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When subscribing to a cable TV plan, the channel lineup is the top consideration for many. After all, having cable without one’s favorite channels is practically useless no matter how cheap it may be or how many channels the plan may include. If you too count yourself among these souls, then Astound Broadband Powered by RCN TV might just be the service you need.

Astound Broadband Powered by RCN has a knack for knowing what its subscribers really want and this is best reflected in the lineup they offer. With the right balance of news, lifestyle, music, sports, and drama channels, entertainment is guaranteed. The fact that Astound Broadband only operates in six cities makes the selection even better as they offer a highly customized channel lineup as per the preference of locals.

For Chicagoans in search of cable TV, you’re in for a treat. RCN cable TV brings its A-game so you’re really getting the best of the best. Don’t believe us? Well, keep on reading and our RCN Chicago channel guide will have you convinced

Why Choose Astound RCN TV?

Astound Broadband Powered by RCN began its operations in 1993. Offering quality service that one can depend on, it made a name for itself and soon became the trusted provider of many. Today it offers phone, cable TV, and internet services in six localities: Boston, DC Metro, Lehigh Valley, New York, Philadelphia, and of course, Chicago. While finding a provider and committing to one is a tedious task that involves hours of agonizing thought, for those residing in these areas, the answer couldn’t be clearer.

RCN cable offers 100% digital TV over a fiber-optic enhanced network. This means you get a vivid picture, strong signals, and a ton of HD content and channels to watch. Who can say no to that?

What’s more, their TiVo® DVR makes for a viewing experience like no other. The user-friendly menus combined with the Digital TV, On-Demand shows and movies, Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, YouTube, MAX™, SHOWTIME®, TMC®, and more ensure that whatever you want is just a click away. Astound RCN also has its own TV streaming app, Astound TV+, which lets you take your TV with you wherever you go, so you’ll have access to digital entertainment anywhere and all the time.

And, that’s not all. Astound RCN TV plans offer up to 400+ channels across various genres for you to enjoy. With dozens of premium movie channels in your grasp, it’ll be years before you are bored.

The best part though is that, unlike greedy corporations that only want your money, RCN offers you freedom. With RCN there are no contracts binding you. You don’t need to stay with a crappy service in hopes of getting a bargain deal. RCN offers quality service at affordable rates and the ability to switch when things are not up to your satisfaction. That should be enough reasons to ease your mind as you subscribe. Now with that out of the way, it’s time you decide on which plan you should be getting, so here they are.

Astound Broadband Powered by RCN Chicago TV Packages

Astound Broadband Powered by RCN TV offers two main cable TV plans to its subscribers: Basic TV and Preferred TV. While the Basic TV is a bare-bones plan that covers essentials, Preferred TV offers the highest variety of channels.

Apart from these cable TV plans, RCN offers a number of add-on packages that let you customize your channel lineup to your preference. The Premiere Total Pack is the most popular add-on package offered by RCN that gives you access to premiere channels not included in either RCN TV packages. For those that love the high-life, this is a godsend, giving you access to the top most popular channels at a bargain price. Before you decide on which plan you need, here is what each of them has to offer:

RCN TV Packages What’s Included?
Digital Basic TV
  • 70+ local and international channels
  • Popular broadcast TV plus movies, sports & family entertainment channels
  • On-Demand & Music
  • Streaming and voice control with TiVo & more
Preferred TV
  • 250+ local and international channels
  • Popular broadcast TV plus movies, sports & family entertainment channels
  • More choices
  • On-Demand & Music
  • Streaming and voice control with TiVo & more
Premiere TV
  • 399+ local and international channels
  • Popular broadcast TV plus movies, sports & family entertainment channels
  • More sports & movies
  • Specialty channels
  • On-Demand & Music
  • Streaming and voice control with TiVo & more
Note: Please call 844-343-1374 or visit here to learn accurate plan pricing at your location.

RCN Channel Lineup for Chicago – Basic, Preferred & Premiere TV

Below, we have come up with a detailed Astound RCN TV channel lineup for Basic, Preferred and Premiere TV packages, along with various add-ons. This will help you choose the best RCN TV plan as per your preferences, liking, and budget. Let’s take a look!

