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DIRECTV has revolutionized how an average American household watches TV and consumes entertainment content. It has housed all the features and perks a TV buff looks for, along with advanced TV features that take the entire experience up a notch.

It offers two types of TV viewing options: DIRECTV via Satellite or the Internet. Whichever option you prefer, one thing is guaranteed — you get access to thousands of on-demand titles with DIRECTV. From on-demand TV shows to the latest Hollywood hits to premium content, the DIRECTV On Demand library is huge.

So, whether you have kids at home or are a die-hard sports fan, you must tune into DIRECTV On Demand and experience TV the new way. Here is a complete guide on how to get DIRECTV On Demand.

How to Get DIRECTV On Demand

With DIRECTV via Satellite

For DIRECTV via Satellite viewers, getting On Demand is quite easy. You will find DIRECTV On Demand movies and shows that are included in your subscribed package and are available in your area.

Simply, go to DIRECTV On Demand channel number 1000 or channel number 1100 to find an exhaustive On Demand library. You can also press the “Menu” button on your DIRECTV remote to access the DIRECTV On Demand library.

Once you have opened the library, you can choose from a variety of playback options. These options include:

  • Watch Now: the title will play immediately
  • Record: the title will be downloaded in your playlist to watch later
  • Add to Queue: the title may not be available presently, but will download in your playlist when available

You can also explore the On Demand options offered by various networks, such as Disney and Discovery Channel. To see if a channel has On Demand offerings, add a “1” at the beginning of the channel number. For example, if the Nick Jr. channel number is 301, you will look for 1301 to find its On Demand offering, if any.

Note: Some content may not be available without a stable internet connection. You might need to download some titles in order to watch them On Demand. Therefore, make sure you are connected to reliable internet with a generous bandwidth to ensure speedy downloads and streaming.

With DIRECTV via Internet

Getting DIRECTV On Demand is a matter of a few clicks for DIRECTV via Internet users. To get DIRECTV On Demand while using the service, follow these steps:

  1. Switch on your TV and the DIRECTV device
  2. Launch the DIRECTV Home Screen
  3. Select “On Demand” from the Home Screen
  4. Use the arrows on your DIRECTV remote to browse through the library
  5. Select or hover over a title to see its details
  6. Select either of the playback options:
  • Play: to immediately play the title
  • Bookmark: to watch later
  • To search particular titles and content from the DIRECTV On Demand library, here is what you can do:

    1. Use the Google Assistant voice control feature on the DIRECTV remote to search for a title. Apple TV remote users must use the Siri voice assistant
    2. Use the search bar on the top and type in your desired title
    3. Use the Filters tab to narrow down your choices and find exactly the title you are in search for

    Note: Whether or not any content is playable is subject to network availability.

    With DIRECTV App

    All DIRECTV packages give you access to a new and advanced way of enjoying TV even when on the go. The packages come with the DIRECTV App – the ultimate one-stop solution to having all your entertainment just a tap away.

    The DIRECTV App is the easiest way to get DIRECTV On Demand on your mobile devices, tablets, or smart TVs. Once you have made sure that your device is connected to a reliable internet connection, follow these steps to find On Demand content on the DIRECTV App:

    1. If you have not yet downloaded the app, download it from:
      1. Google Play Store for Android devices
      2. Apple App Store for iOS devices
    2. Log in to the app with your DIRECTV credentials
    3. From the Home Screen, select your choice of title

    You will find all Live TV and On Demand content on this app. To search for particular programs, you may type in the title or any other details, such as the lead actor’s name, in the search bar. There are also several filters that you can use to find more accurate results. The app also provides special categories, such as “Recently Added” and “New This Month” to help you pick something good to watch On Demand on DIRECTV.

    DIRECTV Packages


    • 75+ channels, including household names such as Disney Channel, ESPN, and CNN
    • Local channels included
    • First Gemini device included
    • Access to premium networks included

    for 24 mos. + taxes & fees.


    • 105+ channels, including sports favorites such as Big Ten Network, MLB Network, NBA TV, and ACC
    • Local channels included
    • First Gemini device included
    • Regional Sports Networks included
    • Special access to premium networks
    • DVR service included
    for 24 mos. + taxes & fees. Regional Sports Fee up to $13.99/mo. is extra & applies.


    • 140+ channels, including popular entertainment names such as FX Movie Channel, STARZ Encore, CBS Sports Network, & Discovery Family
    • Local channels included
    • First Gemini device includes
    • Regional Sports Networks included
    • Special offers for premium networks
    • DVR Service included
    for 24 mos. + taxes & fees. Regional Sports Fee up to $13.99/mo. is extra & applies.


    • 150+ channels, including premium networks like Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ, Cinemax & more
    • Local channels included
    • Premium networks included
    • First Gemini device included
    • Regional Sports Networks included
    • DVR services included
    for 24 mos. + taxes & fees. Regional Sports Fee up to $13.99/mo. is extra & applies.

    *ARS Fee $15/mo. is extra and applies.

    *Via Satellite req'd 24-mo. agmt.

    *AutoPay and Paperless Bill req’d

    *Data effective as of published date. For the latest plans and prices, call 855-737-0235.

    In the End

    We hope this article proved to be helpful to you in finding On Demand Content on DIRECTV. No matter which DIRECTV package you opt for, you get to access a huge library of On Demand content that you can watch anytime, anywhere. Plus, you'll get to experience the best of TV technology with a user-friendly mobile app, an on-screen search & guide feature, and an advanced voice-enabled remote control. DIRECTV has everything you need for a great TV experience. You can too enjoy all these perks with thousands of great quality content at your fingertips by subscribing to DIRECTV packages. Just call DIRECTV at 855-737-0235 and get started now!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

    Does DIRECTV have On Demand?

    Yes, DIRECTV packages come with thousands of free On Demand titles that you can access through the DIRECTV App or the DIRECTV Gemini device. Call DIRECTV customer service at 855-737-0235 to subscribe to its packages now.

    Is DIRECTV On Demand free?                     

    Yes, DIRECTV On Demand is included free of cost in your choice of package. To discover DIRECTV packages and prices, visit here or call 855-737-0235.

    How to get DIRECTV On Demand?

    You can get DIRECTV On Demand by tuning into channel number 1000 or channel number 1100 to find the on-demand content. You can also use the DIRECTV remote and click on ‘Menu’, and select On Demand from there. DIRECTV via Internet users can view On Demand content through the DIRECTV device. DIRECTV subscribers can also access On Demand through the DIRECTV App.

    How much time does DIRECTV On Demand take to start working?

    As soon as you subscribe to DIRECTV, you can access thousands of On Demand content in its library. However, the speed at which the content downloads on your device will depend on the internet bandwidth and speed you are using.