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Quality Value Convenience (QVC) is one of the longest-running home shopping networks in the world. It first aired on November 4, 1986, and has since become a household name in the U.S.

QVC introduces people to new innovative products and bargain deals every day. Its practically the predecessor to online shopping and must be credited for revolutionizing the shopping game. At a time, when one used to think about buying an item, and the first thought to cross the mind was of visiting a mall, QVC managed to shift the marketplace to a whole new platform-- quite an unimaginable feat!

In essence, QVC became the worlds first social network allowing products to be shown by hosts and commented on by community members who would call in. From there, transitioning to an online marketplace was much easier. Today, you can view content from QVC on almost any device. The innovative network has taken to making its presence known on sites like Pinterest and Facebook. That alone tells how successfully the network has adapted to changing times and kept itself relevant in a modern dynamic market. That is one big reason why after all these years a great many people still tune into the network as part of their everyday routine.

For millions of U.S. households, QVC is a must-have channel. Cable users often inquire about its inclusion in the channel lineup offered by a TV service provider before making a decision to subscribe. Given the popularity that QVC has bagged over the decades-- essentially because people love the social shopping environment created by the network-- it has become a must-have for cable TV providers to carry. After all, it is not only America that loves to watch QVC and shop via the network. Over 350 million households in 7 countries including Germany, Italy, U.K., and Japan watch the QVC broadcasts.

It is, therefore, no surprise that Spectrum TV which is a popular nationwide cable provider also carries the QVC lineup. So, whether you are planning to switch to Spectrum Cable, or you have just subscribed to a Spectrum channel lineup, and you are wondering what channel number QVC is on Spectrum, in either case, you have come to the right place.

Read on. Youll find out why the QVC-Spectrum TV combo could work the best for you, and also take a look at the channel number listing to learn what channel QVC is on Spectrum TV in your city.

Which Spectrum Plans Offer QVC?

As we just said, youd be hard put to find a cable provider that doesnt offer QVC in its lineup. It is a very popular network that demands carriage. Spectrum cable is well aware of that, which is why they offer QVC in all three tiers of the Spectrum Channel Lineup.

You will be able to watch not only QVC but QVC 2 as well if you are subscribed to Spectrum TV Select Signature, the base package. This means you dont have to upgrade your plan and incur additional costs in order to watch your favorite shopping channel. Though wed suggest you bundle Spectrum TV anyway and get Spectrum internet service as well because bundling will save you quite a few bucks. And, introduce a fast and reliable internet connection to your household, making it all the easier to switch between TV and your favorite hand-held device as you watch a QVC broadcast. Isnt that great?

QVC on Spectrum?

When you are new to a cable TV service with as many channels to browse through as Spectrum offers, finding the one you are looking for becomes a dreaded chore. You must watch with alert eyes each channel that you pass by and if you blink by mistake and miss the one you seek, you have to start all over again.


A Brief Look into the Origins of QVC

QVC is a pioneer in home shopping. Where other networks produce shows and movies to attract advertisements and bank on that, QVC simply sells products in a unique way—truly innovative from the time it was founded. It was launched by Joseph Segel, an American entrepreneur celebrated for founding 20 companies, QVC and the Franklin Mint. Segel also earned a spot in Direct Marketing Associations Hall of Fame in 1993.

The same year the channel made it to the mainstream culture when it aired via a popular cable TV service. In a matter of two years, Comcast acquired majority shares and took control of the QVC Corporation. That is when they launched a campaign i.e. “Quest for Americas Best: 50 in 50 Tour”. This search for the best 50 products in the country was an instant hit giving QVC viewership an unprecedented boost.

Comcast made an exit from ownership of QVC in 2003, although it continued to carry the network for millions of its subscribers. Later in 2007 QVC rebranded and began to employ advanced broadcasting tech besides exploring new markets and integrating the QVC shopping experience with social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. In an attempt to renew its image in a fast-evolving digital world, QVC again rebranded in 2019 to boost its digital and mobile platforms. By October 2019 the channel ceased its 24-hour broadcast pattern and replaced it first with a 19-hour combo of Live programming and re-runs, which soon turned into 20 hours of the live broadcast.

