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DIRECTV is a household name in the U.S., owing to its ubiquitous availability from coast-to-coast―the top-rated satellite TV service is accessible wherever you can catch a clear view of the southern sky. Plus it has earned itself a name among sports lovers across the country―for being their “home for sports”. And now, the pioneer of satellite-powered entertainment in the U.S., has launched the new face of its product lineup so it can better meet what the consumer demands.

DIRECTV now offers you more choice―from the get-go. If you live where you have access to fast and reliable wired internet, and you prefer to stream TV, you can choose to watch DIRECTV via Internet rather than via Satellite. Each service delivery type has its own perks and unique features―that are fit for a range of preferences. 

In this article we discuss what you must know about DIRECTV via Internet―features, perks, pricing, and more―read on to find out more.

  • You can connect with your existing internet service―it’s an easy self-install
  • 75 to 150+ of America’s most popular channels including sports networks
  • Watch with the all-new Gemini device that comes included
  • Unlimited cloud DVR storage
  • Carry your entertainment everywhere with the DIRECTV App
  • Plans start at $64.99/mo. with a 2-year low price guarantee!

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What Is DIRECTV via Internet?

DIRECTV via Internet is the new face of DIRECTV STREAM―you can think of it is a re-branded product. Essentially it is still a live-streaming service, but certainly revamped to deliver a more streamlined experience of TV viewing for cord-cutters.  

The good thing about the service is, you don’t need to bundle it with any specific high-speed internet service―you can easily run it on your existing connection if the speed you’ve signed up for is adequate. DIRECTV recommends a minimum of 8 Mbps per stream.

It works just like any other live streaming service via an internet connection, using the all-new Gemini device that comes included in the price. You do not need a satellite dish or a cable box. The setup is simple, and self-installing is quick and easy. All you need to do is hook up the HDMI cord, power the device on, and connect to your home Wi-Fi. 

Why Choose DIRECTV via Internet?

DIRECTV via Internet offers some delightful features and perks―that draw upon the service provider’s long history at delivering satellite TV entertainment. DIRECTV has always been able to bring an elite TV viewing experience to American homes. Likewise, the live streaming service from DIRECTV is designed to let you enjoy an elite streaming TV experience, so to speak.

Take a look at some of the exclusive perks you get to enjoy when you sign up for DIRECTV via Internet:

  • Integrated entertainment―there is no need to switch inputs with the advanced DIRECTV equipment. Gemini allows you access to your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, MAX and more, from the same place as live TV.
  • With the integrated voice remote that comes with Gemini, you can search live TV and On-Demand content, change channels, and do more with just voice commands.
  • Unlimited Cloud DVR recording―your recordings expire after 9 months
  • Interactive on-screen guide with previews and the 72-hour lookback feature
  • Where available, you can stream favorites in 4K―the industry’s best picture format
  • Access live TV and recorded shows at home or on the go with the easy-to-use DIRECTV app―you can run concurrent streams on up to 3 devices
  • Premium networks―MAX, SHOWTIME, STARZ, MGM+, and Cinemax are included for the first 3 months at no extra cost

DIRECTV via Internet Channels: What Can You Watch?

DIRECTV via Internet lets you enjoy all your favorite TV channels in a variety of service tiers. Essentially you get a channel lineup similar to what DIRECTV via Satellite offers, only fewer in number. Satellite TV services are known to offer a variety of networks that is bigger and more versatile than even cable, let alone a live streaming service―primarily because of the difference in technologies that are utilized.

With that said, you can stream a range of channels from 75+ to 150+ with different DIRECTV via Internet service plans―each offers a fine selection to choose from. The good thing is, local broadcast TV networks are included alongside American Cable favorites. Plus, except the starting package, all service tiers carry regional sports networks. Access to local and regional sports content, and the variety of programming overall, gives DIRECTV via Internet a clear edge over other live streaming services in the market.

To top up live TV streaming, there is free access to on-demand content from channels on your chosen lineup―so you can watch favorites on your timeline. 

DIRECTV via Internet: Plans & Pricing

DIRECTV has simplified its plans and pricing following the recent revamp of its product lineup. Whether you go for DIRECTV via Internet or Satellite, plans are named the same, and carry the same price. All service plans give you a 2-year price guarantee, albeit other terms and conditions do depict variations.

