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Looking for the fastest internet speeds, reliable cable TV, and a digital home phone service in Lexington, Kentucky?

From Garden Meadows to Cave Hill, there are around 8 residential ISPs in Lexington offering a variety of broadband types: DSL, Satellite, Cable, and Fiber-Optic. The contract length in Lexington ranges from 1 to 2 years on average. However, if you wish to steer clear of early termination fees, consider providers like MetroNet, who offers contract-free plans.

MetroNet covers almost 99% of the city neighborhood — giving Lexingtonians a great choice in terms of quality internet services. In fact, MetroNet offers high-speed Fiber Internet, full-featured Fiber Phone, and Fiber IPTV services in Lexington at a price that comes as a pleasant surprise. That too with unlimited internet data. And the provider even lets you roll the amazing benefits of a pure fiber-optic network into one nice bundle — to make your life even better!

Read on if you’ve been trying to find a reliable ISP for your new home in Lexington. Our review of MetroNet services in the city may just convince you not to look any further — because MetroNet packages in Lexington KY are a whole shooting match for any modern-day household.

MetroNet Internet in Lexington, KY

MetroNet takes pride in delivering hassle-free and stable internet connection topped with symmetrical upload and download speeds over a Fiber to the Home (FTTH) connection. No matter how many people are online at the same time, MetroNet Internet is perfect for small to large families with multiple connected devices. Kids can attend online classes with ease. Adults can work from home without any buffering loops or lag times. While other activities like shopping, gaming, streaming, video chatting, and online banking all get done in a breeze.

MetroNet gives you a choice of 4 standardized plans — from 100 Mbps to up to 1 Gig — even its most basic plan gives you up to 100 Mbps download speed, which is way above the average speed experienced in Lexington, KY. MetroNet Internet plans include a WholeHome WiFi that further optimizes your fiber internet connection. Despite the provider’s 100% pure fiber-optic network, the greatest plus is MetroNet Internet plans start from $49.95 a month.

The best part in order to give you the full benefit of ultra-fast symmetrical speeds — MetroNet Internet plans come without any contracts or data caps — meaning you don’t incur an overage fee and may quit anytime without any Early Termination Fee (ETF). In fact, MetroNet offers a generous contract buyout offer (up to $150), so you can easily switch to MetroNet’s 100% fiber internet without worrying about paying ETF to your current provider.


MetroNet Internet Plans

Recommended Usage

Max. Upload/Download Speed


MetroNet Fiber 100 Mbps


Surf the web, stream video & audio, chat via video |Connects  2 devices


100/100 Mbps



MetroNet Fiber 200 Mbps

Upload & download large files, connect via video chat, stream HD, game online, | Connect 3 devices

200/200 Mbps


for 12 months

(Standard rate of $59.95/mo. applies thereafter)

MetroNet Fiber 500 Mbps

Game online, stream HD, share media on social networks, video chat, |Connects 4 devices

500/500 Mbps


for 24 months
(Standard rate of $69.95/mo. applies thereafter)


MetroNet Fiber 1 Gigabit

Ideal for all bandwidth-heavy activities like hardcore gaming | 

Connects 5 devices

1 Gbps/1 Gbps


for the first 6 months ($69.95/mo. for the next 12 months.
Standard rate of $89.95/mo. applies thereafter)



MetroNet Fiber TV in Lexington, KY

MetroNet delivers TV service with 100% Fiber Advantage to make sure you get only the highest quality entertainment. The provider preserves the appeal of traditional cable TV with the modern way of accessing video content — giving you the opportunity to enjoy all the coveted cable networks with the exceptional reliability of pure fiber.

With 3 standardized tiers — Basic, Standard and Preferred — MetroNet pulls out all stops to make sure your viewing experience is as flexible, contemporary, and convenient as it can be. Moreover, the MetroNet channel lineup is carefully put together to offer an impressive collection of local and popular networks — making sure everyone in your family has something to watch according to their taste and preferences.

Perhaps the best part for entertainment lovers is the availability of premium channels like HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and CINEMAX®, and mini-packages that can be added on à la carte. And for the sports fans, the add-on Sports Plus Package showcases 15 most popular and sought-after sports networks at your fingertips.

As a cherry on top, you also get free HD and music channels depending on the TV package you select. All in all, with MetroNet in Lexington KY, it is TV on your terms!

MetroNet TV Plans

Max No. of Channels

Popular Channels in the MetroNet Lineup

Promo Price

MetroNet Basic Fiber TV


Local favorites & Popular Networks like ABC, Bounce TV, CW, CBS, Fox, NBC, MeTV, QVC, PBS, TBN, ION, HSN, WGN America, & more

Up to $30/mo.

