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For the curious minds that enjoy a good suspense story and can’t wait to unravel mysteries, true crime is the genre for you. Inspired by real life, it examines actual crime scenes and delves into the actions of real people. Blending the factual with the fictional, it brings stories to life like none other.

Speaking of riveting tales, no network captures true crime better than Oxygen. Founded by Geraldine Laybourne in 2000, this channel has amassed a huge following for its artful storytelling. Featuring a number of popular series, the channel is home to some of the longest-running true-crime dramas out there.

What’s more, it’s not just true-crime programming that they excel at. The network also airs a variety of Police Procedural Drama shows that people by the millions tune into. It’s no wonder then why the channel is so sought after.

Oxygen features the world’s most notorious killers and explores the most bizarre cases to have ever occurred in the history of mankind. With so much to offer, it has become essential for any lineup promising holistic entertainment and Spectrum knows that.

No stranger to peoples’ entertainment demands, Spectrum TV® makes it a point to offer Oxygen in its channel lineup. If you have signed up with the provider or planning to do so, go right ahead. You won’t be disappointed. However, you may face a bit of trouble accessing the network. Navigating the channel guide and finding the number for Oxygen takes some getting used to but, that’s nothing you should worry about. Keep reading and you’ll know all that need to know to get started.

About the Oxygen Makeover

While Oxygen has been around for quite some time, its popularity is a more recent phenomenon. It all started in 2017 when the channel underwent a crime makeover.

Their audience at the time comprised mainly of women aged between 25 and 54, and so the programming was tweaked slightly to appeal to those masses, with true crime shows made for them. This population segment seemed to welcome the change and the rebranding initiative proved a success. In fact, the channel recorded the biggest growth in viewership in 2018 for any TV channel.

The switch in programming alone though is not responsible for the network’s mammoth success. It’s worth noting that many of the new series are women-led making the content more relatable to its viewers.

How to Watch Oxygen with Spectrum TV?

The channel lineup for Spectrum TV Select Signature includes the channel Oxygen. Since it is the base package, this ensures thatno matter which plan or package you’re subscribed to, you can watch Oxygen programming with ease. You don’t have to pay for overly expensive TV plans to view the best of true-crime drama.

Oxygen Channel on Spectrum Cable?

Browsing through the entire Spectrum channel lineup hoping to find Oxygen is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack: close to impossible and extremely tedious. There is an easier way to go about this and it is precisely why a channel guide exists. All you have to do is use your remote to find the Spectrum channel guide and search through it for the Oxygen channel. Alternatively, you can also ask the smart Spectrum voice remote to pull it up for you.

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Popular TV Shows on Oxygen

With Oxygen, all it takes is one show for you to get hooked. Given the back-to-back hits they air on TV, once you start watching, it’ll be hours before you stop. Here are some of the most popular ones you’re sure to enjoy:     


28 seasons and running. Snapped is one of the longest-running original shows to air on the channel. With a new episode each week, it will have you on edge waiting for the next installment. So, what is the show all about?

Snapped introduces its viewers to some of the most peculiar murderesses and murderers ever recorded. It delves into horrific murders and the people behind them, exploring what it is that caused them to carry out these horrific deeds. Narrated by none other than Jody Flader, the show features interviews with the people linked to the case. If you’re lucky you may just get to hear from the culprits themselves.

Buried in the Backyard

Every house has its secrets, and some bury them in the backyard. Looking at a house you wouldn’t be able to see the darkness it holds, that is until a body is discovered and truth comes to light. Narrated by Sadie Medley, the show investigates mysterious deaths to find the culprit behind the occurrence. With so many twists and turns, you’ll be left guessing who is behind it all.

Dark Web Exposed

Internet is a scary place and the dark web even more so. This series explores how technology has aided the rise in certain crimes, and how the traditional investigative tools fail to yield answers, as well as the new techniques being used to find clues and evidence.

Killer Siblings

Jealousy and anger can turn people vicious, causing them to turn against their own blood and murder those closest to them. To be fair, it makes for a great story and that is exactly why this show explores these crimes. Produced and directed by Matthew Watts, the series takes on the most notorious killer siblings. And using first-hand experiences as well as interviews, it delves into how the murders occurred.

License to Kill

What happens when the very people who are supposed to keep you safe and healthy become the cause of your suffering? Well, in this series you’ll get to see just that. The show explores cases where medical professionals put their patients’ lives at risk through malpractice, jeopardizing their health in the process. Watch to see what becomes of these individuals and how such activity comes to be unveiled.

Martinis & Murder

For those into podcasts, here’s a treat. Martinis and Murder, hosted by Daryn Carp and John Thrasher, discusses murder cases with 2 new episodes every week—engaging talk around true crime as they mix some martinis, makes for some great time spent.

Dateline: Secrets Uncovered

If you’d like to learn about mysterious cases in recent times, this is the show for you. Known for its engaging format that includes intricate encounters and interactive interviews, it’ll reel you in and have you binge-watching in no time.

Chicago P.D.

Police procedural drama is another specialty of Oxygen and Chicago P.D is one of the best they have to offer. Revolving around Detective Sergeant Henry, Senior Detective Antonio Dawson, Detective Jay Halstead, and Officer Adam Ruzek, it depicts the workings of the Chicago Police Department’s elite Intelligence Unit and how they crack cases.

Final Words

For true-crime lovers, Oxygen is the ultimate destination. Offering the best shows in the genre, it’s a must for any cable TV plan. Anticipating the demand, Spectrum offers it in the lineup for each of its plans. We hope with the help of the table above you’ll find the channel number in your area.

Go ahead then, and tune into Oxygen TV for a suspense-filled story about murders and crimes. With fast and reliable Spectrum Internet®, you can even stream your Oxygen favorites live and on-demand via the Spectrum TV app.

By any chance, if you are not yet subscribed to the broadband service from Spectrum, check out the perks of TV and internet bundles, and if you need to subscribe to your favorite package, call Spectrum Sales Support at 1-855-423-0918.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spectrum offer an Oxygen channel in its lineup?

Yes, the Oxygen channel is included in the lineup of Spectrum TV Select Signature which is the base plan.