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Internet security is essential, just like internet access itself. A high-speed connection alone cannot keep you safe for long when you are as connected to the World Wide Web as our digital lifestyle necessitates. Ensuring that all your connected devices are secure from the ever-evolving generation of cyber threats is a critical aspect of internet access and use. This is why Xfinity from Comcast not only delivers the fastest speeds over the largest Gig-speed network in the U.S. but guarantees customers have the essential tools that make their experience as safe as possible.

Our article today outlines all details of the Xfinity Wi-Fi security and the safe online experience it offers. The xFi WiFi Gateway, which sits at the core of the Xfinity Internet experience, delivers the fruits of the latest in technology in terms of secure connectivity. Read on to find out what you must know to take full advantage of your Xfinity xFi setup.

What is Xfinity Wi-Fi Security?

Xfinity Wi-Fi security is one of the features that you can enjoy when you get the Xfinity internet router device. This security suite for your online activities comes as part of your package with all internet Gateway devices that you get and is known as the xFi Advanced Security.

xFi Gateway with Xfinity Wi-Fi Security

Your Xfinity xFi Gateway is a modem plus wireless router that delivers an exceptional internet experience when you set up your in-home Wi-Fi network via this high-end device. It is an all-in-one device that delivers comprehensive Wi-Fi connectivity with maximum Xfinity Internet speed and network security. On top of that, it connects your Xfinity Voice service, works with your Xfinity X1 TV, and runs your Xfinity Home service.     

Additionally, xFi Advanced Security comes built-in with the Xfinity xFi Gateway – at no added cost. It is a progressive and rather customizable security solution for your home network which protects your computers, cell phones, smart home, and security devices – essentially any device that is connected to the internet via the Xfinity xFi Gateway.

You don’t need to install any hardware; the built-in xFi Advanced Security can be activated in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is enable it via the Xfinity app or the xFi website and place your entire network under its protection.

xFi Advanced Security: Features & Benefits

As we said, it is very important to have internet security tools in place in today’s time, especially in the wake of increasing cyber security hazards. You need to protect not only your computers but all your connected devices. When you have a home security system it becomes a prerequisite.

If your home network is not secure, your devices can easily be hacked. Once your devices are breached it will not be difficult for intruders to enter into your system and just as easily, your home. Apart from your home being at risk, a lack of advanced internet security can also result in multiple hazards like identity and data theft, which could be far more damaging.

xFi Advanced Security has all the internet security features that are much needed in today’s times to fight increasing forms of cyber threats. With Xfinity virus protection you render your connected devices safe from viruses. It blocks off malicious websites, gives you firewall protection, and more, in order to provide maximum security to your home network. 

1. It Saves You from Phishing Attacks

 Phishing attacks can be a hassle and they not only expose you to risks of data and identity theft but due to these attacks, your home security can also be endangered. Xfinity Wi-Fi security helps you identify and avoid risky sites that could victimize you via a phishing attack. It also gets you access to all the Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots across the country and makes their connection as secure as physically possible.

2. It Blocks Remote Access to Your Home Devices

 As we said, once your home network gets exposed, you become vulnerable to attacks and cybercrimes such as data theft, hacks, identity theft, and much more. This way anyone can hack your systems, dismiss armed devices and easily break into your house. The Xfinity xFi Advanced Security saves your devices and blocks remote access from known dangerous sources.

3. It Helps You Monitor Your Devices

When you don’t monitor your home devices and network, you often miss one thing or the other and unknowingly expose yourself to suspicious activity. One of the best features of Xfinity Internet Security is that it lets you monitor your devices in real-time, and alerts you if it spots an unusual activity pattern that may be indicative of a lingering threat.

4. It Lets You Keep Track with a Complete Dashboard

 With multiple devices, that are covered by individual security programs, it gets exceedingly difficult to catch up on the security status of each. xFi Advanced Security takes this hassle away by making your entire network secure at the root level. It not only provides you with real-time notifications but gives a complete dashboard that lets you view and manage security risks right from the Xfinity app or xFi website.

5. It Adapts to Your Home Network

 The best thing is Xfinity Internet security is designed to adapt itself to your home network. When your personal security system knows your activity pattern, it gets easier for it to understand things if something goes wrong. Also, it gets smarter with time to keep up with emerging security threats, and constant updates make it more able to deliver maximum security to all your connected devices.  