DIRECTV via Internet is perfect for anyone who lives in an urban or suburban area with access to wired high-speed internet, and has resolved to cut the cord. From essential to premium entertainment, these plans cover the entire range of programming most watched in the U.S.

Let us take a quick look at DIRECTV plans that you can enjoy via internet.   

Plan No. of Channels Price



for 24 months plus taxes and fees Advanced Receiver Service Fee $15/mo. is extra and applies.



for 24 months plus taxes and fees Advanced Receiver Service Fee $15/mo. is extra and applies.



for 24 months plus taxes and fees Advanced Receiver Service Fee $15/mo. is extra and applies.



for 24 months plus taxes and fees Advanced Receiver Service Fee $15/mo. is extra and applies.

*Data effective as of publish date. For the latest plans & prices in your area call at 855-737-0235.


To find out about the latest specials and deals, speak to DIRECTV customer service

Enjoy Advanced Features with DIRECTV Gemini

As we said earlier the DIRECTV via Internet service includes Gemini in the price―an intelligent and intuitive device that powers your viewing experience. In its design, it is sleek-looking and trendy so it goes with whatever the vibe of your TV space. But it is not all about aesthetics, rather superior technology that has a lot to offer.

Enjoy integrated access to live TV, On Demand, and streaming apps, all in one place. Gemini connects seamlessly to the internet and allows you to search for content, and do more with verbal commands― Google Assistant makes your viewing experience hands-free, and hassle-free. Gemini is designed to deliver a seamless wireless 4K experience, and also lets you tune into shows and movies aired up to 3 days ago.

The device is a $120 value but the first one comes included in your service plan; additional Gemini devices can be added at cost.

Watch on-the-go with DIRECTV App

There is no reason why your entertainment cannot be just as mobile as you are. The DIRECTV App makes it super easy for you to carry your entertainment wherever you go, on any of your compatible devices. The DIRECTV app supports unlimited streams on your home network, and up to 3 simultaneous streams on-the-go―there is always something to kill the boredom. Watch live TV, pause and rewind content, as you like, you can access live TV and your recordings, and discover new content to watch, anytime, anywhere in the U.S.   

Which Devices Are Compatible with DIRECTV App?

A large number of devices is compatible with the DIRECTV App―here is a listing of devices that you can download the DIRECTV App on.

  • Apple TV HD (4th gen) & 4K, iPhone, iPad running on iOS 14 or later
  • Google TV, Chromecast with Google TV, Android TV, Devices with Chromecast built in, Smartphones or tablet running Android 7.1 or later
  • Amazon Fire TV (2nd gen or higher), Fire TV Stick (2nd gen or higher), Smart TV (2nd gen or higher) and Fire TV Cube
  • Most Roku devices and models―Roku 1-4, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Express, Roku Premiere, Roku Ultra, 4K and non-4K Roku TV, Roku Smart Soundbar


Following the launch of DIRECTV via Internet in April 2023, customers looking for a cable-like experience without the fuss of cable boxes, or satellite dishes, have an excellent option on hand. One that is flexible, readily accessible, and comes at a great price, with many value perks. Whether you just want to stream via the existing internet connection at your home, or you’d prefer to bundle with AT&T Fiber at an equally great price, DIRECTV via Internet is a no-brainer option if you’ve resolved to cut the cord.

For details on all DIRECTV via Internet plans, and to order, speak to DIRECTV customer service representatives. They can also help you determine if AT&T Fiber is available in your area. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is DIRECTV via Internet?

DIRECTV via Internet is a live streaming service that brings you top-quality TV entertainment. You can connect via your existing high-speed internet connection, or bundle with AT&T Fiber. DIRECTV via Internet plans start at $64.99 per month for 75+ channels. For more information contact DIRECTV Customer Service at 855-737-0235.

How much Is DIRECTV via Internet per month?

DIRECTV via Internet plans start at $64.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee. Price includes the first Gemini device and unlimited Cloud DVR. For more information, speak to DIRECTV customer service representatives at 855-737-0235.

What equipment do I need to use DIRECTV STREAM?

DIRECTV STREAM is a discontinued product. DIRECTV now offers its via Internet service that you can connect through your existing internet connection. All DIRECTV via Internet plans include the Gemini device which connects to your home Wi-Fi and TV. For more information, speak to DIRECTV customer service representatives at 855-737-0235.

Are There Commercials on DIRECTV via Internet?

DIRECTV via Internet is a live streaming service, and ads do run on live channels just as on any type of TV service.