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Nothing can beat the feeling of starting your day with an informative roundup of breaking news. You can charge up yourself and stimulate your mind to go ahead with your day by keeping up with what’s happening in America. Everyone looks forward to their daily dosage of updates and what better way to do it when you have a Spectrum Cable subscription than tuning into your go-to news channels?

C-SPAN with Spectrum Cable Packages

For new Spectrum Cable TV subscribers, the choice of news networks is as good as it gets—you can tune in to the BSpectrum offers all 3 channels in all 3 of its TV planBC World News if you are in the mood to see the world through the British eye, or go right to the Capitol Hill with C-SPAN if you want to keep a tab on American politics. Fox News, CNN, CNBC are also on the Spectrum channel lineup. And, for C-SPAN fans out there, Spectrum offers all 3 channels in its TV plan and add-ons

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C-SPAN: An Overview of the Network

C-SPAN (Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network) is a cable and satellite TV network that broadcasts across America. Based on a non-profit business model for public service, the network was founded 42 years ago in 1979. Its primary goal was to televise complete coverage of US political events, so as to help people understand the mechanics of national politics and presidential campaigns. And, this objective was born out of the notion that TV newscasts tended to be less than forthcoming about what the candidates would do with the power yielded to them.

The launch of C-SPAN coincided with the first televised session made available by the House of Representatives. And the Senate followed suit, albeit it took Senators 7 years of debate before cameras were allowed onto the floor in 1986—this was when C-SPAN2 was born. The third in the series, C-SPAN3 took longer to be founded—it was not before 2001 that full-time operation commenced.

C-SPAN programming is widely available via cable or satellite TV subscriptions across the US. And the one reason for its popularity among the masses is the spirit in which C-SPAN covers political events with a spotlight on unedited end-to-end coverage of the House of Representatives and Senate—no editing, commentary, or analysis. The network’s founding principles continue to impart an unbiased and balanced approach to coverage—whether it is the governmental proceedings on the floor of Capitol Hill, key congressional hearings, or public affairs programming.

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The network is private—which means it is free of authoritative influence—political or corporate—and funded solely by its cable and satellite affiliates. So, it is able to relay unfiltered and untainted information about politics and the proceedings of the federal government—letting viewers make up their minds and form an opinion based on unprejudiced first-hand information. No surprise then the C-SPAN Network is seen as an unbiased platform displaying a verified outlook of the national politics and matters of public policy.  

C-SPAN Channels  Programming
C-SPAN This channel primarily focuses on live coverage of the proceedings in the House of Representatives—plus showcases political programming.  
C-SPAN2 This channel is primarily focused on the live coverage of the proceedings in the Senate—plus airs Politics and Public Policy Today on weeknights.  
C-SPAN3 This channel is dedicated to coverage of key congressional hearings and historical content.  

C-SPAN on Spectrum?

The unbiased portrayal of political events, governmental proceedings, matters of public policy—a non-partisan platform that gets you all of that, and remains focused on the transparent depiction of factual information—is a must-have. It makes for an authentic source of unfiltered information and helps shape individual and unique opinions. C-SPAN, C-SPAN2 & C-SPAN3—add them all to your go-to networks on Spectrum TV—you can then enjoy your morning cup of tea with the Washington Journal with one click of the remote!

In a Nutshell

Whether you’re a conservative or liberal—C-SPAN is the one place chosen by both. Watch it all raw—collect the information, process it, and form your opinion of national politics and matters of public policy. And, if you are into news and current affairs, check out the channel numbers for CNN and Newsmax on Spectrum—whichever you are inclined towards.

You can subscribe to the Spectrum TV Select to watch this channel, and then top it off with the various add-ons that complete your entertainment experience. Spectrum TV Select carries all TV essentials, and the networks America loves to watch—ESPN, Discovery, CNN, Lifetime, TLC, HGTV, MTV—all are part of it. 

In case you find yourself thinking about subscribing or upgrading at any point, contact Spectrum Sales Support at 1-844-481-5997—they’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you figure things out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I subscribe to Spectrum bundles?

Browse the variety of Spectrum Bundles with TV, internet, and home phone services included. And, contact Spectrum representatives at 1-844-481-5997 to place an order.

What channel is C-Span Spectrum in NYC?

If you live in New York City you can tune in to channel 70 to access C-SPAN, channel 226 to access C-SPAN2, and channel 227 to access C-SPAN3.

What does C-Span stand for?

C-Span stands for Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network. It is a non-profit cable and satellite broadcast network founded in 1979. The network focuses on providing an impartial and balanced coverage of American politics and matters of public policy.   

How to contact Spectrum Sales Support?

You can contact Spectrum Sales Support at 1-855-423-0918. Spanish-speaking can speak to soporte de ventas de Spectrum at 1-844-487-2710.