet, but availability is extremely limited. A few local/regional ISPs deliver Fiber connections in the city but again, their availability is too limited.

Wireless internet such as Satellite and Fixed Wireless are widely available throughout Colorado Springs. But unless you are part of a community outside the reach of wired high-speed internet, it does not really become too viable an option.

With that said, if you are looking to switch from your current provider to CenturyLink, the process is not intimidating at all! You can follow the guide here to do exactly that!

Now let’s take a look at the CenturyLink Internet service features, plans and prices.

As we said, you get 2 types of internet service from CenturyLink in Colorado Springs. While some neighborhoods may offer you both options, in others you may only have the more widely available high-speed DSL.

CenturyLink Fiber maxes out at 940/940 symmetrical speeds. If available at your address, and if your home requires super-fast speeds to support multiple devices and a connected home, there is really no second guessing. It is a connection that provides you with 40 times faster speeds relative to the FCC broadband benchmark, and gives you equal uploads and downloads. You can download large files or a full-length HD or 4K movie or upload pictures and videos in far less time compared to other internet types. The CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit is also an absolute hit among frequent gamers as it allows them to enjoy a virtually lag-free experience.

For a better idea of what the CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit can do for you relative to a 25 Mbps connection take a look at some numbers here:

Media Type Time to download at 25 Mbps Time to download at up to 940 Mbps

Photos(5 MB)

1.6 sec

0.04 sec

Music(70 MB)

22.4 sec

0.56 sec

TV Shows (175 MB)

56 sec

1.4 sec

Movies (700 MB)

213 sec

5.6 sec

As for CenturyLink high-speed Internet, the 100/10 Mbps plan is widely accessible across Colorado Springs. For smaller households where internet usage is standard, and the number of users up to 4, it is a great option. You can work from home, and attend class online over a secure and reliable home internet connection. It will run your everyday mundane tasks like online shopping and paying of bills. Plus it will allow you to have fun with video streaming and casual online gaming.

CenturyLink does not impose any data restriction on any of its plans, whether DSL or Fiber. So you can put the fast speeds to full use, without data-anxiety or getting hit by an overage fee.

Now that you have an idea of what the 2 types of internet from CenturyLink can help you achieve, it should be easier to decide which would be a better fit when both are available at your address.

To assess the overall value of your internet subscription, you must also take into account the features and perks of a broadband service other than speed and data. Here is a quick run down of what you can enjoy with a CenturyLink Internet subscription in Colorado Springs:

Secure in-home Wi-Fi

Most CenturyLink leased modems come with built-in security. The advanced wireless modem, which costs $15/mo. in rental fee, supports multiple devices with fast WiFi speeds, over a secure connection. Your smart TV, computers, smartphones, and smart home devices etc., which are connected to the CenturyLink home WiFi, are thus protected from cyber threats.

Enjoy Privacy Protection and stay safe from new threats because your security is always up-to-date. Take charge with Parental Controls. And, manage your home WiFi conveniently via the My CenturyLink app.

Freebies with Fiber Gigabit

The CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit plan includes a huge saving on top of all the speed and data you get. The installation and modem come free of cost, all include in the price, which is a $299 value!

No mandatory contracts

CenturyLink does not make it mandatory for you to sign a contract. Therefore, once you sign up you are on a month-to-month pricing plan at an affordable straightforward rate. Cancel anytime you need to without incurring an early cancellation fee.

No bundling required

CenturyLink does not make it necessary for you to bundle the Internet in order to get the best price. If however your home or your home-office needs a landline, it is advisable to bundle your Internet with the CenturyLink home phone service. Because you get the phone service at a discounted rate.

CenturyLink high-speed internet plans are very competitively priced. But don’t make the mistake of comparing the price of CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet or the Fiber Gigabit cost with promotional offers in the local market. As is the industry norm, most ISPs offer you to subscribe at a promo rate which hikes up to regular rate after the end of the promotional period. But with CenturyLink that is not the case. There is no promo pricing, so you pay the standard rate from the get-go and don’t have to preemptively brace yourself for a hike after 3, 6 or 12 months.

Let’s take a look at CenturyLink Internet plans & prices in Colorado Springs.

Plan Max. Download Speed Price Key Features

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet

100 Mbps
Speed may not be available in your area.

Rate requires paperless billing. Additional fees, taxes, and surcharges apply.

  • Unlimited data
  • Work from home or attend class virtually
  • Ideal for a smaller household with up to 4 users

CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit

940 Mbps
Speed may not be available in your area. Maximum download/upload speed of up to 940 Mbps via a wired connection.

Rate requires paperless billing. Additional fees, taxes, and surcharges apply.

  • Unlimited data
  • Download & upload at same super fast speeds
  • Stream video on multiple devices & keep your smart home optimally connected

CenturyLink Internet bundles with the namesake home phone service. A landline is a perfect backup to cellular connectivity, and particularly essential if you run your office from home. The CenturyLink home phone service gets you unlimited nationwide talk time, and it comes complete with a variety of digital calling features to help you stay on top of your daily communication. A CenturyLink bundle helps you save on your cellular bill every month, and also gets you a $10 discount on the CenturyLink phone service.

CenturyLink Bundle Price Key Features

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet + Simply Unlimited Phone

Additional fees, taxes, and surcharges apply. Rate excludes CTL Fees not to exceed $3.00/mo./line.

  • Download speeds up to 100 Mbps
    (Speed may not be available in your area)
  • Unlimited nationwide calling with useful calling features

CenturyLink Fiber Internet + Simply Unlimited Phone

Additional fees, taxes, and surcharges apply. Rate excludes CTL Fees not to exceed $3.00/mo./line.

  • Symmetrical speeds up to 940 Mbps
    Speed may not be available in your area. Maximum download/upload speed of up to 940 Mbps via a wired connection.
  • Unlimited Nationwide calling with useful calling features

Final Words

We hope you find the information we’ve shared helpful when deciding which internet service or plan fits your needs the best. Put this information together with what your neighbors may tell you about their real-time experience with CenturyLink Customer Service in Colorado Springs. And if there are any questions you have regarding the exact speed and offer availability at your address call the CenturyLink phone number in Colorado Springs i.e. 1-855-349-9310, and allow representatives to answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does CenturyLink offer no-contract home internet service?

Yes. CenturyLink high-speed and fiber internet plans do not require you to sign a contract. There are no promotional prices, and no term agreements either. You start paying at a highly competitive rate on a month-to-month basis, and you can cancel your service without an early termination fee.

How fast is CenturyLink Internet in Colorado?

CenturyLink offers both high-speed DSL and Fiber in Colorado. CenturyLink high-speed Internet plans deliver speeds up to 100 Mbps. Depending on your location in Colorado Springs, you can get 30 Mbps, 60 Mbps or 80 Mbps speed tiers as well. And, CenturyLink Fiber delivers equal download/upload speeds up to 940 Mbps.

How can I contact CenturyLink Customer Service in Colorado Springs?

If you wish to speak to CenturyLink Customer Service in Colorado Springs, call at 1-855-349-9310.

How much does CenturyLink Internet cost per month?

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet gets you downloads up to 100 Mbps and costs 50/mo. CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit delivers equal uploads and downloads up to 940 Mbps for $65/mo. For details call CenturyLink Customer Service at 1-855-349-9310 anytime.