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Good family entertainment is hard to find. Either the content is too mature for young audiences or too childish for adults to appreciate. With UPtv however, this is not an issue. This American cable TV network ties the whole family together, bringing them closer. And, is particularly sought-after during the Holiday season.

A Few Words about UPtv

Founded in 2004 by Charles Humbard UPtv was initially called the Gospel Music Channel (GMC). It featured different genres of gospel/Christian music, from southern to contemporary gospel and from Christian rock and metal. They also developed original shows which included a singing competition ‘America Sings’ and aired concerts in ‘Front Row Live’. GMC also found great success with Faith and Fame which delved into the artists’ biographies. In fact, the network even hosted the Christian music industry award shows acknowledging the work of these artists.

Their programming started to change around 2010 before the network was rebranded as UPtv in 2013.  But, you can rest assured, it is just as family-friendly now as it was then.

UPtv now carries popular syndicated series like Home Improvement, Whose Line is it Anyway?, and the much loved Gilmore Girls. The channel also makes it a point to celebrate holidays with full fervor. From Christmas Eve to Christmas Day you can expect soulful music from contemporary Christian artists to get you in the spirit. And, family-friendly movies that are aired for multiple weeks during December. Easter programming is just as interesting and when Halloween comes, you’ll be scared and ecstatic at the same time as you approach the day. With so much to offer, there’s no way Spectrum would pass UPtv up in its channel lineup.

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UPtv with Spectrum Cable TV Service

Ensuring you’re thoroughly entertained, UPtv is by default a priority for Spectrum cable TV. To enjoy the outstanding entertainment offered by UPtv on Spectrum, you must subscribe to the Entertainment View add-on. The only thing you may find irritating is finding the channel number for UPtv on Spectrum. Finding that can be hard if you don’t know where to look. Plus, it changes from one region to another, so you must verify its channel number specifically for your area.   

While Spectrum offers UPtv, it’s not accessible via the base Spectrum TV Select Signature plan. You must be subscribed to the Spectrum Entertainment View add-on if you wish to enjoy your family time with the UPtv network. If you look at the balanced mix of local, popular, and premium channels with this Spectrum cable TV add-on, trust us you will create many memorable family moments to cherish in the days to come.

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What Channel is UPtv on Spectrum?

Since the channel number for UPtv on Spectrum may vary from one location to another, the on-screen Spectrum TV guide comes in handy. The guide is filled with all the information you need to find the channel numbers, as well as further details such as programming information and so on. The TV guide also lets you manage personalized lists for a richer entertainment experience. With the guide, you will be able to find the UPtv channel number on Spectrum very easily.

You can also use your Spectrum account to find a complete list of channels included in your subscription, or call 855-423-0918 for further assistance. 

Shows to Watch on UPtv

UPtv has a ton of popular shows you should be watching. Over the years it has blessed ardent TV watchers with some great original series, which if you haven’t watched already, you should definitely consider binging on. Here are some must-watch shows to get you started—a mix of the current and the old.


Set in the rolling foothills of the Rockies, this family drama shows you life on the ranch. Trying to run the ranch that has been in the family for generations, Amy Fleming, her Grandfather Jack, and Sister Lou are having a tough time at it all, but they stick together through the thick and thin and even if troubles pile on, they have each other to depend on. What’s more, it features horses. Heartland is a special kind of ranch where sick and neglected horses rest and recover. Amy is especially skilled in caring for the horses and helps them find new homes.

The show has a huge fan following and was renewed for the fourteenth season in 2020. A great show through and through that you will fall in love with.

800 Words

Another great comedy-drama, this series revolves around a grieving husband who buys a new home in New Zealand over the internet. He looks upon the seaside town of Weld as a place of comfort and solace, because he has fond memories of the landscape from the time when his parents took him there as a child. Now, he must break the news to his teenagers, Shay and Arlo, and get them moving with him. Leaving all they’ve known and dealing with the loss of their mother, the children have a hard time—whether they grow closer as a family through these trying times or move further apart, you’ll only know if you watch.


Bringing a new life into this world is not all roses. This rollercoaster ride has quite a few ups and downs, but with the right support from people you love, it is the most exciting journey to experience. Expecting does a great job in removing the blinds and filters, allowing us to experience emotions in the rawest form, and deep intimacy. Reality TV at its finest—you get a glimpse into the chaos that parents feel as they try to get ready for the new chapter of their lives.

Gilmore Girls

This comedy-drama has a huge fan following. The story revolves around a single mother and her teenage daughter as they struggle to manage their strained relationship. Covering various themes from romance and friendship to family and social class, it offers a nuanced take on these aspects of life experience. Lauren Graham, who plays Lorelai Gilmore, and Alexis Bledel playing Rory Gilmore, really bring the characters to life—making them more engaging and relatable. There’s no way you won’t connect with the two. What’s more, it has been termed by Time Magazine as one of the 100 greatest TV shows of all time, making it a must-watch for all.

Little House: New Beginnings

It started off as the Little House on the Prairie, based on the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Set in 19th century Midwest, it followed the life and adventures of the Ingalls family and had a good run.

Later, it was retooled, signaling a change in cast and direction. Michael Landon stopped acting on the show and instead stayed on as an executive producer. He sometimes also wrote and directed the series and with him in the mix, the storyline transformed. The focus moved on to Laura and Almanzo and we were introduced to more characters. A great binge option, this show went on to live in movie format before it ended.

The Librarians

Built above the centuries-old headquarter of academics and adventurers, who study the bizarre and have a penchant for collecting dangerous artifacts, the world-famous Metropolitan Library is no ordinary building. And Flynn Carsen is not your usual librarian. Fighting the magical, he is committed to saving the world from threats. Join him on his journey and watch him neutralize threats to ensure the world stays safe.

Final Words

UPtv offers wholesome entertainment for the entire family. Its humor is sure to appeal to audiences of all ages, and the storylines are designed to get all family members engaged and interested. A cable TV connection without UPtv in its lineup can guarantee some great Holiday moments and memories.    

Spectrum cable TV offers affordable plans—with a lineup subscribers come to appreciate. So give it a try in case you’re not already set to enjoy UPtv and more with Spectrum. And if you want more details on a subscription, call Spectrum Sales Support at 1-855-423-0918, and get some pro advice. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does UPtv have an app?

Yes, UPtv has its own app My UPtv Movies, as well as the UP Faith & Family app. But, you must have a monthly subscription to be able to access UPtv content.   

Is UPtv a Hallmark channel?

No. UPtv is owned by InterMedia Partners. Hallmark Channel is a competitor family channel. 

Can you stream UPtv?

UPtv has its own apps so you can stream UPtv content whenever you want if you’re subscribed to their service.