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Whether you're moving and need to find a new internet, TV, and/or home phone provider in your area or are considering switching your current provider, you'll want to find a suitable bundle deal for your home.

Well, great bundle deals are hard to find, but you may want to consider Optimum bundles. Optimum offers almost everything you could wish for—competitively priced packages, fast speeds, no contracts, no hidden fees, unlimited data, and no credit checks, plus free installation till June 30th!

So, which Optimum bundle is right for you? Let’s find out!

Optimum Bundles

With Optimum bundles, you can pair any Optimum internet speed tier with the Optimum TV plan of your choice and enjoy a complete in-home connectivity and entertainment experience. And if you wish to have a complete service suite under one roof, Optimum also lets you add its home phone to your package for just $20 per month. Perhaps the best part is all Optimum packages are competitively priced.

At the core of each bundle is Optimum Internet. For starters, consider what internet bundle works for you. Once you have decided on which internet speed is the right one for you, pick and choose between their other services. With the Optimum FlexAbility feature, you get the freedom to pick and build your preferred Optimum services. Customize your plan the way you want and enjoy the best value for your money.

Optimum Price and Packages

Here, take a look at the most popular Optimum bundles:

Optimum Package Internet (Max. Download Speed) TV Promo Price Add Home Phone
Internet 300 Mbps & TV 300 Mbps
Core w/ 200+ channels $125/mo.
For 12 months plus taxes w/ autopay & paperless bill
Select w/ 290+ channels $145/mo. For 12 months plus taxes w/ autopay & paperless bill
Premier w/ 340+ channels $165/mo. For 12 months plus taxes w/ autopay & paperless bill
Internet 500 Mbps & TV 500 Mbps
Core w/ 200+ channels $145/mo. For 12 months plus taxes w/ autopay & paperless bill $20/mo.
Select w/ 290+ channels $165/mo. For 12 months plus taxes w/ autopay & paperless bill
Premier w/ 340+ channels $185/mo. For 12 months plus taxes w/ autopay & paperless bill
Internet 1 Gig & TV 940 Mbps
Core w/ 200+ channels $165/mo. For 12 months plus taxes w/ autopay & paperless bill $20/mo.
Select w/ 290+ channels $185/mo. For 12 months plus taxes w/ autopay & paperless bill
Premier w/ 340+ channels $205/mo. For 12 months plus taxes w/ autopay & paperless bill

Data effective as of publish date. For the latest plans and prices, please call 844-520-8978.

Optimum Bundles: Key Features

One might wonder, what makes Optimum Internet so special? Why should you pick it over any other ISP? Well, here is a list of reasons why you should opt for Optimum:

Fast & Reliable Internet

Optimum Internet is one of the best as it delivers an optimal connection over a Fiber-powered network with 99.9% reliability. With such fast and consistent speeds, you can work from home easily and even indulge in an immersive gaming experience.

Attractive Pricing

A quick look at the different Optimum packages will show you that you get immense value in each one. No matter which one you choose, there is a lot to work with. There are also no hidden fees or equipment rental charges. Moreover, there are no contracts so you aren’t bound to a binding deal. This makes it incredibly value-for-money.

Contract Buy-Out

If your current ISP is making it difficult to let go, Optimum will offer up to $100 in bill credit upon qualification. This allows you to pay for any cancellation fee that might be holding you back from letting your old ISP go.

Money Back Guarantee

When subscribing to an Optimum bundle, you get a 30-day guarantee. If you don’t like the service in the first 30 days, you can get your money back. This shows how much confidence Optimum has in its services.

On-the-Go Hotspots

With more than 2 million Wi-Fi access points, you remain connected to high-speed internet on the go. So, you don’t need to worry about not having internet when you’re away from home!

Optimum Bundles: Additional Fees & Charges

Once you’ve managed to find a bundle that works for you and you sign up for an Optimum internet plan, it is important to talk about equipment. The good news is Optimum doesn’t charge its customers for equipment. When you sign up for Optimum, you choose between a cable or fiber internet connection. Depending on this, Optimum offers you different types of equipment. If you opt for an Optimum fiber plan, you can also get a WiFi 6 router for exceptional internet service.

If you have your equipment, that is also perfectly fine for this. Optimum allows its customers to use its services with their equipment granted that the equipment is compatible. The only caveat is that you don’t have access to technical support and any service upgrades. If something malfunctions, you are liable for any diagnostics or repairs.

Optimum does charge a one-time standard installation fee of $99 when you get a connection. But you can avoid this fee by ordering your Optimum connection online. However, Optimum Premium installation will cost you a one-time charge of $149. This fee covers Wi-Fi configuration of a maximum of 6 devices, including hardwiring of 1 device.

Free Installation till June 30th

Optimum is waiving the installation fee for all its customers till June 30th—a one-time offer.

Optimum Service Availability

At present Optimum offers services in the following 21 states:

Arizona Louisiana North Carolina
Arkansas Mississippi Ohio
California Missouri Oklahoma
Connecticut Nevada Pennsylvania
Idaho New Jersey Texas
Kansas New Mexico Virginia
Kentucky Kentucky West Virginia

For information regarding the provider and offer availability in your neighborhood, call 844-520-8978 and speak to an Optimum Customer Service representative before you place an order.

Optimum Packages – How to Choose the Right One?

Optimum offers a variety of different packages to choose from. To pick the right Optimum service, you must first check the provider’s availability at your address. After that, figure out what exactly you need and what’s on offer. To assist you in this regard, here is a list of the most important factors you need to consider:


The most important thing you need to do is set a budget. How much are you willing to pay for a bundle deal that perfectly meets all your needs? Keep in mind that just because Optimum combines and sells two services together, it doesn’t mean the bundle deal with be priced at a lower rate.


Analyzing the features of Optimum packages is essential. Compare the prices and features of different Optimum bundles to find the one that offers the best value for money while fulfilling your needs at the same time. Call Optimum Customer Service at 844-520-8978 to learn about the latest promotions and special offers.

Internet Speed

To finalize a plan for your home, it is important to check and decide on the internet speed. Determine the bandwidth you want based on your lifestyle. Ask yourself what you use the internet for—browsing, working, learning, gaming, streaming, or something else? Count the number of devices that will be connected at the same time. Once you’ve got this information handy, you need to calculate the right internet speed that you need.

Channel lineup

Checking the channel lineup is one of the key factors in choosing the right TV plan. Make sure you access the entire channel lineup of all Optimum TV plans. You can reach out to Optimum Customer Serviceat 844-520-8978 to inquire about the channel lineup in your area.

Pick the Right Bundle Today

If you’ve reached this point, you have learned almost everything necessary to pick the right Optimum bundle for your home. The reliability of the Optimum network and the flair of its offerings make it one of the best options for anyone residing in an Optimum service area.

For existing customers wanting to upgrade or new customers willing to join, what are you waiting for? Call on 844-520-8978 today and join the Optimum family today!