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CenturyLink is one of the optimum internet service providers to 4.5 million broadband customers across the landscape of the United States of America. CenturyLink Internet is a single-window solution for a range of internet connections from fiber, fixed wireless, and copper internet to high-speed DSL connections.

As far as CenturyLink bundle offers go, you can make a perfect combo of any of its two or more services like DIRECTV or home phone to internet service at affordable price tags.

Moreover, if you are looking for a CenturyLink modem you can easily get your hands on it just by paying nominal charges every month. How? CenturyLink rents out its routers and modems to customers which is a plus point if you are not willing to buy these essential devices. Also, the ISP allows you to even buy a router and modem in some plans which you can keep with you forever.

However, when you get your router and modem you should make sure that both of these devices are fully functioning and performing well. Plus, check out how well your equipment integrates and works with your CenturyLink internet connection.

Wondering how you will do it? Worry not because you have landed on the right blog. We have thoroughly explained how you can make your CenturyLink modem work with your internet connection in this article. All you need to do is to fully read through it so you would not miss any important piece of information and to follow whatever tips or steps we have discussed below.

So, let's start exploring this complete guide to reset CenturyLink modem without any further ado to make your modem perfectly with your CenturyLink internet connection.

Start with resetting your CenturyLink modem. You must be thinking why? Because it will restore the factory default settings of your modem. Similarly, by resetting your modem you can wipe out your customized settings if you have ever made any including the DHCP configurations, IP address, routing, personalized password, Wi-Fi settings, and DNS.

In addition, if you want to preserve your custom settings you can go for a backup option. That allows you to retain your customized settings before resetting your CenturyLink modem. In case there is a need for it, you can restore your customized settings after resetting the device.

The best approach to reset your modem is to utilize a user-setting interface. You just log into this interface and reset your modem within no time. Despite that, you can reset your modem manually by pressing the reset button on the backside of your modem.

Wondering how will you reset your modem through the user settings? Well, this is what we are here for. We have lined up some easy and simple steps that will help you in resetting your CenturyLink Wi-Fi modem like a pro.

Steps by Step Guide to Reset Your Modem through User Settings

  • Connect your tablet, smartphone, computer, or any other smart device to your internet connection via WiFi or use an Ethernet cable to connect with your modem device.
  • Now start the resetting process by opening and typing into the address bar of your web browser.
  • Then to access the interface settings of your modem, use your password and admin username. Keep in mind that this information is not identical to your wireless network name including the Wi-Fi password or SSID.
  • After that go to the main menu and click on the utility icon over there.
  • Moving forward, you have to press the ‘Restore Defaults’ button on the left end of the menu.
  • Finally, choose the ‘Restore Modem to Factory Default State’ option.
  • Now, wait for 3-5 minutes for your modem to completely reset factory settings.
  • When the factory reset process is completed the power light on your device will turn orange once again. It means you are good to go to reset your modem.
  • It’s time for you to undergo the entire process of modem activation once again as if you are doing it for the first time.
  • Provide all the details related to the account login to configure your modem device then wait until the internet light becomes green.
  • Once you get the green light it means your modem has now been fully activated and you can use your internet service again.
  • Now connect all your smart devices at home to your Wi-Fi network and go online once again.

Weren't these steps easy to reset your CenturyLink modem settings? Of course, these are. However, don't forget to follow these steps to make your modem reset quicker and better.

If you are not provided with this user setting interface option and are looking forward to manually resetting your modem device then worry not because we have got you covered. We have added some easy steps for you that will assist you to reset your modem device manually without any trouble.

Curious to know these steps? Keep scrolling!

Steps by Step Guide to Reset Your Modem Manually

  • Get a paperclip or use the tip of any pen and press the reset button on the back of your modem.
  • Make sure your modem remains connected to your internet network while pressing the reset button manually.
  • Keep pressing until you observe or hear a faint click and your modem turns on.
  • Don’t release the pressure until the power light on your modem becomes amber. It will hardly take 10 seconds.
  • Then wait for more than 5 minutes (max) so your modem completes the factory reset process.
  • The power light on your modem will turn orange once again when the reset process completes.
  • Now revise the modem activation process as if you are doing it for the first time.
  • To configure your modem device you have to provide all details related to the account login.
  • Once your internet light turns green you can access your internet service.
  • Now connect all your smart devices like laptops, smartphones, or else to your W-Fi network and enjoy online services once again.

Resetting a modem is not a practice you need to do now and then. You should only go for it when either you have made some changes that you are unable to undo or your modem is operating improperly.

However, resetting a modem offers many other benefits as well. We know that a modem is a device in our internet network that keeps working around the clock without rest. And eventually, it may stop performing at the same level after being overused or heating up. By resetting your modem you can give a small break to your modem to get refreshed and cool down so it can regain its operational performance.

Similarly, by practicing the resetting of modem devices you can overcome various issues such as troubles in your internet connection, wireless issues, and slow connections issues.

Another justification for resetting your modem device is the gradual loss of connection between your internet connection and your ISP. Every day when we keep our modem on it leads to desynchronization. How? Let us explain this. The data to deliver over an online medium travels across the world wide web in the form of small packets. When you send and receive these packets, some become corrupted. Therefore, you need to resend them.

It is all because your modem is not functioning properly and to make it work accurately again your only hope is to reset your modem device. Plus, if you want to make your modem work efficiently you should unplug it at least once a month. This unplugging activity will not impair your modem device because it is nothing more than a simple trick to reboot your system and will avert you from resetting your modem device.

While this was mentioned before, it is worth mentioning again that resetting your modem means wiping out the custom settings you had set. Of course, there is also a way to save the settings and get it back after resetting. If you have, however, reset the modem without saving, you will need to customize the settings again from scratch. You can also find multiple guides on various topics, like for setting up parental controls, and more.

Final Thoughts

Who doesn't need a fast and well-functioning internet connection in this era? Of course, all of us have a dire need to have a robust and reliable internet connection to do online activities every day. Nothing can be more terrifying than encountering issues with your hardware like the modem.

Sometimes the problem you are facing is not in your internet connection but with your modem. Therefore, we would recommend you reset your modem whenever you experience an unsatisfactory performance of your internet connection. If you are using CenturyLink modem consider resetting the modem at the first stand because it is no longer remained a difficult task for you now. Isn't it?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I reset my username and password for the CenturyLink modem?

You can reset your CenturyLink modem if you forget your login credentials, or for any other reason. It will revert to the default CenturyLink admin login and password as a result of this. The reset button on the back of the CenturyLink wireless gateway may be used to reset the device.

Is it possible to set parental controls on CenturyLink modem?

Yes, CenturyLink modems allow for the implementation of parental controls. You can learn about how you can set up parental controls on your CenturyLink modem and control web content and services, as well as one or more connected devices' internet access.