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For conservative Christian families seeking good entertainment, there aren’t many options available. The content in mainstream shows and movies often doesn’t align with the values they cherish and leave them wanting for more. And, while one could do without TV a few years ago, this is not the case anymore.

Television helps bring families and communities together by sharing stories they can relate to which in turn also end up teaching one about their culture and heritage. Given its importance, having a channel dedicated to faith is essential. If you’re looking for one, then be sure to get TBN in your channel lineup.

TBN, or the Trinity Broadcasting Network, was founded in 1973 and since then has been providing faith-based shows and films. Sought after by religious people, it is a popular channel often in demand and one Spectrum TV makes sure to include in its cable TV plans. So, if you wish to get unlimited access to what TBN has to offer, you should get Spectrum cable TV. The only problem you’ll have to face is finding it channel number, but worry not, that’s why we’re here right? Keep reading, and you’ll get all you need to know.

About TBN

TBN is the world’s largest religious cable network. It airs programs hosted by a diverse group of ministries, including the traditional Protestant and Catholic denomination, as well as Evangelical. You’ll even find Jewish and Messianic personalities along with non-profit organizations hosting their shows. Known for its original programming, TBN also offers its viewers faith-based films acquired from various distributors. The thing they pride themselves most over though is the six broadcasting networks that they own: Hillsong Channel, Smile, Enlace TBN USA, TBN Salsa, and Positiv. With so many channels under its wing, you can bet they have quality content lined up for you.

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Which Spectrum Cable Packages Offer TBN?

Spectrum cable is committed to giving you the best, which is why it ensures that you get all the popular channels in your lineup. Given the high demand for TBN, it is sure to be included in all Spectrum cable packages. So, whether you’re subscribed to Spectrum’s budget-friendly option Spectrum Select Signature, which costs $64.99/mo. or the higher tier, Spectrum TV Select Signature costs $74.99/mo. Availability does vary by location, so that is something to look out for.

TBN Channel Numbers on Spectrum

While Spectrum TV tries to make the user experience as seamless as possible, with so many new things to get used to, a new user can understandably find themselves lost. Spectrum channel numbers vary from one are to another. This often causes confusion for new subscribers.

However, Spectrum solves this problem by providing an extremely user-friendly on-screen TV guide that is rich with helpful features. From search filters to channel categories to personalized lists, the on-screen guide will prove to be quite handy. 

Other than the guide, you can also reach out to a Spectrum representative at 855-423-0918 to find more clarity! 

Popular TBN Shows to Watch

If you’re new and wondering which shows to start with, here are the most popular ones for you to watch first. Their engaging storylines and relatable characters will have you hooked in no time. What’s more, you’ll find yourself emulating their behaviors and becoming a good Christian. So, let’s explore some:

Better Together

A good conversation goes a long way in helping us think, reflect, and ultimately do better, which is why this show is a must-watch. Made by women for women, this series features host Laurie Crouch and friends who sit down to talk about faith, family, friends, and other relevant issues important to women. In these discussions, no subject is off-limits, so you get to hear about a wide variety of topics, which is great. Focused on building a strong community of women, this show features women lifting one another through love and encouragement. This series will get you the daily dose of positivity you need. 

Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life

There is a lot you can learn from a good teacher, and hence hearing from Joyce Meyer is definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss. Founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries, a renowned international speaker and New York Times bestselling author, this bible teacher has quite a few accolades to her name. Helping you understand the holy principles, embrace all that God has given us and practice gratitude, she guides people on how to enjoy everyday life with Christianity.

Living Proof with Beth Moore

It is only by understanding the word of God that one can become a good Christian, and so a show dedicated to exploring the scripture is a welcome addition to the programming. In Living Proof with Beth Moore, the host encourages us to use the Bible to learn about Jesus Christ and love him.

End of the Age with Irvin Baxter

Armageddon and the final days have caught the imagination of many, prompting a ton of shows and movies to be made depicting the events. While they may be intriguing to watch, they don’t always showcase the biblical understanding of it. With Irvin Baxter though, you can learn about prophecies pertaining to the event and their interpretations. By contextualizing them in the world we live in now, he offers a unique understanding of the end of times.


Seeing our favorite celebrities and performers talk about religion and their struggles makes for an interesting watch. There’s much you can learn from others experiences and when it’s someone you look up to that is sharing their thoughts it makes it all the more interesting. It’s no wonder then that Praise is the most-watched show on the channel. What’s more, you get to hear beautiful Christian music, thanks to the various choirs and contemporary Christian artists that make an appearance on each episode.

The Eric Metaxas Radio Show

TBN makes it a point to provide a platform only to well-read experts, which is why it’s that New York Times bestseller and author of three biographies, Eric Metaxas has a radio show on the network. The 30-minute weekly show discusses international stories, local events, American culture, and more. The host also

Final Thoughts

One can’t deny that TBN is a must for every household. The carefully curated content it has developed helps you learn about your religion and lead a more spiritual life. What’s more, the family-friendly shows featured on the network make for quality bonding time so you know it is time well-spent.

So, there you go, with the detailed table above you’ll be able to find the channel number for TBN in no time. Pretty easy, right? Well, if you’re still having trouble, be sure to give Spectrum customer service a call, and they’ll connect you to a trained representative who can guide you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Spectrum TV Select channel lineup include TBN?

Yes, Spectrum offers TBN in all three of its plans. So if you’re subscribed to Spectrum TV Select Signature you can access TBN programming with ease.

What Channel Number is TBN in New York?

The channel number for TBN on Spectrum in New York City is 98.

What Channel Number is TBN in Los Angeles?

The channel number for TBN on Spectrum in Los Angeles is 17.

How do I watch TBN?

For those subscribed to Spectrum TV, watching TBN is no trouble at all since the lineup for each of their plans includes TBN. No matter what Spectrum TV plan you get you’ll have access to TBN at all times.