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It is true the way we consume TV content has drastically changed over time. With the arrival of different streaming platforms, you no longer need to stick to your home screen. In fact, control of your TV is now at your fingertips. The good thing is you can not only experience ease and flexibility of “portable TV” with streaming services, but with the TV Everywhere feature which contemporary cable TV services like Cox Contour deliver.  

Cox Redefines Your Cable TV Experience

From the looks of it, despite the fast paced evolution of streaming TV in the entertainment industry, the realm of cable TV is not likely to become obsolete anytime soon. Especially when a cable service, like you get with Cox Communications, brings you the opportunity of streaming Cable TV with as much ease and mobility as with a VOD subscription. The difference? You don’t need to subscribe to 3-4 streaming services to get what you want to watch. Because you can get it all under the umbrella of Cox Cable packages.

As a new subscriber to a Cox cable plan, you’ll not only discover a channel lineup which gives you a balanced mix of popular broadcast and Cable networks but a new way of watching TV. The Contour TV box and voice remote, which come included with your Cox Cable subscription, are key to how you will soon find yourself enjoying TV entertainment.

Search content you love or discover new favorites with recommendations based on your watch-history. The Cox Contour box will learn what you like and together with the voice remote aid you to browse through it all effortlessly.

Enjoy having access to all your entertainment options integrated into one platform, e.g. recordings, on demand content, live TV, apps. Cox Contour gives you a one-stop-shop, and does away with the hassle of switching inputs. And to top it all, you can tune into your favorites shows with the TV Everywhere app anywhere, anytime.

As you discover all the innovative features of your new service together with the channel lineup you are subscribed to, you are likely not to regret sticking to Cable courtesy Cox.

Watching Newsmax with Your Cox Cable Plan

Newsmax TV emerged amidst the noise of the 2020 US Election, and gained popularity despite the strong running, long standing, news networks like FOX News, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, PBS, and NBC. Conservative-leaning audiences across the US found a choice in Newsmax. And while commentators persist at attributing the channel’s “short claim to fame” to the political dynamics at the time, particularly Trump’s preference of the network, it cannot be denied Newsmax TV succeeded at making its place in conservative US homes. It is estimated to reach about 75 million households with a Cable TV subscription.

So, if you’re looking for Newsmax channel on Cox, and haven’t been able to tune in yet, read on.

The Cox channel lineup is diverse to say the least. Whether it is the Contour Starter, Preferred/Preferred Plus or Ultimate, each tier is cut to fit a range of consumer needs. But for Newsmax, make sure you are subscribed to a plan above the more basic Cox cable TV i.e. Starter. While Contour Starter keeps you decently in the loop of the current affairs with popular broadcast TV networks, higher Cox Contour tiers get you more diversity of news and information networks.

With Preferred or Ultimate, you shouldn’t have any problem getting your daily dose of current affairs, not just via on-the-hour news, but insightful analyses of political developments, policy changes, and more. Listen to what veteran broadcasters and seasoned political analysts on Newsmax TV have to say before you shape an opinion. Tune into American Agenda with Bob Sellers in your lunch break, or start your day with Bob Finnerty on Wake up America. Cox Contour makes it so easy to never miss your can’t-miss TV with its TV Everywhere app and DVR.

What Channel is Newsmax on Cox?

Until you get comfortable navigating your way around the smart program guide you get with your Cox Contour, and make a “verbal relationship” with your new voice remote, here is a quick reference list. We have recorded the channel number for Newsmax TV on Cox in different Cox markets. Just in case you do not see your city listed, click here, and find the Newsmax channel on Cox in your area.  



Newsmax Channel Number on Cox

Phoenix, AZ


Tucson, AZ


Fort Smith, AR


Fayetteville, AR


San Diego, CA


Santa Barbra, CA


Bolton, CT


East Hartford, CT


Fort Walton Beach, FL


Gainesville, FL


Byron, GA


Centerville, GA


Bellevue ID


Hailey, ID


Carter Lake, IA


Crescent, IA


Arkansas City, KS


Wichita, KS


New Orleans, LA


Baton Rouge, LA


Holland, MA


Millville, MA


Waterloo, NE


Omaha, NE


Boulder City, NV


Las Vegas, NV


Knotts Island, NC


North Royalton, OH


Cleveland, OH


Oklahoma City, OK


Tulsa, OK


Bristol, RI


East Providence, RI


Virginia Beach, VA


Fairfax, VA



Now that you know which number to tune into, it’s time to catch up with the plenty of political hubbub. Once you have better learnt the ropes of the new on-screen TV guide with Contour TV, you’ll sure be able to keep track of your go-to-networks and favorite programming with far more ease.  

Trump’s liking for Newsmax might have helped it gain popularity to start with, and the channel ratings may have fallen somewhat once the 200 Election dust settled, but its controversial status, has not robbed Newsmax off its audiences.

Join celebrated anchors such as the veteran journalist Mark Halperin, and listen to the engaging and spirited discussion on the latest developments related to the pandemic and politics in the US. Take a seat with distinguished personalities such as Nancy Brinker as she talks to some of the most powerful and influential Americans. Or listen to hard-hitting analyses from Greg Kelly as he tackles hot-button issues and talking points. Newsmax sure gives you a worthy alternative to Fox News!

And that is not all. You can even tune into documentaries and films over the weekends, as well as insightful specials such as the Princes of the Palace, Censored: Losing Our First Freedoms, and.   

Silence Patton: First Victim of the Cold War

Concluding Words

That is about it?you can now fill your days with thought-provoking Newsmax content that sits right with your political inclinations. If however you’re subscribed Cox Contour Starter and would like to watch Newsmax, just speak to a Cox Customer Service representative at 855-349-9316 (Cox en Español for Spanish users). They will help you with a quick upgrade to your Cox Cable package so that you can start watching your favorite news channel. With that said, Contour Preferred is a great choice for any family home, with its 140+ strong channel lineup inclusive of Newsmax! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What channel is Newsmax on Cox in East Hartford, Connecticut?

Tune into channel 68/1068 for Newsmax on Cox in East Hartford.

What channel is Newsmax on Cox in Phoenix, Arizona?

Tune into channel 120/1120 for Newsmax on Cox in Phoenix.