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The internet has certainly become an unavoidable part of our day to day life. Playing a vital role in improving the overall quality of life, a reliable connection is not only an essential “work and learn” tool, but increasingly in-demand for mundane daily chores and fun activities. Thanks to the internet information supporting personal and professional growth has become so much more accessible.

From business owners who need a reliable internet service to facilitate a hassle-free customer experience, to remote workers who need a broadband service they can count on to remain optimally productive. It is imperative to subscribe to a high-speed internet service that delivers consistently. That is why when you relocate to a new address, finding the right new ISP becomes a top priority. 

In Indiana however, this task becomes a little easier. You don’t really have to sign up with a provider you do not know about. Rather, where available, it is the safest bet to go with broadband service from Smithville Communications

About Smithville Communications

Smithville is the largest privately owned independent telecom company born, bred and based in Indiana. With a deep commitment to empowering Indiana communities, Smithville has invested time, money and effort into bringing the advantages of the latest technologies to the Hoosiers. Communication and data services from Smithville are available to businesses and homes in about 50 Indiana cities.

What sets Smithville Communications apart from industry giants serving Indiana, is its relationship with the local communities, and its ability to understand peoples’ needs and wants. Essentially a family business, it has grown exponentially from modest beginnings quite without losing sight of the company’s core values, or compromising on customer satisfaction. Having served the Hoosiers for nearly a century, and remaining committed to its “small town roots, big time vision”, today Smithville is a trusted name for the many Indiana homes and businesses it serves. Even if you have moved to Indiana from outside the state, you’ll know you are in good hands.

So, let’s take a look at the 2 types of internet services Smithville offers in Indiana:


Smithville Fiber Internet: For bandwidth-heavy usage

Smithville Fiber coverage has fast spread around Indiana since 2012 when the company first offered its premier business fiber service in Nashville, IN. Having pioneered symmetrical gigabit connectivity via its public-private partnerships in many Indiana cities, Smithville has also accomplished the building of an advanced fiber ring network across Indiana. This will help the provider increase its commercial capacity to more than 100 gigabits.

Besides powering Indiana certified tech parks, hospitals, manufacturers, financial institutions, school systems and other public and private concerns, Smithville Fiber serves the bandwidth-heavy needs of over 60,000 residential consumers. For homes, Smithville fiber internet connections deliver up to 1 Gbps symmetrical speeds. Which can easily support a large household with multiple users and devices, engaged in bandwidth-extensive online activities.

The cutting-edge connectivity makes it possible to download and upload files near instantly. Your Zoom meetings go uninterrupted without connection drops. And, your entertainment streams without the buffering loop. Kids cannot complain about having lost a chunk of their online class. And, you won’t need to feel sorry for a task that could not be delivered to the boss on time.

Here are some other benefits of subscribing to the Smithville Fiber service:

Smithville Fiber

$49.99/mo. for 12 months
Regular rate: $67/mo.

·        Get 1 Gig uploads & downloads

·        Connect 10+ devices at once

·        Work from home with no lag, and let the rest of the family do their thing!

·        You can run your entire smart home security system on an ultra-fast reliable connection

Smithville Copper Internet: For light to moderate usage

Not all homes need ultra-fast internet or symmetrical speeds. For smaller households, where usage is more so in the range of light to moderate, a Gigabit service can be an over-kill. That is why where Smithville Fiber has not yet reached, the gap is adequately filled in with reliable Smithville Copper Internet.

If you are a smaller family with standard usage, Smithville Internet delivered over a Copper network, can do the job for you at an affordable rate. And, with Smithville’s expertise at copper line communication networks, you can count on the consistency of the service. The speed may not be a match to the much higher Smithville Fiber speeds, but 50 Mbps is pretty reasonable for 3-4 users who do not connect at once for bandwidth extensive activities. Browsing, email downloads, SD video calls, Zoom meetings, HD video streaming, virtual learning. All of that is supported, albeit for a more limited number of users/devices. Without a data cap, that is a pretty good bargain.

Smithville Internet

$39.99/mo. for 12 months
Regular rate: $45/mo.

·        Up to 50 Mbps downloads

·        Connect 3-4 devices for standard activities

·        Supports basic virtual learning & work from home needs, emailing, browsing, streaming etc.    

·        An ideal affordable choice for a smaller family

Where is Smithville Internet available in Indiana?

The Smithville Internet service is available in 80+ ZIP codes across 50 Indiana cities. The company delivers residential services over a copper line network, and its high-speed DSL service covers about 30,000 Hoosiers. But over the past decade, Smithville has committedly worked to replace copper wiring in its network, and Fiber-to-the-home connections are now available to an estimated 63,000 Indiana residents. 

Here is a list of cities where the Smithville Internet service is available to Indiana.  

·        Bloomfield         

·        Bedford

·        Bloomington

·        Crane

·        Ellettsville           

·        French Lick

·        Goldsmith

·        Gosport

·        Griffin   

·        Hymera

·        Harrodsburg

·        Heltonville

·        Jasonville

·        Jamestown

·        Jasper

·        Kokomo

·        Linton

·        Lyons

·        Lizton   

·        Mitchell

·        Nashville

·        Newberry

·        North Salem

·        New Harmony

·        Norman

·        Owensville

·        Orleans

·        Owensburg

·        Paragon

·        Paoli

·        Poseyville

·        Quincy

·        Solsberry

·        Sharpsville

·        Shelburn

·        Shoals

·        Spencer

·        Springville

·        Switz City

·        Smithville

·        Scotland

·        Sullivan

·        Windfall

·        Stinesville

·        Sandborn

·        Tipton

·        West Baden Springs

Take-home message

Before you sign up for any internet plan, it is essential to make sure you’ve gauged your consumption of the internet. This way you can better compare the options available in your area with what Smithville has to offer at your address. And evaluate what matches your needs the best. Also be mindful of how the type of service factors into your usage level.

If you require pro advice and more details about Smithville Internet offer availability at your address, call at 1-844-343-1144. Smithville Customer Service representatives are available 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum download speed of Smithville Fiber?

The maximum download speed of Smithville Fiber is 1000 Mbps. You enjoy symmetrical uploads. And there is no data cap. For more details call at 1-844-343-1144.

What is the maximum upload speed of Smithville Fiber?

The maximum upload speed of Smithville Fiber is 1000 Mbps. You enjoy symmetrical downloads. And there is no data cap. For more details call at 1-844-343-1144.

What is the maximum download speed of Smithville Copper?

The maximum download speed of Smithville Copper is 50 Mbps, which is adequate for standard internet usage in a smaller family.