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Can you imagine accomplishing your day-to-day tasks without internet? Of course not! When it comes to internet connectivity in this day and age, Spectrum has been propelling things like no other. Spectrum is one of the most popular household names in the U.S. because of its ability to deliver fast internet connection across 41 states

The provider does not only offer its unmatched internet services to 30+ million U.S. residents but also includes a properly functioning Spectrum router device to enable strong WiFi coverage across the residence.

Why Is It a Good Idea to Reset Spectrum Router?

Let’s just say you have been a subscriber of Spectrum for a long time. And you are enjoying uninterrupted connectivity at all times. However, all of a sudden you noticed that your Spectrum router is not working out well for you. When you encounter such an issue, bear in mind that these things just kind of happen. Even with the best tech available, and the sturdiest internet service, you’re sure to face connectivity issues. And, as frustrating as it might be, you’ll simply have to contend with it. Even with a great provider like Spectrum, there’s no way around it.

Often times though, it’s not the on-again-off-again internet signal that is as much of an issue, rather calling customer support to resolve the problem that is the anxiety-inducing part. It can take a while to get through to them and communicate the problem you’re facing. And, more time still until they can successfully troubleshoot the issue. Because mind you, there will be some wrong answers before they reach the right one.

And, after a few painstaking hours have passed, you are more likely to find that connectivity issues were the result of a loose wire or such. Something that could be easily fixed without having to navigate the labyrinth of customer service. In such instances, you cannot help but wonder why you didn’t take matters into your own hands. Well, then it’s time you started doing so.

Many problems with the internet can be easily resolved. After working endless hours, the device just needs time off. So, shutting it down and restarting it can do wonders. What’s more, it is said a router reset is good for your online security, so getting well-versed in the process is an essential skill.

It’s not very technical if you’re worried about that. Especially with Spectrum Internet, the provider pretty much ensures everything is as user-friendly as can be. If you follow the steps outlined in the guide below, you’ll be done with a Spectrum WiFi router reset in no time — even if you are not tech-savvy.

How to Reset Your Spectrum Router

Resetting your Spectrum WiFi router is fairly simple. You can do it with your eyes closed if you know what you’re doing. For first-timers though, here are different methods with detailed instructions on the reset/reboot process, so there is no confusion whatsoever.

Method #1: Spectrum Modem & Router

Note that the steps below are to be followed if you are using a modem with a separate WiFi router.

  1. To start with, check if your modem & and router devices are securely plugged into the power source, and all cables are securely connected to both devices.
  2. Now that you’ve made sure there’s no issue with wires and power cord, you can start the reset process.
  3. Shut down any device directly connected to your modem and router devices.
  4. Unplug your modem from the power source. Remove batteries if there are any.
  5. Then unplug the power cord from the Spectrum router.
  6. Give it at least one minute. Let the devices cool down. And, then put the batteries, if any, back into the modem, and connect it to the power source again.
  7. Keep in mind that if you’ve Spectrum Voice, you may experience service disruption during the reset.
  8. Be patient, and let your modem take its time to power up and reboot — which can take up to 2 minutes. Once that is done, the status indicators on the modem will light up. This means the modem is now powered and connected to the internet.
  9. Now, plug your router back into the power source. And, wait two minutes for it to restart.
  10. When the lights on the router become stable, that’s your cue. All devices connected wirelessly are ready to go online.
  11. Power up your computer and open a browser to verify your Spectrum Internet connection is working properly.

See, that was easy, wasn’t it? Just be sure to give your router enough rest. Once it’s up and running again, take a  speed test for Spectrum to ensure that the router is performing. No matter which Spectrum internet plans you are subscribed to, you will be able to gauge your current internet speed via the speed test.

Method #2: Spectrum Router & Modem Combo Device

Well, the process is similar and just as simple. The only difference is that this is applicable to a one-piece modem/router combo device (Wireless Gateway). Mind you, the same applies if you are dealing with a modem only.

