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The frequent changes in the digital landscape have brought an array of streaming platforms to the table. These platforms have successfully managed to simplify entertainment. However, TV still remains one of the top choices for entertainment in an average American household.

There’s no denying the fact that TV entertainment rejuvenates our minds to help us get going with our everyday routine. With that said, it’s beyond impossible to access TV without a reliable cable connection. All you need is a provider like Optimum to get past a boring day and enjoy fun-fueled entertainment. With Optimum TV, you are in for quite the ride with the highly sought-after channel lineup for TV enthusiasts.

One of the popular and readily available networks on Optimum is TV One. If you happen to be an existing subscriber of Optimum and a huge fan of diverse and culturally significant programming, you may find yourself wondering where to find TV One on Optimum. If that is the case, you have landed on the right page.

This detailed guide will help you locate the TV One channel number on Optimum, while also explaining how you can capitalize on your Optimum TV service features. Before finding the channel number, let us give you a quick overview of TV One. So, let’s get started!

TV One – A Brief Overview

TV One is one of the renowned cable TV networks in the U.S., owned by Urban One. The network was launched on Jan 19, 2004, and its aim was to provide programming with a particular focus on African-American viewers. A prominent African American, named Cathy Hughes, founded the network to showcase a variety of movies, documentaries, and shows that revolve around the culture, lifestyle, and history of African Americans.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that TV One is a highly watched channel among the African-American community. The network does not only deliver relevant and engaging content but it has also proven to be a great source of information and entertainment for its target audience. Its compelling dramas and thought-provoking documentaries aim to foster much-needed awareness along with voicing African-American concerns. The best part is, the network promotes diversity and inclusion in the media landscape.

All in all, TV One has managed to become a trusted source in the provision of documentaries, educational content, news, and a wide range of culturally relevant programming.

TV One on Optimum – Bringing Unmatched Entertainment Experience to Your Home Screen

Optimum TV comes with three different TV tiers, namely Core TV, Select TV, and Premerie TV. These packages include hundreds of popular networks offering a variety of intense and thrilling programs for viewers. The variety of channels in the Optimum TV channel lineup ensures unmatched entertainment that would keep everyone in the house hooked to their screens.

As Optimum TV packages are curated with great attention, they cater to the varying entertainment needs of its subscribers. From popular household names like ABC, ESPN, Disney, NBC, Fox, Nickelodeon, and many more to local broadcasting channels, Optimum TV tiers include it all! Let’s take a look at what Optimum TV plans have in store for you!

TV Plans Max No of Channels Pricing*
Core TV 220+ channels $105.00/mo.
Select TV 340+ channels $130.00/mo.
Premier TV 420+ channels $155.00/mo.

*Pricing may vary across locations.

Data effective as of published date. For the latest plans and pricing, contact Optimum customer service at 844-520-8978.

If you are interested in watching TV One, the best way to access the network is to subscribe to Optimum TV. You can either opt for Select TV or Premier TV to enjoy TV One as part of your subscription.

However, merely subscribing to a standalone Optimum TV plan may get a bit heavier on your pocket. To get the best bang for your buck, include Optimum Internet in your subscription. You can get Optimum Select TV + 300 Mbps Internet for just $145/mo. for 12 months with autopay. The Optimum bundle deals are just amazing!

What Channel Is TV One on Optimum?

Now that you know how to include TV One in your Optimum TV subscription, the next thing you need is to find the channel number for TV One on Optimum. As Optimum offers up to 420+ channels, you may end up getting stuck in the endless loop of flipping through the channels. Understandably, locating your preferred channel is a hassle in itself, especially when you don’t want to miss out on the latest episode of your favorite series.

Before you look for the channel number, what you need to know is that the channel number of TV One may vary from location to location, and in some locations you may not be able to access the channel.

So, let’s take a quick look at TV One channel number on Optimum in different areas:

What Channel Is TV One on Optimum Connecticut?

City Channel Number
New Haven 178
Norwalk 178
Litchfield 178
Bridgeport 178

What Channel Is TV One on Optimum Long Island (West)?

City Channel Number
Islip / Woodbury 178
Great Neck 178
Lynbrook 178

What Channel Is TV One on Optimum Long Island (East)?

City Channel Number
East Hampton / Riverhead 178
Hauppauge 178
Brookhaven 178

What Channel Is TV One on Optimum NJ (Central)?

City Channel Number
Newark 178
Bayonne 178
Elizabeth 178
Bergen/Cresskill 178
Morris County 178
Hudson 178

What Channel Is TV One on Optimum NJ (South)?

City Channel Number
Hamilton (NY DMA) 178
Raritan Valley 178
Wall 178
Hamilton (Philly DMA) 178
Freehold / Lakewood / Jackson / Millstone 178
Seaside 178

What Channel Is TV One on Optimum NJ (North)?

City Channel Number
Oakland 178
Warren / Sussex County (Sparta) Channel Unavailable
Rockland 178
Matamoras 178
Ramapo 178
Paterson 178

What Channel Is TV One on Optimum New York City?

City Channel Number
Brooklyn 178
Bronx 178

What Channel Is TV One on Optimum NC?

City Channel Number
West Jefferson Channel Unavailable
Hendersonville Channel Unavailable

What Channel Is TV One on Optimum Westchester?

City Channel Number
Yorktown / Cross River 178
Dutchess 178
Warwick 178
Yonkers 178
Wappingers Falls 178
Port Chester / Harrison 178
Ossining 178
Ossining / Rockland County 178
Southern Westchester 178
Matamoras 178
Eastchester / Bronxville / Tuckahoe 178

Wrapping It All Up

TV One offers engaging yet informative content that celebrates the African-American community and entertainment. This network is a great way to stay updated with content related to Black American history and its rich culture. However, if you are wondering how to access the channel via Optimum TV, then know that you need to subscribe to Select TV or Premier TV to be able to enjoy the content that would keep you hooked for hours.

Finding TV One on Optimum is arguably a straightforward process when you have the right resources. Whether you refer to your Optimum TV guide on the screen, Optimum's official website, or the Optimum customer service, you'll instantly locate the channel number for TV One on Optimum in your address. Once you've found the channel number, you can enjoy the wide range of programming that TV One has to offer. So, grab your remote, tune into TV One, and brace yourself for unlimited entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Channel Is TV One on Optimum in New York?

Tune into channel 178 on Optimum TV in New York.

Which Optimum TV packages offer TV One?

You can access TV One on Optimum by subscribing to either Select TV or Premier TV. For more information, contact Optimum customer service at 844-520-8978.

What Channel Is Telemundo on Optimum?

Telemundo is on channel number 16/1007 on Optimum.

What Channel Is Paramount Network On Optimum?

You can access Paramount Network on channel number 41 or 56 on Optimum TV, depending on your location.

What Channel is Fox News Channel on Optimum?

Fox News Channel is on channel number 26 or 67 on Optimum, depending on your location

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