Xfinity xFi Advanced Security: How to Get Started

The Xfinity Wi-Fi internet is your doorway to the xFi Advanced Security via the xFi Gateway which costs about $15/mo. on top of your Internet service plan. You can use the Xfinity app on your smartphone, or the xFi website to set things up. Either way, all you have to do is navigate to Advanced Security via the Connect tab and just Turn On network protection.

Security Status

Once your xFi Advanced Security is enabled, you will see the status of security activity in the Overview section on both the mobile app and website. The Overview tab allows you to view network details, monitor all profiles, and create new ones, as well as restart your Xfinity xFi Gateway.   

xFi Advanced Security Dashboard

The Advanced Security dashboard gives you a complete overview of the security risks detected in the past seven days and the devices that might have been affected.

xFi Advanced Security: Managing Security Risks

The security threats detected by Xfinity Wi-Fi security are divided into two categories. Some are for the purpose of awareness, and others require serious attention. Some risks are simpler and more easily tackled, while others demand the user take elaborate measures to prevent future occurrences.

Awareness-Only Threats 

These include suspicious websites that you might have visited. While this does not require action, you will be sent alerts so you’re aware that such websites are risky. The threat details page provides you with a listing of risks associated with a certain device when it has been blocked from visiting a suspicious site. In order to allow you to visit such a website for a limited time, you can select Allow Access. 

Threats That Need Action

These include targeted network attacks, suspicious activity, unauthorized access attempts, etc.  When such a security risk occurs, the more vulnerable devices are prone to getting compromised, potentially exposing your home network to a variety of cyber threats.

In such a case, on the dashboard, you will see an alert at the top that indicates which device(s) require you to take action. All you then need to do is Select a Device and Access the Threat Details Page where you will find the Help Me Fix It tab. Click on it to find out how to resolve the issue.

Tips to Resolve Security Threats on Xfinity Wi-Fi Internet

  • Disconnect your device from your entire network in order to save other devices from exposure to viruses or threats.
  • Keep your device’s software up to date by using the update feature in Settings.
  • After you have updated the software, restart your device to complete the update process. This will put a stop to any existing communication with a risky website.
  • Make sure port forwards are set up correctly for your devices and are not open to outside access.

At The End…

With today’s situation on the internet and the rise in cybercrimes, even if you do have basic internet security, it is not enough. You either need to be careful and well-aware yourself or get extra security on your devices. That is why Xfinity Wi-Fi security comes built into the Gateway device and can be turned on without any issues.

We hope this overview of Xfinity xFi Advanced Security is helpful. If you are not yet an Xfinity customer by any chance, you can check out your service plan options complete with the xFi experience by speaking to a representative at 844-207-8721. And if you are a current customer without the xFi Gateway, we recommend you switch to this high-end product if you wish to enjoy a fast and secure in-home network for $15/mo., a deal that is worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get a discount if I bundle Xfinity’s services?

Yes, when you bundle 2 or more Xfinity services, you become eligible for a multi-product discount. Explore your Xfinity bundle options, or call us at 844-207-8721.

What is the primary purpose of the xFi Gateway?

The primary purpose of the Xfinity xFi Gateway is to provide optimum Wi-Fi connectivity for multiple devices with your Xfinity Internet. It is a dual-band wireless gateway device, a modem-cum-router combo, which comes with built-in xFi Advanced Security. 

How much does the Xfinity Flex 4K box cost?

Xfinity Flex 4K streaming box is available for use with your Xfinity internet subscription. For more details about its cost, call 844-207-8721.

How much is xFi Advanced Security per month?

Xfinity Advanced Security comes free with the xFi Gateway. The dual-band modem plus wireless router is an add-on that costs you $15/mo. on top of your Xfinity Internet plan, and it has Advanced Security built into it.

Should I disable xFi Advanced Security?

Disabling your xFi Advanced security will put your internet network at risk for malicious activity as well as cyber security threats. Keep it on to safeguard your home network from breach and enjoy seamless and safe connectivity, round-the-clock. To learn more about Xfinity, call 844-207-8721 today!