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Do you ever wonder why do you often find yourself exploring Comcast Internet plans? There can be varied reasons behind this exploration. From a high Xfinity bill to the your current internet speed tier not meeting your household needs, it could be a myriad of factors that drive you to research Xfinity offers in your area. Anyhow, it is only logical to evaluate what you are getting from your current Xfinity Internet subscription. And look for ways to make it cost less without compromising on the essentials.

Read on to learn some simple tips and tricks that today’s article shares. Chances are what we talk about here will help you lower your Xfinity bill.   

1.    Trim Your TV Channels

Why do you need to have a loaded Xfinity channel lineup with countless networks you’ve not bothered to watch it for months on end? It does not make any sense to have a huge list of channels when your priority networks are a select few. Channels that you don’t even pause at even when mindlessly surfing through, are not worth paying for having in your cable TV plan. Which makes it necessary for you to revisit your subscription, and look for alternatives.

This does not mean we’re asking you to ditch your cable TV entertainment and cut the cord. Rather we’re directing you towards downsizing the channel package you are signed up for. It will help you pay for channels you really watch which are obviously fewer and will surely save a good amount of money in your pocket.

Check out the lower tiers of Xfinity TV plans. If you watch only broadcast TV or need only the popular essentials on top, you can go for the 125+ channel lineup instead of 185+. Or perhaps a double play with Choice TV, which will give you all the most-watched local broadcast TV and public access networks.  

We’re sure with a downsized plan that covers your essential entertainment needs, you’ll see a significant difference in the cost of your Xfinity TV subscription.   

2.    Reduce Your Internet Speed

Coming to your internet service cost. Here too, it won’t hurt to reassess how much speed do you need to run standard usage. Check out the activities which can be let go of, and cut down on the number of devices that connect at the same time. And see what is a good minimum download speed your home can run on.

The 100 Mbps Comcast Internet plan can easily take care of standard internet consumption in most American homes. If you are currently on a 200 or 300 Mbps plan, you can always downgrade to a slower speed without sacrificing the quality of your connection. Like so you’ll be able to chop quite a few dollars off your monthly internet bill.  

3.    Limit Your Data Usage

In service regions where Xfinity Internet plans come with a data cap, you get 1.2 TB which is virtually unlimited from the viewpoint of standard home usage. But if bandwidth extensive activities are routine in your household, it can be so there is a breach of the data cap every once in a while. 

While Xfinity does not charge you an overage fee the first time you exceed your data allowance in a 12-month period, it is better to save yourself from having to pay a $10 overage fee and keep an eye on your data consumption throughout the month.

4.    Ditch the Rental Equipment

We understand the quality of home WiFi via the Xfinity xFi Gateway is superior to what you may be able to get from another wireless modem. But Xfinity does allow you to BYOD. So, if you are tech-savvy cut out the monthly rental by using your own modem router. If however, you do not feel confident about managing the upkeep of your internet equipment, we’d recommend not compromising on this aspect, and swallowing the $14/mo. rental fee.  

As for the X1 TV box, it gives you one of the best entertainment operating systems in the industry and a unique integrated experience. But if you wish to cut out the rental cost of the set-top box, and are able to maintain your own device, BYOD. Again, for the less tech-savvy it is recommended to be prudent and not try to cut out on the $8.50 rental fee. What you can however do is ditch any additional TV boxes you may be using. This will help bring down the total per month rental charge.

Just make sure when you purchase the internet equipment or the set-top box, these are compatible with the Xfinity services you are subscribed to.  

5.    Negotiate a Lower Cost

Last but not least, negotiate! When your promotional offer comes to an end, and the cost of your Xfinity Internet plan or bundle hikes up to the standard rate, speak to the Xfinity billing customer service representatives. Whether you wish to remove or downgrade your TV plan or subscribe to a lower speed tier, it is all possible. Just that you may have to be persistent in taking a stand.  

We do recommend before getting onto a call with Xfinity, you check out the available offers in your area, both for existing and new customers. This way you will be well informed when presenting your case to Xfinity billing customer service. Click here and use the smart search tool to find the best and latest Xfinity Internet deals and bundles in your area.

Final Thoughts

All these simple tips are pretty much doable. Yes, there will be some compromise involved. But, without downsizing the channel lineup or downgrading the speed tier, you cannot really expect your bill to drop. The good thing is Xfinity Internet and TV services allow you a good choice. So even when you choose to stick only to the essential channels, or just the necessary download speed, you’re likely to have a satisfactory experience. Just make sure you present your case to Xfinity billing customer service with clarity and calm conviction. You get more flies with honey than vinegar!  


What is the cheapest Comcast Internet plan?

Which Comcast Internet plan is the cheapest, depends strictly on your location. Xfinity Internet offers the same speed tiers in its 3 service regions, however, the pricing, as well as the terms and conditions vary. Click here to use your ZIP code to pull all available offers in your area.

Does Comcast impose any data caps?

Yes and no. While Xfinity caps its internet plans at 1.2 TB in most markets, select service areas are excluded for now. The 1.2 TB data allowance is sufficient for standard usage in the majority of American homes. Plus Xfinity does not charge you an overage fee the first time you exceed the data limit in a 12-month period.