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The exceptional growth of technological advancement has digitized our lives to an extent it is fairly rare to find an American home without a high-speed internet connection. That's the reason people are willing to spend a good chunk of their monthly budget on an internet plan that is the most perfect fit. Also, TV entertainment is as integral a part of our lives. And, in spite of streaming services becoming an increasingly popular way of accessing video content, Cable is still pretty much a favorite, and accounts for about 64% of the time Americans spend watching TV.

The majority of homes across the U.S. thus still prefer bundle deals which include both high-speed internet and TV. By bundling services you can save yourself from the hassle of paying multiple utility bills to different vendors each month. Also, quite a few providers allow you to benefit from extra perks when you subscribe to more than one service under the same roof.

Wave Broadband has been delivering a full range of residential products including high-speed internet access, advanced TV, and communication services in nearly 100 cities around Washington, California and Oregon for over 15 years. Now an Astound Broadband company, Wave continues to carry forward its legacy of delivering the benefits of modern technologies to over 2 million people across its footprint.

Our article today explores the Wave Internet service from Astound Broadband. Learn about what type it is and how fast and reliable a connection it is able to deliver. Also, we’ll touch upon the Wave Broadband cable TV service which you can bundle with high-speed internet. Read on, and be more informed so you can compare better when you are out to shop!

The Wave Internet Service from Astound Broadband

What Service Type Is Wave Internet?

Wave Broadband delivers 3 types of internet, Cable, Fiber and Copper. But for residential consumption, it gives you Cable and Fiber depending on where you are located. Opposed to the 2+ million covered by its Cable service, over 600,000 people can access its Fiber internet as of yet. With that said, the Wave Fiber footprint is expanding fast, and becoming available in more and more markets.

While pure Fiber connections from Wave may not be as widely available, its cable internet service is as popular an option. It delivers fast speeds up to 1 Gig over a hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network, which utilizes Fiber lines to transfer data up until the Node in any vicinity. It is only from the Node to your doorstep that coaxial cable lines are put to use. The reason why Wave Internet is able to deliver download speeds at par with a fiber internet service.

Wave Internet Speeds & Data

Cable internet powered by Fiber is an ideal option in the absence of Fiber. It gives you super fast download speeds with good bandwidth and consistency. As for Wave cable internet, in most service locations you get speeds ranging from 100 to 1000 Mbps. While in between plans deliver 250 and 500 Mbps downloads.

As far as speed, Wave offerings are able to support a range of consumer needs. From small families with standard household usage to large ultra-connected households where multiple devices must stay connected simultaneously, Wave offers a befitting solution.

Wave Internet plans also give you generous data. While all are capped except the Gigabit plan, each gives you an adequate data allowance for standard household usage. Plus Wave makes it possible for you to include additional data without having to upgrade to a higher speed which you may not need. For instance you can double your data for $10-$15 per month or include unlimited data in for $20-$25 per month depending on where in the Wave service region you are located.

All in all whether you need the internet for work or school and every day mundane tasks like shopping and banking online, or you also require it for extensive activities such as video streaming and competitive gaming. You can find a speed and data tier that is right for you.

Take a look at popular offerings in most Wave Internet service locations. We do however recommend you speak to a Wave Customer Service representative at 1-844-343-1375 to determine the exact offers available at your address.

Wave Internet plan Max. download speed Data allowance Promo price

High-speed 100

100 Mbps

400 GB

for 12 months in select markets

High-speed 250

250 Mbps

500 GB

for 12 months in select markets

High-speed Gig

1 Gbps


for 12 months in select markets

Get More Value with Wave Internet Bundles

For homes where Cable is watched, Wave Internet bundles with TV are a great option. As we said bundling gives you the advantage of simplified billing under one roof. Whether you predominantly rely on Cable for entertainment, or supplement your favorite OTT streaming services with a skinny cable bundle, either way Wave TV packages with internet are worth a shot.

Wave Cable TV channels

The Wave cable TV service is designed to help you pay for what you watch. There is a Local TV tier which gives you access to popular local broadcast TV networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, CW and FOX. And there is an Expanded Content tier, which requires you to subscribe to Local TV, and gets you popular cable networks on top of that.

Wave on Demand & TV On-The-Go

In addition to the channel lineup you subscribe to Wave TV packages include access to On Demand content. You get instant access to thousands of titles on your own timeline. Watch FREE on demand content from networks you’re subscribed to, or order new releases and movie rentals whenever in the mood!

Wave TV app is another great feature of the service. Be anywhere you need to be, your favorite show or game is never out of reach. All you require is high-speed internet to stream on the go!

Wave Cable TV Add-ons

Wave gives you a variety of TV add-ons - Digital Variety, Digital Sports, Digital Favorites - these are affordable mini packs which you can include in your Expanded Content subscription and customize it as you like. To make things easier, the big Digital Cable Pack includes all these mini add-on packs in one place.

In addition to mini packs, there are premium networks which can be included in your Local TV subscription à la carte. And a Premium Pack which is a combo of all premium networks and mini Digital packs. This way you don’t have to pay for networks that you rarely tune into, and only spend on what you actually consume.

Wave Makes It Easy To Stream TV

For homes where streaming is the pre-dominant source of entertainment, Wave collaborates with popular video content providers. You can include a subscription to Netflix, fuboTV, Hulu or Sling, and use your Wave Internet connection to the fullest.


While the Wave network reaches out to multiple cities and towns it is advisable to determine offer availability at your address. This way you’d know exactly which type of internet, Cable or Fiber can you get with Wave in your area, as well as the speed and data offerings. Wave Internet prices also vary depending on your location, which is also why it is better to check things out.

You can call at 1-844-343-1375 anytime and speak to Wave Customer Service representatives. If Wave Broadband is accessible to you, they’ll also help you pick the perfect Wave package for your home in line with what you need. Hopefully this Wave Internet review will also prove beneficial in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Wave Internet cost?

Wave Internet comes in a variety of speed tiers, however the speed offerings vary from one service region to another, and so do the prices. You can call at 1-844-343-1375 anytime and speak to Wave Customer Service representatives. They’ll help you determine what exactly is offered at your address.

How can I contact Wave Customer Service?

You can contact Wave Customer Service at 1-844-343-1375 anytime and speak to representatives who can help you determine offer availability at your address.

Can I get unlimited data with Wave Internet?

The Wave High-speed Gig offer comes with unlimited data, however lower speed tiers have a data cap. But Wave allows you to double your data allowance for a low additional cost without having to upgrade the speed. For more details call at 1-844-343-1375 anytime.