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Phoenix’s desert landscapes and natural formations, 300 days of sunshine briefly interrupted by a rather mild winter, over 200 lush golf courses, and attractions such as the Desert Botanical Garden, make it a perfect holiday destination. But, that is not it. With 5% lower cost of living relative to the national average, a lower property tax rate, and less regulations, Phoenix also makes a great home for retirees and entrepreneurs alike. Add to the mix the diversity of its people, and the uniqueness of its culture, and there are a number of reasons to move to Phoenix, Arizona. No surprise it has been included in Tier 1 cities given its fast growth in recent years.  

But, growth in this age and time comes entwined with access to broadband internet. Not only for businesses and the thriving hospitality industry, but homes. Without reliable high-speed internet, personal and professional, all activities come to a halt. That is why in Phoenix you’ll find the entire spectrum of internet types, and renowned nationwide ISPs such as Cox Communications.

Why Choose Cox Communications in Phoenix, Arizona?

At this time, Phoenix is ranked as one of the top 10 most-connected cities in Arizona. Albeit, stats show about 90,000 people in the city can access only one wireline service or none at all. And, Fiber availability is also restricted to 32% of the population.  

As for Cox in Phoenix, services from the provider are available to about 94% of the city residents. And, it is the most sure bet if you are a fan of high-speed cable broadband. Besides Cox Communications, you are likely to find cable internet from a less heard name i.e. Consolidated Smart Broadband Systems, with a top speed of 500 Mbps which pales out in comparison to the Cox Gigablast.

Not only is Cox the only noteworthy provider of cable broadband, it is the one that allows you to build your a bundle of Cox services. Which is a great benefit if your home requires more than just the internet. You can include Cox cable TV, home phone or smart home security to your bundle as per your unique set of needs. Like so you get to enjoy dealing with just one vendor, and pay only one bill every month.

All in all, widespread Cable coverage, paired with a variety of services and offers, makes Cox in Phoenix the top most choice for homes and families of all sizes.

So, if you are interested in becoming a part of Cox Phoenix Family, learning about its offers can play a vital role in easing your decision-making process. Our article today sheds light on what Cox services have in store for Phoenix, so read on.

Cox Internet Plans in Phoenix, AZ

In this digital age, we all need an internet service that helps us accomplish our day-to-day tasks in an efficient manner. If you are on the hunt for reliable high-speed cable internet, the Cox service delivers just that via its advanced hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network. Your connection comes backed by Fiber, and gets you steady fast speeds.

Whether your internet usage includes online gaming, casual surfing, working from home, taking online classes, video calling or streaming, the Cox Internet service has an array of speed options to keep the entire family connected. From a small or mid-sized family to a large ultra-connected household, a range of consumer needs are covered by Cox Internet plans at competitive rates. However, keep in mind speed availability may vary from one location to another, and it is best to confirm what is on offer at your address. 

Here are some value features you can take advantage of with your Cox Internet subscription:

  • Free access to over 3 million Cox WiFi hotspots
  • Internet security which comes included with 50 Mbps and higher plans
  • A new-gen experience of in-home connectivity with Cox Panoramic WiFi Gateway. You can rent the device at just $12/mo.

Internet Plan

Best As

Max. Download/Upload Speed

Data Allowance

What can you do with it?

Go Fast


Budget Choice

100/5 Mbps

1280 GB

Ideal for small households with light internet usage like checking/sending email and light browsing on a couple of devices

Go Faster


Basic Plan

250/10 Mbps

1280 GB

Perfect for light to moderate usage on 3-5 devices

Go Even Faster


Fast and Popular

500/10 Mbps

1280 GB

Ideal for streaming and browsing on up to 7 devices

Go Super Fast


Faster & Best Seller

1000/35 Mbps

1280 GB

Perfect for moderate 4K streaming, virtual learning and multi-player gaming on up to 9 devices

Go Beyond Fast


Ultra-Fast Speeds & Best for Interconnected Devices

2 Gbps/100 Mbps

1280 GB

Great for browsing, gaming and video streaming in 8K, smart gadget connectivity, and for 9+ devices

* Everyday low price. No annual contract.

