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Let’s picture this: You are about to start watching a show with your family and your Cox Contour remote gets stuck or stops working properly all of a sudden. We understand it could be extremely frustrating, since families only get the much-needed downtime after a long day at work and other chores. And they prefer to use this time watching their favorite shows which can work wonders at family bonding. But then, you can run into TV/remote issues at the most unexpected times.

The Contour Voice Remote which accompanies most Cox Cable packages delivers an enhanced TV viewing experience. It lets you search for programs, tune into channels, and do more with just a voice command. But there are times when the remote control fails to respond to your input even if you are pointing it right at the TV.

When you face such issues, you instantly think of getting professional help by reaching out to Cox for assistance. Of course, Cox tech support can help you resolve the issue, but sometimes it’s better to fix the problem on your own rather than calling up your provider’s support staff. This will save you from the hassle of calling in a professional to troubleshoot the problem.

So let’s walk you through some quick solutions to put the Cox Contour remote back in working order.

Checking for Model Compatibility Is Crucial

Many Cox Contour subscribers don’t realize how important it is to check the model of the remote for compatibility. For those Cox customers who have received the equipment from Cox, this issue does not arise as the remote is compatible with the Contour TV receiver. But, if by any chance you got the remote separately, there maybe a compatibility issue.

Therefore, you must ensure the third-party remote you get is compatible with the Cox Contour box in order to save yourself from issues.

Check the Remote Batteries

At times, there is nothing wrong with your remote. It is just the batteries that need to be changed. Before trying out any other fix, you should check the remote for batteries. Make sure the batteries are not weak. In case, your batteries are low or drained out, it’s time to have them removed.

Try using high quality batteries and check if the remote starts working again. Remember, after changing the batteries, you will have to pair your Cox TV remote with the TV again.

Reprogram Your Remote

What you need to know is that sometimes the remote is not programmed properly and may act erratically. Reprogramming the remote to the Contour receiver and your TV can do the trick in such situations.

To pair your remote to the Contour TV box follow these steps:

  • Turn the TV on and tune it to the correct input for the set-top box.
  • Press and hold the Contour and Info buttons until the LED at the top of the remote turns green from red. For older models, press and hold the Setup button instead.
  • Next press the Menu button and release. A 3-digit code will appear on your TV screen. Enter the code by using the key pad on the remote. And press OK. The remote is paired to the Contour TV box.

And to pair the remote to your TV follow these steps:

  • In order to program the remote to your TV, you will need the TV manufacturer’s code. On newer TV sets, the model code and serial number is printed on the right-hand side of it.
  • Once you have found the code, press and hold the Setup button until the red LED on the remote turns green.
  • Type in the TV’s manufacturer code and press OK. The remote light should blink green twice when the right code is entered.
  • Now your remote is ready to control power, volume and other functions.

Keep in your mind if your remote is paired with one device, it won’t be able to function properly with the other one. Let’s say, if it’s already paired with your Contour TV box, it can’t be used to operate an audio device. You will be required to pair it with that audio device for it to work.

Perform a Factory Reset on your remote

If you are done checking the batteries and reprogramming the remote, but issues with responsiveness persist, go ahead and perform a Factory Reset.

  • Identify your Remote Control with help from user guides that Cox includes among its online self-help resources
  • If you have the newer Contour Voice Remote, press and hold the A and D buttons together, until the red LED on the remote turns green.
  • For other Contour Voice Remotes or Contour Remotes, press and hold the Setup button on the remote until the red LED on the remote turns green.
  • Next Enter 9-8-1.
  • Now you must pair the remote to the receiver, and re-test remote functions.

The Environment of the Remote Really Matters

While it is said you can aim the new Contour remote anywhere for it to get the message, it is advisable nothing blocks the remote’s signal to the Contour TV receiver or the TV set itself. Remotes which are controlled by IR always require a direct line of sight. So make sure there are no objects interfering with the signal as you try to control the set-top box and TV.

Additionally, be mindful of the distance while using the remote?you should not be farther out than 30 feet because IR remotes have a limited range. Also, take care the angle at which you are pointing the remote to the TV or the receiver is not too large.

Consider Getting a New Remote

If you have used all these tips and tricks, but nothing seems to be working, there is a good chance either your remote is damaged or too old to be working. In either case, it is important to reach out to Cox Customer Service representatives. They’ll direct you as necessary so you can get it replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

You can also take the faulty remote to the Cox service center near you for the representatives to inspect it for a possible repair or help you get a replacement. Make sure you don’t get it replaced from a third-party store.

More Tips for Troubleshooting the Contour Remote

The above-mentioned steps are to be taken when your Cox remote is not working at all. But, what to do in a situation where your TV is not responding to the remote but the receiver is? Well, in this case too, you can troubleshoot the problem on your own. Here are some possible solutions to common issues.

Remote Is Unable to Control the Volume on TV

If your Contour TV remote has stopped controlling TV volume, chances are, the volume lock is either set to the TV or the remote is not programmed to the TV. All you need to do to fix this problem is to reset the volume lock, or if that is not the cause of the malfunction, program the remote to the Television.

The Remote Does Not Function Consistently

If your remote does not work at all times, it could be because of an object between the remote and the TV or receiver. When you are using the remote in an area where there are many things which could interfere or block the signal, the remote could stop working properly. This may also happen when the angle at which the remote is pointed at the TV or receiver is too large or you are out of the range of the remote, which in case of IR remotes extends to 30 feet.

Ensure you are pointing the remote control directly to the front panel of the receiver or the TV set. And, remove any obstacles in the path of the remote control’s signal.

The Remote Stopped Changing Channels

If you are unable to change channels with the remote, it could either be because the batteries are dead, too weak, or inserted incorrectly. To fix this issue, verify the batteries are inserted right. Turn on the power button on the Cox Contour TV box. And if it turns on and off, you’ll need to install new batteries in the remote and try again.

The Endnote

Now that you know some easy and quick DIY solutions to fix your Cox Contour TV remote, it may be a whole lot easier for you to get your remote to work again. You don’t necessarily have to be tech-savvy to use all these fixes. But if you are unable to take advantage of these solutions, that’s when tech support from Cox comes to your rescue. You can get in touch with Cox customer service (for Spanish customers: Cox servicio al cliente) representatives, and they’ll direct you as necessary. For the Spanish-speaking, you can call at 844-520-8979 anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can new batteries make my Cox remote work again?

In some cases, when your remote batteries become too weak they cause the Cox Contour TV remote to malfunction. That’s when you need to replace old batteries with new ones. If the remote still doesn’t start working as before, try out other tricks such as reprogramming the remote with the TV and receiver or reach out to Cox tech support for professional assistance.

How can I pair the Cox Contour TV remote with my TV?

To pair the remote to your TV you will need the TV manufacturer’s code. On newer TV sets the model code and serial number is printed on the right hand side of it. Once you have found the code, press and hold the Setup button on the Contour remote until the red LED on the remote turns green. Type in the TV’s manufacturer code and press OK. The remote light should blink green twice when the right code is entered. Now your remote is ready to control power, volume and other functions.