The QVC story is interesting no doubt, but whats more fascinating is the model the network uses. If you are curious about it you will find the next bit attention-worthy.

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How the QVC Spectrum Channel Works

Online shopping gained widespread popularity only after high-speed broadband connections became a norm. In the days of slow dial-up connections it was QVC that led the way, allowing people to shop from the comfort of their homes without the contemporary tech that surrounds us today. Even now, the network provides quality service to a vast cross-section of the population that prefers a social shopping environment-- making everyday life more convenient, and the experience more enjoyable. 

QVC showcases products for you to choose from. If you like anything you can call the network and provide them with your unique customer ID to place an order. Your request gets approved and you get the goods delivered at home. If you prefer, you can log onto their website and add items of your choice to your cart there. Simple, right? No wonder people enjoy it as much. After all, it cuts the physical hassle of roaming about in malls as well as the time the process of selecting a product and buying would consume. Plus, you benefit from instant reviews that are of immense significance in your decision-making process. And the process does not even feel cut and dry like it would on Amazon, devoid of human interaction and the vibe of community engagement.

Most sales are consummated online now. Either via the web or the QVC app, and not over the phone. But this transition hasnt taken away from the value of the channel. In fact, the online ordering facility strengthens the convenience factor. Whats more, you can stream QVC shows in real-time and have access to order placing links at the same time. How cool is that?

It is also interesting to note QVC has retail stores as well. In a small number. But these store locations give you a chance to see a product physically before buying it if necessary. While this is not the path most people opt for, it does render credibility to the products featured on the show.

Difference between QVC and QVC 2

QVC was an instant success. Its novelty made it a major hit at the time and the quality service it continues to provide ensures its survival in the age of online shopping. It was sensible therefore to launch a second channel under the same umbrella—and that is what they did exactly with QVC 2.

The new channel went a step further in engaging with the audiences. Simply put, it gave them more. For one, it offered twice the hours of Live programming. Up to 40 hours to be sure.

It also broadcast the show In the Kitchen with Mary every Saturday where the host Mary DeAngelis makes scrumptious dishes using appliances and cookware from popular brands sold on QVC. For people who enjoy In the Kitchen with David shown on QVC biweekly, this is definitely a treat. And, there were more Live hours of latest fashion and jewelry featured on AM Style with Gabrielle and PM Style with Leah.

You could also make new discoveries thanks to a large assortment of brands offered. Some brands made their debut on the channel so you got more choice than any other market.

The best part was the Deal of the Day where every day they promoted select products at the best value-- from their curated collection-- on the show QVC2™ Big Deal.  

Unfortunately,  on July 14, 2020, QVC2 ceased Live programming owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, and is currently focusing on re-runs of QVC programming.

Final Words

With the pandemic still a threat, going out and exposing yourself to the elements unnecessarily is ill-advised, especially when you can get everything delivered to your home. If you are looking for a shopping experience with a more personal touch, the QVC lineup is the best choice. You can call up the hosts and talk to them about the products. If you have already purchased any, you can share your experience with others. If you want to purchase an item and learn more about it before you do, again you can call to air your queries. If you are used to online shopping, this old school method will help you break the monotony of the current circumstance, and have some fun shopping!

So, tune into QVC on Spectrum TV if you are already a Spectrum subscriber. Or call the Spectrum sales support to help you decide if its time to switch to QVC on Spectrum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which of Spectrums plans offer access to QVC?

All three Spectrum plans i.e. Spectrum SELECT, SILVER, and GOLD give you access to QVC as well as QVC 2.

What channel is QVC on Spectrum New York?

QVC channel number is 159 on Spectrum New York.

What channel is QVC2 on Spectrum New York?

QVC2 channel number is 481 on Spectrum New York.

What channel is QVC on Spectrum Los Angeles?

QVC channel number is 159 on Spectrum Los Angeles.

What channel is QVC2 on Spectrum Los Angeles?

QVC2 channel number is 481 on Spectrum Los Angeles.