An Enhanced TV Experience with Cox Cable in Phoenix, AZ

No matter which genre of entertainment is your favorite, Cox Contour TV service takes your televisual experience to the next level. Whether you are a fan of local or premium channels, Cox gives you the flexibility to choose a channel lineup that fits your entertainment needs perfectly.
You can stay basic with Contour Starter and still get America’s most popular broadcast TV networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and CW. Or go all out with Contour Ultimate that includes premiums channels like HBO MaxTM, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, EPIX®, MLB Network, and NFL Network. If you want to stay in between the two extremes, with Contour Preferred.  

The best part is the Contour TV service comes powered by TiVo. You get to enjoy the convenience of smart search, and find your favorite titles faster. All you have to do is tell your remote. Plus you get recommendations for TV shows and movies based on your TV-watching habits.

The Contour TV app plays a vital role in stepping up your streaming game. It gives you access to live TV and On Demand content anytime on any screen. Catch up on your favorites even while you are on your way to a meeting. You can also use the app to stream TV from the comfort of your home.

Again, as a caution, do confirm Cox Contour offer and channel lineup availability at your specific address in Phoenix.


Plan Details


Call to Order

Contour TV Starter

· 75+ local networks

· Top broadcast networks including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, & more!

· One Contour box with Voice Remote included

· Premium add-ons available


Call to Order

Contour TV Preferred

· 140+ local and cable TV channels

· Popular cable channels, including local broadcast networks, ESPN, HGTV, USA, PBS, & more!

· One Contour box with Voice Remote included

· Customize with add-ons


Call to Order

Contour TV Ultimate

· 250+ local and cable TV channels

· Extensive lineup with premium networks like NFL Network, Disney Junior, HBO Max & more!

· One Contour box with Voice Remote included

· Exciting add-ons available


Call to Order

*Everyday low price. No annual contract.

Make Reliable Connections with Cox Phone Service in Phoenix, AZ

Who does not like the idea of enjoying unlimited talk time with loved ones? We are guessing no one!  With Cox phone service, you get the advantage of making unlimited calls anywhere in the U.S. as well as to Canada and Mexico. To sweeten the deal even more, over 20 popular calling features come included. You can block annoying robocalls, check before you pick with Caller ID, and save time with Speed Dial.

When you opt for Cox phone in your new Phoenix home, you are less likely to suffer dropped calls or voice distortion. Because Cox Voice uses a digital Fiber network, and using the newest tech Cox is able to deliver an HD calling experience.   

All in all for $20/mo. this is a bargain deal from Cox really. Especially when the Holiday season is here, just the time for unlimited talk time!

Build Your Own Cox Bundle in Phoenix, AZ

Some offers become popular as Cox bundles because many customers choose to package Cox services that way. But, Cox gives you complete freedom to pick any of its services and bundle up. You can pick any internet speed tier, any Contour TV channel lineup, add or not add phone. It is all up to how you want the Cox package to work for your home.

Explore each service. Learn about Cox Internet, TV and Voice. You can also take a look at Cox Homelife  products and services if interested. And then put together the bundle you think will do justice to your needs and money.

There You Are!

Now that you know what Cox has in store for you, it will be easier to browse through the options from Cox depending on what is available at your address. Not only you should take the time to assess the value of Cox plans, we recommend you speak to your neighbors in Phoenix about their experience with the provider. This is undoubtedly the best way to get a hands-on idea about real-time customer experience.  

And, once you are all set to subscribe to Cox deals in Phoenix, Arizona, get the support and assistance you need from Cox Customer Service at 1-855-349-9316. For Spanish customers, téléphone cox en espagnol: +1-844-520-8979 o Servicio Al Cliente Cox

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the cheapest Cox Package?

The cheapest Cox package for an internet plan would be Go Fast at $50 and Cox Contour TV Starter at $61. These plans are on everyday low pricing with no contracts.

What is the best Cox bundle service with Internet and TV?

The best Cox bundle service to get for Internet and TV is the Go Faster Internet + Preferred TV at $185 per month, with everyday low pricing with no contracts. To determine offer availability in your area, contact  Cox Customer Service  at 1-855-349-9316