RCN Digital Basic TV

The RCN Basic TV is the perfect plan for those that indulge in light viewing. Giving you ample news channels to keep updated, it offers a selection of movie channels as well as access to the On-Demand library, ensuring you can binge-watch when you want with ease. RCN channel lineup includes more than 70 channels for a pretty economical price.

Here is a list of all the channels you get to enjoy with the plan.

Channel Number HD Channel Name
2 602 WBBM (CBS)
3 601 HSN
4 604 QVC
5 605 WMAQ (NBC)
6 606 WCIU (CW)
7 607 WLS (ABC)
8 608 WPWR (My 50 Chicago)
9 609 WGN
10 WJYS 62
11 611 WTTW (PBS)
12 612 WFLD (FOX)
13 615 WCPX (ION)
14 WMME (Me-TV)
15 614 WXFT (UniMas)
17 617 WGBO (Univisión)
18 613 WSNS (Telemundo)
19 CAN TV19
21 CAN TV21
22 H&I
23 City of Chicago 23
24 JTV (Jewelry TV)
25 City of Chicago 25
27 CAN TV27
29 WDCW Antenna TV
30 Story Television
31 Rewind TV
34 Astound TV Network (ATVN)
35 610 The U
36 CAN TV36
37 WTTW Prime
38 WTTW Create
39 WTTW PBS Kids
40 HSN2
41 KBS America
42 CAN TV42
43 Movies!
46 Telexitos
49 Windy MUTV
50 Cozi TV
54 France24 (English)
56 Court TV
70 Get TV
71 ION Mystery
72 Grit
76 Start TV
611 WTTW 11 (PBS) HD

RCN Preferred TV

RCN Preferred TV offers 250+ local and international channels at an economical rate. Besides this, this plan also allows you to enjoy popular broadcast TV plus movies, sports & family entertainment channels, along with On-Demand and music variety, etc.

Interestingly, RCN Preferred TV includes all TV channels and features offered by RCN Digital Basic TV. Let’s take a look!

Note: The list below does not include the RCN Digital Basic TV channel lineup, which is part of the Preferred TV if you subscribe. It includes RCN channel numbers, HD channel number (if applicable), and channel names, respectively.

Channel Number HD Channel Name
1 Astound On Demand
101 619 BET
104 629 NewsNation
105 620 A&E
106 621 Bravo
107 622 TBS
108 623 TNT
109 624 USA
110 625 Paramount Network
111 626 FX
112 630 SYFY
115 637 E!
116 658 truTV
117 632 Comedy Central
118 557 Justice Central
120 631 Animal Planet
128 673 GSN
140 594 Reelz
141 596 FXM
142 667 AMC
143 592 TCM
158 666 IFC
159 590 SundanceTV
160 675 MTV
165 676 VH1
191 601 HSN
192 564 Jewelry TV
195 BMC
196 LCS
201 640 Lifetime Movies
202 639 Lifetime
205 638 WETV
207 QVC2
210 565 Oxygen
211 646 Disney Jr
212 644 Hallmark Channel
213 657 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
214 566 Hallmark Drama
218 WLS Localish
221 627 TV Land
222 641 Freeform
224 642 Food Network
225 643 HGTV
230 Galavisión
240 633 Cartoon Network
241 649 Nick
250 647 Disney Channel (East)
251 Disney Channel (West)
260 EWTN
261 TBN
262 Inspiration Network
263 The Word
264 Daystar
267 EWTN Español
269 Jewish Broadcast Service
270 SonLife
301 C-SPAN
302 C-SPAN2
303 C-SPAN3
305 CNN
306 656 HLN
310 651 CNBC
311 652 MSNBC
315 653 Fox News Channel
316 654 Fox Business Network
319 570 Fox Weather
320 655 Weather Channel
330 NASA
331 Pentagon
333 660 Travel Channel
335 661 Discovery Channel
336 563 OWN
337 659 ID
340 662 History Channel
345 663 TLC
350 670 Nat Geo
358 696 Outdoor Channel
362 698 FXX
363 681 ESPN
364 682 ESPN2
365 683 ESPNEWS
368 680 ESPNU
370 685 NBC Sports Chicago
371 NBC Sports Chicago Plus
372 686 Big 10 Network
373 687 Big 10 Network Alt 1
374 688 Big 10 Network Alt 2
375 689 FS1
377 679 Marquee Sports Network
380 575 CBS Sports Network
381 694 Golf Channel
383 577 FS2
390 692 Tennis Channel
634 MTV Live
750 Motortrend
770 Comedy. TV HD
771 Pets.TV HD
772 Cars.TV
773 Recipe.TV
774 ES.TV
775 MyDestination.TV
955 Game HD
998 Help On Demand
1000 Movies On Demand
1001 HD On Demand
853-902 Music Choice Digital Music
1526 4K Events 2

