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The Spanish language has earned the title of the most common non-English language spoken in the US. With nearly 13% of the population speaking Spanish at home, America takes pride in being the 2nd largest population of Spanish speakers in the world.

With such convincing data about the number of Spanish-speaking people in the U.S., it is no wonder the TV entertainment industry has continued to come up with networks aimed at satisfying the needs and wants of the Spanish-speaking Americans.

And, if you are a potential Optimum cable TV subscriber, rest assured all your Spanish TV entertainment needs will stand fulfilled under one roof. Enjoy the best in Spanish TV entertainment from the U.S., Spain, Latin America, and the Caribbean including Antena 3, Estrella, and Univisión tlnovelas on Optimum TV.

Optimum Spanish Channels

Optimum is committed to delivering the highest quality entertainment experience possible to meet the programming needs of its diverse U.S. customer base. Read on as we unveil the 50 most sought-after Optimum channels for Spanish users along with channel numbers and a programming brief.

Optimum Spanish Channel Optimum Spanish Channel # Programming Highlights
Estrella TV 1010 Entertainment series, drama series, reality television series, sports, news, and Mexican-produced feature films
HITN 1011 Educational and cultural programming
CNN en Español 1012 Live news events coverage and Mexican programming
Discovery en Español 1013 Reality television series and family documentaries
CanalAmerica 1014 Live musical events, variety shows, comedies, and the latest news programming
Nat Geo Mundo 1016 Documentaries involving science, nature, history, and culture plus some pseudo-scientific and reality programming
History en Español 1017 Original programming focused on Latin American and world history
Discovery Familia 1018 Family-oriented adult programming, preschool-intended programming, and programming for kids
Tarima 1019 Covers the finest variety of Latino music concerts
Ve Plus 1020 Talk shows, variety shows, and soap operas
NTN24 1021 Quality Hispanic news and shows with a focus on politics, economics, culture, and entertainment
FOROtv 1022 Regional news, and sports programming covering NBA, MLB, Formula 1, NHL, NASCAR, and Sunday afternoon NFL games.
Supercanal Caribe 1023 News and sports programming
Telemicro International 1024 100% Dominican news, sports, variety shows, political coverage, talk shows, and soap operas
Dominican View 1025 News, sports, and special events
WAPA America 1026 Highly rated news and entertainment along with a variety of comedy, kids and sports programming
Cuba Play 1028 Top Cuban and Spanish-language local news, telenovelas, shows, movies, music, and documentaries
Televisión Dominicana 1029 News, entertainment, and in-demand sports
Centroaméricatv 1030 A variety of programming including live newscasts, morning shows and other programs with a focus on El Salvador
Ecuavisa Internacional 1031 Educational programs, soap operas, and family entertainment
TV Chile 1032 Music, variety shows, and programs focused on news, comedy, and tourism
Nuestra Tele 1033 Live shows and events, news bulletins, and soccer games
Caracol TV Internacional 1034 Old Caracol TV series, telenovelas, and entertainment shows
SUR Perú 1039 Peruvian programming including general entertainment and sports
TeleFórmula 1041 Telenovelas, comedies, sports news, series, soap operas, entertainment programs, news bulletins, teen and children's series.
Canal Sur 1042 Latin American’s favorite news and high-quality entertainment programming
Azteca America 1047 Reality, variety, and drama series along with telenovelas and news programming
TeleXitos 1048 Action and adventure movies and TV series from the 1970s to 2000s
Kids Street (SAP) 1049 Entertainment and learning programs for 3 to 7 years old
STARZENCORE Español 359/1056 Best Hollywood movies and Spanish language series and films
Cine Mexicano 1057 Commercial-free contemporary Mexican movies including drama, action, comedy, thrillers, and rancheras
Cine Latino 1058 Blockbusters and critically acclaimed Hispanic movies from Latin America, Mexico, and Spain
Viendo Movies 1059 Exclusive movies from Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico
TUDN 229/1065 Major soccer events in the Americas, including the Copa América, and CONCACAF’s Champion League and Gold Cup events
ESPN Deportes 227/1066 Diverse sports events including MLB, NFL, NBA, and studio programs in Spanish
FOX Deportes 228/1067 Diverse programming including NFL pre and post-season games, MLB regular-season, and college football and soccer
GOL TV 233/1068 Dedicated soccer programming
beIN Sports en Español 230/1070 Major association football tournaments like La Liga and Copa Sudamericana
MTV Tr3s 195/1073 Music video programs
Universo 1074 Sports, music programming, scripted and reality series
Hola TV 1081 Lifestyle and celebrity oriented shows
Cartoon Network (SAP) 1082 Kids programming with focus on animated television series
Disney XD (SAP) 1084 Live-action and animated programs
RCN Telenovelas 1085 Hispanic telenovelas and soap operas
Videorola 1086 Regional Mexican music transmission including live programs, premiere videos, and exclusive live musicals
Pasiones 1090 Spanish-language and dubbed series and telenovelas
Univisión tlnovelas 1091 Telenovelas
Atreseries 1092 Catalog of Spanish series produced by Atresmedia
MÁS CHIC 1093 With focus on programming for the modern Latin American women, housewives and others who delve into the fields of art, décor, and cooking
INTI Network 1094 Friendly programming in harmony with nature
TV Quisqueya 1096 Diverse programming including talk shows, cooking and music segments, news, variety shows and sports
EWTN Español 1097 Catholic religious programming

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Stay better connected to your Hispanic culture and heritage with Optimum services.

For information regarding offer availability and the Optimum channel lineup in your neighborhood, call at the Optimum phone number i.e. 1-844-520-8978 or Telefono de numero de Optimum i.e. 1-844-527-5633. Experts at Optimum Customer Support or Servicio al Cliente de Optimum will provide you the necessary assistance so you are able to make the most out of your Optimum cable TV subscription.



1.     What does Optimum en Español include?

Optimum en Español includes 50 Spanish-language channels including Discovery en Español, Cine Latino, STARZENCORE Español, and Univisión tlnovelas.  

2.     What is the Optimum Core TV package?

Optimum Core TV package offers 220 channels including Disney, ESPN, Lifetime, FOX News and HGTV for $79.99/month when you subscribe to the standalone Optimum Cable TV service.

3.     Does Optimum Cable have music channels?

The Optimum Channel lineup includes quite a variety of music channels. Not only do you get access to nearly 50 Stingray Music channels, but the new Stingray Music and Music Videos TV apps via Altice One. Optimum allows its subscribers access to 25,000 free music videos and additional 2,000 ad-free music channels via these TV apps.