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Your relationship with your internet connection is one of those delicate things that is very easy to mess up. No one likes a slow internet connection during any part of the day, whether you are working from home, taking online college courses, or teaching online. It is even more frustrating at nighttime when you are trying to game or stream your favorite movie after a long and tiring day.  

Quite a few problems may be causing your network to lag and slow down. It may be due to strangers freeloading on your data caps or general network congestion. However, whatever the case might be, it does little to alleviate your problems. Let us then discuss the problems that may be causing your internet to slow down and what you can do to fix it. 

Diagnosing the Problem: Slow Internet at Night

A bad connection of your internet can present in quite a few ways. Your connection may time out, and your movie can buffer at a speed that makes you want to cry. Is there an internet outage in your area? Perhaps your internet speed package is not cutting it with the basic package. Either way, your nighttime slow internet connection may be a part of a bigger problem.  

So, what is causing your internet connection to seize up like a deer in headlights? What is the main reason that your internet slows down to a snail's pace at night? It may not seem like it, but this problem is much more common than you realize. 

Network congestion is the most common reason for slow internet connections at night. Many people come online after work hours and try to relax with a movie or a game. This is known as the internet rush hour or peak hour and is typically between 7 PM to 12 PM each night.  

The result is network congestion that slows down the internet speed for all the devices connected to it at the time. This happens because each internet network has a limited amount of bandwidth that it can support. When a lot of users try to access the internet at the same time, it causes network choking and leads to slow internet speeds, buffering issues, and connection time-outs. 

Reasons for Network Congestion

Most internet activities like streaming Netflix or Hulu, gaming, or using social media require a high-speed internet connection. And if a lot of people are using the internet at once, it may exhaust the bandwidth and a slow internet connection. You are particularly susceptible to decreasing internet speed during peak hours if:

  1. You have a big household with multiple connections to the internet 
  2. Your neighborhood is densely populated with a lot of homes and many internet users
  3. You share the same ISP with other people in your street
  4. You have satellite internet with exacting data policies
  5. You have a cable internet service with a basic plan that contributes to slow speed 
  6. You are suffering from multiple freeloaders swinging on your internet connection


Slow Internet Troubleshooting  

You cannot really control the number of people using the internet network when you do. However, what you can do is try these little tips and tricks that might just help restore your internet connection to its original speed. 

  1. Reconsider Your Router or Modem Location

Sometimes the reason why your internet is lagging is that your router is at the other end of your house. It can be quite disconcerting to have your webpage not load at all after repeated trying. 

If that is the case, consider relocating your internet devices to a more central position within your home. The living room or the den works perfectly great since it forms the center of your house. You can always keep the router or modem high up so it won't really be visible. If you want a modern, beautiful device that goes with the aura of your living room and use Xfinity internet, you might consider getting an Xfinity xFi Gateway modem-cum-router that is both sleek and elegant.

  1. Disconnect Idle Devices

As you connect more and more devices to your internet connection you run the risk of steadily increasing bandwidth usage and hence overburdening your internet connection. If your internet connection is slowing down it would be of value to look for devices that are not being used. For example, your child’s tablet or your work phone during off-hours. 

Disconnect the internet on any excess devices that are not directly being used. Your internet connection will finally be able to breathe and you will too!

  1. A Strong Internet Password Is Very Important

It may seem repetitive at this point but make sure you are not exhausting your bandwidth and data caps because your neighbors are constantly connected. Make sure your internet Wi-Fi network has a strong undefeated password and change it often. Nobody likes to have slow speeds when they are paying for a high-end connection and yet not getting to relish it.

That being said, it is difficult to know what devices are already connected to your network. You either update your password, which would disconnect unwanted devices. Or if you use Xfinity Internet, you can log onto the application and see what devices are connected to your home network and kick out the unwanted guests!

  1. Wi-Fi Extenders Are a Good Investment  

One reason why your internet is suffering from slow speeds may be because your house is too big to receive equal bandwidth in all parts. This is often the case with people who live in large houses rather than studio apartments. Under such circumstances, we suggest changing the place of the modem and router to a more central area of your house. You can also try getting a bigger range router so it covers all the rooms in your house. 

If you have just bought a router and are not interested in getting a new one, you can always get Wi-Fi extenders. If you use Xfinity internet you can get the xFi pods around the house to strengthen your signal. Similarly, if you have access to Spectrum internet you can get the NETGEAR Wi-Fi Extender EX8000 instead or something along those lines. You will find that the extender works seamlessly to increase Wi-Fi coverage within your house, no matter where ever the origin router is placed.

Although these extenders do come at somewhat of a hefty price tag, they are worth the investment. You will never have to worry about a slow internet connection just because you are sitting in a comfortable place in the corner room of your house. 

  1. Upgrade Your Internet Plan

It is entirely possible that the speed you have subscribed to is not enough for your household needs. Maybe the data caps are getting in the way of letting you appreciate the full experience of a good internet connection. There could be just too many reasons of the kind. 

If you are repeatedly facing slow internet and not just at nighttime, it may be because your internet plan speed is too slow. It may just be time to consider upgrading your internet plan.

If you’re not sure what exactly to choose, you can browse for internet plans in your area by entering your zip code in the BuyTVInternetPhone zip tool or calling 855-349-9328. From cable internet services like Xfinity internet and Spectrum internet to 100% fiber internet providers like AT&T and MetroNet, you’ll find a host of options at great prices and even tailor them to your preferences.


A slow internet connection is the bane of your existence and we understand that. A connection that lags at nighttime when you are trying to relax with a good movie is the worst. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can do to increase your internet speed. If nothing else seems to work, it may be time to upgrade your internet package.


  1. Why do ISPs throttle internet speeds?

ISPs often throttle internet speeds during peak hours so that everyone can get a little bit, if not a lot of internets.

It is also an effective way of reducing internet consumption for a subscriber who is close to reaching his data caps. Rather than cut off the internet completely, the ISPs would reduce the speed so a subscriber does not go over his data cap. 

  1. Does WOW! Does the Internet have data caps?

Currently, WOW! internet has multiple plans both with and without data caps. If you have increased internet use and are looking for a data cap-free connection, you might want to check out WOW internet bundles.

  1. Does Xfinity internet provide unlimited data?

Xfinity internet plans come with a data cap of 1.2TB, which is almost impossible to cross in a month. So, it can be said the Xfinity internet does provide you with almost unlimited data. 

  1. What does Spectrum charge for the internet alone?

Spectrum Internet packages alone start at $49.99/month for the first 12 months with auto pay. You can get more information on Spectrum internet here.