($9.95 Tech. service fee applies)

MetroNet Standard Fiber TV


Local favorites & Popular Networks like A&E, AMC, Animal Planet, BBC America, Bravo, CNBC, CNN, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, E!, ESPN2, ESPNews, FX, Food Network, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, MSNBC, NBC Sports Network, NFL Network, Nickelodeon, HGTV, Paramount Network, Syfy, Travel Channel, & more

Up to $95/mo.

($9.95 Tech. service fee applies)

MetroNet Preferred Fiber TV


Local favorites & Popular Networks like AWE, American Heroes Channel, Big Ten Network, CBS Sports Network, ESPNU, CMT Music, Crime & Investigation, Destination America, Discovery Family, Disney Junior, Boomerang, MTV2,  Nicktoons, STARZENCORE, TLC, truTV, & more

Up to $105/mo.

($9.95 Tech. service fee applies)


MetroNet Fiber Phone & Bundle Deals in Lexington, KY

Want to make free local calls and get up to 1,000 free domestic long-distance minutes anywhere across the 50 U.S. states? Well, the MetroNet Fiber phone is the best option for connectivity backups around your house.

MetroNet phone service in Lexington gives you up to 17 digital calling features including Anonymous Call Rejection, Caller ID, Call Forward Busy, Selective Call Rejection, Three-Way Calling, Call Waiting with Caller ID, and more to protect your privacy and make communication easier for you.

And here is the best part — when you pair MetroNet phone with Internet or TV, you pay the discounted bundle price which is only $4.95/mo. for the first 12 months.

With MetroNet bundle deals, Lexington residents can customize their own MetroNet bundle —Double Play and Triple Play—depending on their internet consumption & level of in-home entertainment.

Largely speaking, bundles are the best way to get more for less — because this way you are able to benefit from the discounted price that comes with MetroNet’s complete service suite. And also get the convenience of a single bill every month!

So, Why Choose MetroNet in Lexington, KY?

As we said earlier, there are a handful of reliable ISPs in Lexington — including the likes of Spectrum and Windstream. But, as for fiber-optic service, MetroNet is the only provider which covers the city to its near entirety. Windstream also offers fiber services in Lexington, but their coverage area is a bit limited.

Excellent network coverage coupled with MetroNet’s well-designed plans and packages is what makes MetroNet services a must for any Lexington home. If you are after fiber internet speed, unlimited data, and contract-free service, MetroNet Internet is definitely your best bet!

Unfortunately, MetroNet has quite a limited reach. And if you reside in rural Kentucky, it may be near to impossible to get a pure fiber-optic internet connection. But worry not, check out our guide on Internet for rural areas in Kentucky, and find yourself a decent internet connection.

There You Are!

With an aim to provide an experience similar to what is available to large metropolises in the U.S., MetroNet has been engaged to deliver 100% pure fiber-optic connection to the doorstep of every household in Lexington.

If you are planning to switch providers or have just moved to Lexington, and wish to find out more about MetroNet, give a call to MetroNet Customer Service at 1-844-343-1143 and speak to an expert for advice before you place an order to make sure you make the most out of your MetroNet package.


How does MetroNet in Lexington, Kentucky, buy out your contract with another provider?

MetroNet provides up to $150 contract buyout to those stuck in a contract with their current provider and want to switch to MetroNet 100% fiber. All they will need is a copy of your final invoice showing the final amount due. The offer is only available to new and returning customers.

What is the cheapest MetroNet TV package?

MetroNet Basic Fiber TV is the cheapest package priced at up to $30/month. It gives you access to 100 channels, including ABC, Bounce TV, CW, CBS, Fox, NBC, MeTV, QVC, PBS, TBN, ION, HSN, & more.

Is MetroNet available in Lexington, KY?

MetroNet offers all residential services in Lexington, KY. The provider delivers high-speed Fiber Internet, full-featured Fiber Phone, and Fiber IPTV services to residents in almost 99% of city neighborhoods.

Best MetroNet bundles in Lexington, KY?

With MetroNet bundle deals, Lexington residents can customize their own MetroNet bundle —Double Play and Triple Play — depending on their internet consumption & level of in-home entertainment. Among all available Mediacom bundles in Lexington, KY, we would recommend you opt for a MetroNet 3-in-1 internet, TV, and phone bundle deal to enjoy the maximum value on your investment.