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So you’ve heard about Wave Broadband and are looking to see if it is available in your area, and worth considering?

Well, you’re in the right place. Because today we’ll talk about Wave Broadband - now an Astound Broadband company - which brings you award-winning high-speed home internet. Read on to find answers to all your questions. Which cities and towns you can access it in. What are the Wave offerings? And what perks are you likely to get with the service.

Wave Internet is an Award-Winning Service

Wave Broadband, now referred to as Astound Broadband powered by Wave, has been a prominent player in the regional markets for over 15 years. The company delivers a full range of residential and business products - high-speed internet, advanced TV, and communication services in many cities and towns across the West Coast. The service has twice won the PCMag Reader’s Choice Award, and ranked #1 for Value, Customer Service, and Tech Support, as well as in the Most Likely to Recommend category. This tells the service is not only fast but reliable, its offerings can get you good value for your money, and you can expect a satisfactory after-sales customer experience.

Where on the West Coast is Wave Internet Available?

Before we talk about Wave service offerings, take a look at this listing, and determine if the Wave Broadband network passes by your home.







Daly City



Granite Bay








Pleasant Hill

Redwood City

Rio Linda



San Francisco

San Mateo

South San Francisco

Walnut Creek

West Sacramento








Lincoln City



Oregon City










West Linn












Camano Island


Castle Rock










Granite Falls










Mercer Island


Mount Vernon

Mountlake Terrace


Oak Harbor


Port Angeles

Port Orchard

Port Townsend











White Salmon



Wave Internet: Service Types, Speed & Data

So you found your hometown in the listing above? Let’s then explore Wave Internet speeds, data and promo offers that are likely to be available to you. Keep in mind, Wave offerings can vary from one service region to another as far as available speed tiers. And also somewhat in terms of pricing and the length of the promotional term. Our review can help you shape a decent idea of the value of a Wave Internet subscription.

Service Type

The Wave network primarily uses a hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network to deliver home internet connections. But as Astound Broadband continues with the expansion of its footprint, you can expect Fiber-to-the-Home connections from Wave in more West Coast locations.


While available speed tiers can differ depending on the network capacity in your vicinity, Wave Broadband delivers downloads starting from 100 Mbps and maxing out at gigabit speeds widely across its footprint. The mid-tier plans deliver 250 Mbps and 500 Mbps downloads, and are also commonly accessible in different Wave service locations.

If you are a small family with standard usage, the 100 Mbps plan can support up to 4 devices with ease. For mid-sized homes the 250 Mbps or 500 Mbps plan is ideal. These plans can support a number of users for a range of online activities even when all devices are connected simultaneously. And as for the super-connected smart home of today, and a family that is big on the internet, the Wave Gig service is a perfect match.

With each of these speed options you can expect Wave Internet to get you reliable connectivity that supports work from home, virtual learning, HD video streaming, competitive gaming, and of course all your everyday tasks like shopping, banking, sharing and connecting on the social media etc.

Data Allowance

As for data, the allowance ranges from 400 GB for the High-speed 100 plan to unlimited with Gig service. Mid-tier plans get you 500 GB with High-speed 250 and 1 TB with High-speed 500. While not unlimited, the data allowance offered with each speed-based tier is such that it can cover standard usage comfortably, and you need not stress about running out, or an overage charge.

Wave Internet Plan Max. Download Speed Wave Internet Prices
  • High-speed 100

100 Mbps

$29.95/mo. for 12 months in select markets

  • High-speed 250

250 Mbps

$39.95/mo. for 12 months in select markets

  • High-speed Gig

940 Mbps

$69.95/mo. for 12 months in select markets

To determine available service type, speed tiers and the exact Wave Internet price at your address, call at 1-844-343-1375.

Maximize the Value of Your Wave Internet Plan

Wave Broadband plans come with quite a few perks, some totally free of additional cost, and others at a competitive charge. But each contributes to making your experience of the Wave Internet service worth it. Here take a look at what more you can get:

1. Wave in-home WiFi

With your Wave Internet plan you get multiple options to setup home WiFi. If you are tech savvy and wish to save on the monthly rental fee, Wave Broadband lets you bring your own modem. And, Wave also gives you choice of equipment if you want to get it from the provider.