  1. Unplug your Spectrum gateway or modem from the power source. And, remove any batteries it may have.
  2. Then wait for one minute before you put the batteries back in if any. And, reconnect your gateway or modem to the power source.
  3. Wait for two more minutes, until the device restarts. The status lights will let you know when it is on and connected to the internet.
  4. Check to see if all your wireless devices are back online.

There you go! We said it was simple right? Well, now you should be able to do it without anxiety.

Method #3: Reset Your Spectrum WiFi Router Online

If you do not want to go the manual way, Spectrum makes it extremely easy for you to take the online route to reset your Spectrum router. You can view the status of your internet equipment or reset your device(s) via your Spectrum account too. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Sign in to or the My Spectrum App.
  2. Select the Services tab on the account summary page.
  3. Then select the Internet sub-tab from the Services & Equipment menu.
  4. Navigate to the gateway, modem, or router that you want to reset. And, select the ‘Experiencing Issues?’ option.
  5. Next, select the Reset Equipment option.

Resetting the Spectrum WiFi Router Didn’t Solve the Problem?

In case rebooting/resetting the Spectrum WiFi router does not solve the connectivity problem you are facing, Spectrum advises you to call its tech support. Or you can refer to the internet equipment’s user manual.

Generally speaking, all routers have a reset button at the rear or on the underside. This is used to reset the device back to factory settings.

If you are using your own device with Spectrum Internet, and think a hard reset will fix network issues, then don’t forget a hard reset will result in you losing all current network settings. So, it is advisable to make note of things like the network name (SSID) and password, etc., before you go ahead with the factory reset.

Once that is taken care of, get ahold of a straightened-out paper clip or a fine hairpin for that matter. And press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds before releasing it. The router must be powered on when you do this. Following the reset, the device will start with default settings and you can go ahead and set it up like before.

Moreover, you can even perform a factory reset for your Spectrum internet device via the My Spectrum App or web portal.

Should You Reset Your Spectrum WiFi Router Often?

While there is no definite rule on the matter, there’s also no harm in resetting your Spectrum WiFi router. Even when you’re not facing connectivity issues, you may consider resetting the device. We’d suggest you do this once in a couple of months to keep your internet connection on its toes. Because this measure helps disrupt any malware lurking in the system and ensures the software remains up to date. We’d say this is one habit you must try to cultivate. And, if you think you may forget the task, you can set reminders.

While you’re at it, also consider a Spectrum password reset. With detailed instructions on how to change your Spectrum WiFi password, it will not take you much time to get it done. A periodic Spectrum password reset can keep your in-home network safe from unwelcome intrusions.

Final Words

Slow internet is the last thing anyone wants. But often your negligence causes you to suffer through such an occurrence. Rebooting or resetting the router is a small task that can be really beneficial in the long run. So make sure you develop this into a habit.

Now that you know how to reset your Spectrum router, you will be able to get your connection back in no time. Hopefully, the steps laid out above will help clarify any confusion you had about the process. However, if the aforementioned reset tips don’t help, it is possible that your online connectivity needs have surpassed over time. If you have some other questions related to Spectrum offers or Spectrum WiFi, you can give Spectrum a call at 855-423-0918 Spectrum will be glad to guide you as necessary!

With that said, stay safe, and best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to buy a modem separately for Spectrum Internet?

Spectrum now offers a modem-router combo device (a.k.a wireless gateway) free of charge when you subscribe to its internet plans so you won’t need to buy one. Call 855-423-0918 for more details.

What’s the data limit for Spectrum?

Spectrum Internet delivers high-speed internet with no data caps. Nor does the provider have a contract. This makes it one of the best services to sign up for. You can call 855-423-0918 for pro advice and subscription.

How much does Spectrum Internet cost?

The most basic Spectrum internet plan offers speeds up to 300 Mbps, and costs $49.99 a month with auto pay, excluding taxes, fees, and other charges that you’ll have to pay.

Can you buy a router and use it with Spectrum internet?

Yes, you can. In fact, that might be a more budget-friendly option. But please make sure you know which WiFi routers are compatible with Spectrum Internet .