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Prank calls have always been a pain to deal with. Sure the person on the other end has a fun time, but for those answering these calls, it is extremely annoying. Unfortunately, this has only gone worse with time, and now it is not just about someone deciding to get a little kick from winding up others.

Each day, your number is sure to receive a barrage of automated telemarketing calls, as more and more businesses try to sell you something or the other. And, if you’re waiting for an important call, it can become frustrating beyond belief. There has to be a way around it, right? With mega advances in technology, someone somewhere must have developed an effective method to put an end to this. Well, luckily yes!

With the advent of the digitization of phone services, service providers like Spectrum™ have come to include a contemporary residential voice service in their list of offerings. The Spectrum home phone service is committed to customer satisfaction. And, offers over 28 digital features, which help you streamline your day-to-day communication, and avoid unwanted calls. Spectrum has invested effort in the development of tools, that assist your fast-paced daily schedule and eliminate unwelcome calls too. If you make good use of these, chances are your home phone would be cured of incessant ringing.

So, for those looking into how to stop unwanted phone calls on landline here are some features Spectrum phone has to offer.

Block Unwanted and Anonymous Calls on Spectrum Home Phone

Whether it is prank calls, or unwanted people badgering you with or without a caller ID number, Spectrum has you covered on this front.

Spectrum Home Phone lets you block selective numbers as long as you know them. You can block up to 30 phone numbers as Unwanted. So, when these numbers call, they’ll hear a polite pre-recorded message telling them you’re not taking any calls for the time being. After trying multiple times, these callers are sure to give up on you and move on. Or even if they call, it won’t be your problem and you won’t have to deal with it. Rather the Spectrum phone service will automatically take care of it.

To activate the feature, just dial *60 from your phone, and if at any point you want to deactivate the feature, dial *80 and you’ll be done.

You can also activate the service feature through your online Spectrum account. Once you sign in, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the phone icon.
  2. Once you are on the VoiceZone platform, go to Settings
  3. Select the Edit option next to the Privacy Setting
  4. Choose Block Unwanted Callers as well as Block Anonymous Calls options.
  5. After you have chosen to activate the feature, save changes. Add whatever numbers are bothering you for the first option and that should be all you need.

Voila! You have successfully blocked all sorts of annoying calls!

Block Telemarketing & Robocalls on Spectrum Home Phone

Spectrum understands the security threat posed by unwanted or fraudulent calls. That is why the Spectrum home phone service comes with the Call Guard feature. Like its predecessor i.e. the Nomorobo, Call Guard promises an end to unsolicited calls. The all-new Spectrum Call Guard not only blocks malicious robocalls. But, is able to give a Caller ID alert for other telemarketing calls. Its advanced tech enables the Call Guard to analyze call patterns and screen incoming calls in real-time. And, this is how it manages to alert you about potential spam and robocalls.

Call Guard is automatically activated for all Spectrum home phone subscribers. If you want you can manage the Call Guard feature via your Spectrum account. Here you’ll be able to add phone numbers to the Allow List. This way, your selected numbers are not blocked, nor are you alerted about incoming calls from these numbers. Here is how you can access the Call Guard feature via your Spectrum account:

  1. Sign in to your Spectrum account.
  2. Go to the Services tab and then the Voice sub-tab.
  3. Select the Manage Call Guard option.
  4. Here you can enable or disable the feature, view calls blocked by the Call Guard, and also manage your Allow List.

The Spectrum phone service blocks all incoming collect calls too. You can request a change in this feature by contacting Spectrum Customer Service. Spectrum professionals will guide you through the process.

Access Other Voice Features on Spectrum Phone

As we said earlier, the Spectrum home phone service comes with a good number of digital calling features. It can get quite overwhelming to manage them if you set out to make the best use of each.

By accessing your Spectrum account online, however, you can take control of the various features included in your Spectrum phone service. Quite similar to how you access and manage call blocking options, you can manage other features too.  

  1. Sign in to your Spectrum account.
  2. Go to the phone icon and click on it.
  3. You’ll be directed to the Voice Zone platform.
  4. Click on Settings.
  5. If you have more than one Spectrum phone line make sure you select the right number when making changes.
  6. Here you will find quite a few categories: Peace & Quiet, Voicemail Settings, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, VIP ringing, 3-Way Calling.
  7. Each category will allow you the option to Edit.
  8. Change your Spectrum phone feature(s) settings.
  9. And then Save Changes.

Your online Spectrum account not only gives you access to Spectrum block call features in one place but many other useful ones. And, helps you customize each according to your needs.

Final Words

Unwanted callers are a nuisance, to say the least. And, they should be done away with before they ruin your day. By activating these features you won’t have to deal with them on a daily basis. So, go ahead and get working. Sure, it’ll take some time when you first set it all up. But it’d be worth it. With simplified instructions, you won’t have trouble figuring it all out. If at any point you get confused, Spectrum supportis just a call away. Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many numbers can the Spectrum call blocking feature block?

The Spectrum call-blocking feature allows you to block 30 numbers. You also have the Call Guard which takes care of all telemarketing and robocalls, and the Anonymous Call Block feature which picks on all calls without a caller ID.

What number activates the reject anonymous call feature?

To reject calls from an anonymous number, dial *77 from your phone, and activate the Anonymous Call Blocking feature.

Is Call Guard free for Spectrum subscribers?

Yes, the Call Guard feature is free for Spectrum users. In fact, it comes enabled for all Spectrum home phone subscribers.