  • Standard WiFi and Modem - This option gets you an advanced modem-router combo in one compact piece of equipment.
  • Standard WiFi and Gig Modem - This one is great for large families, and supports the most number of devices.
  • Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router - The latest model from Netgear, the device features WiFi 6, and if you are into gaming, this is a must to help reduce latency and optimize the ping.
  • Enhanced Whole-Home WiFi - Eero TrueMesh technology is able to adapt to any usage. It sets up a scalable mesh network which enables multiple access points (eero devices) to work together and give you better range, and a more steady WiFi connection.

2. Double Your Data or Go Unlimited

Wave Broadband makes it easy for you to include additional data in your monthly allowance without having to upgrade to a higher speed. For a low additional cost, you can either double the data of your monthly service plan, or go for unlimited. The add-on cost can vary a little depending on where you are located.

3. Online Security & Service Protection

Wave offers you add-on security solutions to ensure your online experience remains safe from cyber threats.

  • If you have the eero Enhanced Whole-Home WiFi, you can include eero Secure+ - it will give you an antivirus software and VPN protection, as well as ad blocking and password management features.
  • The McAfee Internet Security Suite is great for protecting your computer and identity. The antivirus software prevents malicious activity and your Personal Firewall monitors your internet connection.
  • You can also go for McAfee Total Protection, which provides more comprehensive and proactive security with additional features such as the McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus.
  • The Service Protection Plan from Wave Broadband puts you at ease with regards to any repair issues related to Internet outlets, cable wiring, cable connections & splitters, telephone wiring etc.

4. No Mandatory Contracts & 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Wave Broadband offers do not tie you up with a mandatory contract. Customers can terminate the service at anytime by notifying Wave. Also, when you sign up, it is really a no-risk subscription with the 30-day money-back guarantee.

5. Bundle Your Wave Internet

One big way to maximize the value of your Internet subscription is to include Wave TV. Wave gives you a contemporary Cable experience with TiVo DVR and voice remote. Search across multiple entertainment options quick and easy, and switch from live TV to On Demand, DVR recordings and your favorite apps all from one integrated platform. The Wave channel lineup gives you the option to customize your Local or Expanded TV lineup as you want. Also, there are mini channel packs, and premium networks you can subscribe to à la carte. This way you pay for only what you watch.

If your home and your home-office need a phone the Wave home phone service is a very affordable way of staying connected. Get unlimited local and long-distance calling in the U.S., for one low bundle rate every month. It is a feature rich service which you can access and manage from anywhere. Call clarity, remote access, Voicemail, and calling features like the Simultaneous Ring and Nomorobo - make it a bargain deal really.

Concluding Words

Wave Broadband has served the communities on the West Coast for over a decade and a half. With its pledge to provide 24/7 local customer support, a first-time resolution to your issues, all-week service calls and on-time guarantee, Wave endeavors to keep customers satisfied for the life of their experience.

We hope this detailed walk through of Wave Internet service helps you understand the value of its subscription well so you can compare better when out to shop. For more details on the exact Wave Internet plans and prices you can call at 1-844-343-1375 at anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I do if Wave is not available in my area?

Call at 1-844-343-1375 and talk to the experts. If Wave Internet is not available in your area, it is likely that another Astound Broadband company such as Grande or RCN maybe providing services at your address.

Can I move my Wave subscription to my new address?

Yes. If you are moving to an area where Astound Broadband powered by Wave delivers its services, you can transfer your service(s) to your new address. Wave recommends you inform them 30 days in advance of your move. If you are eligible for self-installation, services can be activated as soon as you move into your new home.

Does Wave Internet include in-home WiFi?

Astound Broadband powered by Wave offers multiple options for in-home WiFi. You can choose the Standard WiFi plus Modem option or the Enhanced Whole-Home WiFi plus Modem setup with your Wave Internet subscription. For details call at 1-844-343-1375 to talk with a Wave Broadband Customer Service representative.

What type of internet does Wave offer?

Astound Broadband powered by Wave primarily delivers its residential cable internet service over an advanced hybrid network powered by Fiber, and also a 100% Fiber-to-the-Home service.