RCN Premiere TV

Just as the name says, RCN Premiere TV is the ideal TV plan for all TV binge-watchers out there, as it includes all the channels you enjoy with RCN Digital Basic TV and Preferred TV plans. However, you need to remember that you cannot subscribe to RCN Premiere TV unless you have subscribed to RCN Preferred TV.

Below is a quick glimpse of what RCN Premiere Total Pack offers. Let’s dive in!

RCN Premiere Total Pack Channel Lineup

If you enjoy having the absolute best on your channel lineup, you should really consider adding the Premiere Total Pack. It gives you access to 80+ additional channels on top of your Basic + Preferred TV channel lineup and is well worth it if you’d like to spend quality time with your TV. With more than 25 free HD channels, here is all that it gets you:

Channel Name HD Channel Number
Movies & Entertainment
103 BET Her
125 TVOne
126 550 BBC America
129 556 Nat Geo Wild
130 Logo
138 591 Ovation
150 668 Encore
151 743 Encore Action
152 Encore Black
153 Encore Classic
154 746 Encore Suspense
155 Encore Family
156 Encore Westerns
161 674 MTV2
162 Nick Music
163 BET Jams
164 Tr3s
166 MTV Classic
167 BET Soul
168 588 Great America Family
170 677 CMT
171 CMT Music
178 635 Fuse
220 598 POP TV
231 NBC Universo
388 693 NHL Network
391 695 MLB Network
392 697 NBA TV
Children & Family
204 Lifetime Real Women
215 645 Destination America
216 558 Magnolia Network
217 560 Cooking Channel
226 Z Living
245 TeenNick
246 Nick 2
247 Nicktoons
248 Nick Jr.
249 Boomerang
252 648 Disney XD
255 Discovery Family
256 Universal Kids
339 Discovery Life
388 693 NHL Network
391 695 MLB Network
392 697 NBA TV
News & Information
307 CNN International
325 672 Bloomberg
332 One Caribbean TV
341 Viceland
346 664 fyi
348 AHC
349 751 Smithsonian
351 671 Science
665 Crime & Investigation HD
388 693 NHL Network
391 695 MLB Network
392 697 NBA TV
361 Fox Deportes
367 MSG National
369 805 ESPN Deportes
376 YES National
378 579 beIN Sports
385 573 SEC Network
386 Fan Duel Racing
387 Fan Duel TV
388 693 NHL Network
389 690 NFL Network
391 695 MLB Network
392 697 NBA TV
393 572 ACC Network

Want to Learn More About Astound by RCN Channel Lineup?

Call RCN Customer Service at 844-343-1374

Final Words

There you go, you now know what channels each of Astound RCN TV plans will get you. We hope this RCN TV guide Chicago helped. Armed with this information, we’re sure you’ll be better able to decide which RCN TV plan you should subscribe to.

If you still have any further questions, feel free to contact Astound Broadband Powered by RCN customer service at 844-343-1374. That’s another thing they excel at, so you can rest assured that any problem you encounter, you would find a satisfactory solution here in time. While you’re at it, go ahead and bundle your services. RCN bundles are money-saving plans that are worth your time and every penny. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and subscribe to a cable TV plan that delivers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Astound RCN Digital Basic TV offer local channels?

Yes, Astound RCN Basic TV offers up to 70+ TV channels, which include local, regional, as well as international channels that you enjoy. However, the RCN channel lineup Chicago can be limiting for those looking for more. So, if you’re one of them, go ahead and upgrade to the Preferred TV plan, or better yet, add on the Premiere Total Pack!

Call 844-343-1374 or visit here for more details.

Does Astound RCN TV require you to sign a contract?

No, RCN Cable TV does not require you to sign any long-term or short-term contracts with them.

Does Astound RCN TV offer free access to an on-demand library?

Yes, on-demand content is free for Astound RCN TV subscribers.


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