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The love for sports is woven into the very fabric of America. Every house has its sports enthusiasts who make it a point to watch each game of their favorite team and closely follow their beloved leagues and athletes. Whether they themselves play or not is irrelevant. As is their age, gender, and race. In fact, it is the one thing that unites us all. It’s no surprise then that channel lists of every cable provider carry a number of sports channels. Spectrum too indulges in the practice and what’s more, they take it up a notch by ensuring you have access to not only the NFL Network but NFL RedZone as well.

Football is the most celebrated sport in the USA. Each NFL game is interesting and each of the 32 teams playing is entertaining. A subscription to Spectrum cable TV services then comes in handy. The only bit of trouble you’ll face though is finding the channel number and getting started. However, worry not we’re here to help. Keep reading and you’ll know all that you need to start watching NFL RedZone on Spectrum.

Why NFL RedZone is So Popular

With NFL, each week is entertaining. You can expect tons of matchups along with drama and gossip sure to keep you hooked to the league. The engaging content though is not just limited to the field but goes off-field as well. Pretty cool, right?

The most sought-after event of the game, however, is the Super Bowl. When this finale goes on air, everybody tunes in whether they are interested in football or not. And why wouldn’t they? It’s not just the game that’s exciting. You get a star-studded stage that promises jaw-dropping performances by top celebrities. Nobody in their right minds would want to miss that!

As you can see, NFL Network is a must for every sports fan. But is it enough? Well, for the die-hard fans of football, of course not and it is that which has inspired NFL RedZone.

NFL RedZone takes you through each game, replaying the best moments and showing you the highlights of the week to get you all caught up. Watching your favorite teams and athletes in high definition as Scott Hanson walks you through the best of the NFL across both Conferences each week is a delight for the eyes. It will have adrenaline pumping through you in no time especially when all the touchdowns are replayed. And that’s not all. The channel also gives you’re a roundup of Fantasy Football stats!

Ways you Can Watch NFL RedZone on Spectrum

If you’re subscribed to Spectrum, then you can watch NFL RedZone on not just your TV but also over the Spectrum TV App, online on the NFL website as well as through the NFL RedZone App. So go ahead and choose the platform that is most suitable for you. If you prefer to watch on your cellphones, you should download one of the apps. If you prefer to watch on your laptop then the NFL website is the way to go. If you want to enjoy HD visuals on your ginormous TV screen, however, finding the channel number on your Spectrum channel lineup is the obvious choice.

How To Watch NFL RedZone with Spectrum Cable TV

If you are subscribed to, or wish to subscribe to Spectrum cable TV for watching NFL RedZone, then it's pretty simple. All you need to do is subscribe to the Spectrum TV Select base plan, and then select the Sports View add-on that includes a complete collection of sports channels and networks, including NFL RedZone. 

If you need to upgrade or subscribe from scratch, speak to an expert at Spectrum Sales Support so that they can take you through the process. 

Here is a quick look at Spectrum TV Select and Sports View add-on. 

Plan and Pricing

Plan Features Price
Spectrum TV Select Signature 150+ channels with free HD, channels include CNN, ESPN, TLC, and more. Free Spectrum TV app $64.99/mo. Availability varies by location.
Sports View 20+ sports channels, including NFL RedZone $7/mo.

NFL Sports Pack Network List

While you’re at it, we’d suggest you bundle your plan with Spectrum internet and phone. It’ll help you save quite a bit and ensure you get a bargain deal. With Spectrum affordable plans made cheaper with bundling you’ll find yourself staying with the service forever. So go ahead, get Spectrum TV and NFL RedZone to your heart’s desire.

Watching NFL RedZone on TV

If you’re subscribed to Spectrum TV you’ll be able to access NFL RedZone via Sports Pack. Just head to the onscreen channel guide to find the channel number for the network in your area and you’ll be able to watch with ease.

Watching NFL RedZone on The Spectrum TV App

Spectrum TV App is truly a Godsend. It liberates you from the confining space of your lounge by letting you watch all the channels on your mobile devices. If you don’t already know how to use the app, read the instructions below. You’ll have the app up and running in no time.

For more details Visit Spectrum TV Select Signature Plan

There you go, setting up the app is that simple. Just make sure to use Spectrum internet. It will provide you with complete access to the app. Also beware, live streaming is only available in select areas. 

Watching on the NFL RedZone App

While the Spectrum TV App is great for streaming and can help you catch up with various shows on a number of channels, the NFL RedZone App has its own benefits. Their interface can be quite appealing and if the only channel you wish to stream is NFL RedZone then their app will provide you with a more streamlined experience. To watch on the app simply follow the three steps below:

Watching on the NFL RedZone Online

You can also watch the channel online by simply going to the NFL website. Here’s how:

This information is enough to grant you access to all that NFL has to offer. Now all you need to do is sit back and relax.

Final Words

These are the four ways by which you can watch NFL RedZone. Choose the option you find most convenient and start watching. You can also watch it on the TV and on the apps all at the same time. Spectrum TV strives to deliver the best service to its users and this clearly proves it. So, go ahead and let the party begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spectrum offer NFL RedZone?

Yes, Spectrum offers NFL RedZone. If you’re subscribed to any of their Spectrum TV plans you will be able to watch the channel with ease via Spectrum Sports Pack.  

How much does access to NFL RedZone cost?

NFL RedZone is included in the Sports View add-on that costs $7.00 per month. You must be subscribed to Spectrum TV Select Signature.

Does Spectrum TV App offer NFL RedZone?

Yes, you can watch NFL RedZone on your Spectrum TV App. However, you must be subscribed to Spectrum TV and Sports Pack to watch this particular channel.