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Why Choose High-Speed RCN Internet?

In case you use the internet for sending emails or checking social media accounts, with high-speed internet from RCN you’ll never lose connectivity. No more waiting while downloading large files, your favorite songs, videos or movies. RCN has the speed that you need! Don’t believe us? Believe PC Mag. Voted #1 in speed and reliability by PC Magazine!

  • Fast & reliable
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • No data caps
  • Rated #1 for speed & reliability by PC Mag
  • Social networking & Photo Sharing

With our award-winning internet offering lightning-fast speeds, that too, at affordable prices, you can’t go wrong. What’s more? Our internet comes with upgrades at your convenience. Bundle up our internet service with RCN Digital TV and phone to save even more. With RCN’s fast and reliable internet, you won’t need another connection!

Internet Equipment

The kind of internet equipment you have can affect your speed and connectivity. With RCN we make sure you have the latest equipment to take advantage of our lightning-fast speeds. Have the latest equipment installed so you can enjoy optimum speeds RCN Internet has to offer.

For Home Networking

To enjoy RCN Internet to the max you need to set up your home network and Wi-Fi for optimal access and speed. Our internet equipment options and home networking services offer you a choice for best connectivity and security along with the most ease of use.

Internet Security – Protection Well Deserved!

Hacking, phishing attacks, spyware, malware, etc., are security hazards you may face when you’re online. Keeping your personal information safe from identity theft, viruses, hackers or spyware is of utmost importance every time you log in. We make it easy to protect you online with the McAfee® Internet Security Suite included with any internet purchase for a low subscription.

You may find many security recommendations claiming to be the best on the web but they can be a pain to implement. Although none of the internet security options can be foolproof, it doesn’t hurt to make an effort in this direction.

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe on the internet -- while chatting, emailing or paying your bills online. When you get RCN Internet, you’re assured of protection from McAfee® anti-virus. The PC security software will protect your systems coupled with wire maintenance and controlled IP access. It’s the protection you need!

Computer Requirements

System requirements are simply guidelines but not the out-and-out rule. These days, any software requires a minimum and recommended set of standards. With the demand for higher processing power and resources, system requirements will increase over time necessitating an upgrade of existing computer systems.

Although our advanced fiber-optic network and the modem installed in your home deliver a fast internet connection, for optimal performance you must ensure your computer meets our standard system requirements.

As a basic, you should have the Ethernet card installed. Have it tested by a computer technician to ensure proper installation and functioning at optimum capacity. If for one reason or another, you find an Ethernet card is not installed in your system, you will need to install one.

Your computer system, as well as some broadband services, may require resources beyond our minimum standard requirements. Although RCN will provide support for other browser and operating system upgrades, all services may not be available for them.

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