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When it comes to high-speed internet connection in the U.S., the choices are plenty. This is courtesy of the more innovative fiber-optic or hybrid fiber-coaxial networks that many great internet service providers are making use of. While fiber internet is still a tad bit expensive and not available everywhere, hybrid fiber connections are easily accessible and depending on your provider, quite affordable too. Astound Broadband powered by RCN is one of those providers with a hybrid fiber-coaxial cable network that delivers gigabit internet speeds along with some nice perks in its service areas.

When looking for an internet connection, Astound Broadband powered by RCN is a great choice. Thus, the question arises about its availability in your area, price points, speed tier, data allowance, and the provider’s stance on long-term contracts. This article answers all those questions and more. For your understanding and ease, we mostly refer to Astound Broadband powered by RCN as RCN only throughout this blog. So, let’s get on with it!

RCN Becomes Astound Broadband

RCN is a telecommunication company that provides internet and TV services in certain metro areas of the U.S. In 2022, RCN along with 4 other regional service providers — Digital West, EnTouch, Grande, and Wave — were unified under the name Astound Broadband.

However, this new development did not change much, especially for existing customers. The services and other aspects, such as pricing, speeds, availability, connection type, and service features remained the same. The merger though has ensured that Astound Broadband counts among the bigshot service providers of the U.S. with its combined accessibility spanning 10 states.

This is not to say the regional providers weren’t doing well on their own. A case in point is RCN, whose reputation preceded itself in its service areas despite the limited availability. Hence why Astound Broadband hasn’t completely discarded the different regional brand names yet. Depending on which provider is available at your location, you’ll find a bit long but self-explanatory name, such as Astound Broadband powered by RCN, Astound Broadband powered by Wave, Astound Broadband powered by Grande, and so on.

And keep in mind, the service features and pricing vary for each. With this, let’s explore the availability of RCN specifically and what it offers.

RCN Availability

Residential Communications Network (RCN) is available across 7 metro areas of the U.S. Due to its limited availability, you need to check properly whether RCN is delivering its services at your address before you dig deep into the provider’s offers and pricing, which also vary across locations. The best way to do this is to check with your ZIP code or your address at BuyTVInternetPhone, or simply call RCN sales support at 1-844-343-1374 to get offer details and to subscribe instantly.

Given below is a list of areas and states where you will find RCN services.

  • Boston Area, Massachusetts
  • Chicago Area, Illinois
  • Delaware County, Pennsylvania
  • Luzerne County, Pennsylvania
  • Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
  • New York City, New York
  • Washington D.C.

RCN Internet: Plans & Prices

RCN uses a fiber-powered cable network to bring its customers internet along with TV and phone services. While the connection may not be 100% fiber, the hybrid fiber-coaxial connection ensures the plans are very reasonably priced and come with high download speeds. Additionally, you get multiple benefits with each plan that we will talk about in the next section.

As we briefly mentioned before, RCN has different plans and pricing depending on the area it serves. The lowest speed you will get for an RCN internet plan is 300 Mbps at $21.99 per month. You will find this specific speed and price in Luzerne County, PA, only. Similarly in Chicago Area, IL, you’ll find a slightly higher starting speed at 400 Mbps with a price point of $34.99 per month.

Here’s an overview of the starting speeds and pricing of RCN Internet across its 7 metro locations:

Area Starting Download Speed Starting Price

Boston Area, MA

600 Mbps


For 12 months. Includes $5 discount for 12 months w/ebill & autopay. Equipment priced separately.

Chicago Area, IL

400 Mbps


For 12 months. Includes $5 discount for 12 months w/ebill & autopay. Equipment priced separately.

Delaware County, PA

600 Mbps


For 12 months. Includes $5 discount for 12 months w/ebill & autopay. Equipment priced separately.

Luzerne County, PA

300 Mbps


For 12 months. Includes $5 discount for 12 months w/ebill & autopay. Equipment priced separately.

Lehigh Valley, PA

600 Mbps


For 12 months. Includes $5 discount for 12 months w/ebill & autopay. Equipment priced separately.

New York City, NY

600 Mbps


For 12 months. Includes $5 discount for 12 months w/ebill & autopay. Equipment priced separately.

Washington D.C.

600 Mbps


For 12 months. Includes $5 discount for 12 months w/ebill & autopay. Equipment priced separately.

Thus, we can say that the starting speed and price of internet plans for RCN is 300 Mbps for $21.99 per month and this also comes with certain terms and conditions that you should look into before purchasing. Furthermore, the highest speed you will find with RCN is 940 Mbps or 1200 Mbps depending on your area.

RCN Service Features

RCN internet plans come with quite a few benefits and to name a few, they are contract-free, have multiple speed-tier options, are fiber-based, and have unlimited data.

With no long-term agreements, you won’t have to pay a hefty early termination fee if you were to cancel your service at any time. Thus, you are not bound by anything and the service pretty much works like a subscription. After the end of every month, you receive a bill and make the payment. If you don’t want to continue with the service, you simply inform them by reaching out to RCN customer service.

Additionally, whichever plan you purchase, you do not have an internet data limit so you may work, stream, and play to your heart’s content without worrying about having to pay a data overage fee upon exceeding it.

Last but not least, as the RCN cable network is powered by a fiber-optic backbone, the download speeds rise up to 1200 Mbps plus the connection is extremely reliable and is not disrupted easily by bad weather or anything of that sort. You will also face low latency levels and little to no lag.

How Do I Get RCN Internet?

The first thing you will need to do before you go and sign up for an RCN internet plan is to check its availability at your address. You may determine that info by inserting your zip code at BuyTVInternetPhone, and the site will show you all the providers and their offers available at your address.

Once you determine that RCN is delivering services in your area, you may view the provider’s plans on the site by navigating to RCN, and then order the services online. Alternatively, you may just contact the RCN Internet customer service at 1-844-343-1374, enquire about the services and offers, and subscribe to an internet plan or bundle then and there.

The Final Word

Astound Broadband powered by RCN is an award-winning service provider and this much is an understandable fact, especially if you have used their service before. By signing up for their service, you are signing up for a worry-free online experience. Aside from the internet services and the benefits that we have talked about above, you can even bundle TV and phone services with RCN Internet at amazing rates. So, what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find internet providers in my area?

Depending on the area you reside in, the speed you need, and how much you are willing to pay, you will have to see what options you have and then select from one of them. To find out what options you have in your area, simply call 855-349-9328 or search via your ZIP code on BuyTVInternetPhone.

How fast is RCN internet?

The starting speed for RCN Internet in some areas is 300 Mbps, while in others it is 400 Mbps. Similarly, the maximum speed for some areas is 940 Mbps and for others, it is 1200 Mbps. To find out the speeds and pricing available at your address, simply call 1-844-343-1374.

Is RCN internet cable or DSL?

RCN Internet is a hybrid fiber-coaxial network. That’s why the downloads are so speedy with a good price attached to them. In order to learn more about RCN internet plans, simply call 1-844-343-1374.