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Spectrum Internet is one of the leading internet providers in the US, offering services in 41 states. With internet speeds going as high as 1 Gig, you can rely on Spectrum Internet Only Plans for a superb experience. If you’re curious about internet-only plans by Spectrum, then continue reading to find out what plans Spectrum is offering, and get one today!

How Much Is Spectrum Internet Only Plan?

The good thing is that Spectrum offers internet only plans starting at just $49.99 (for 12 months with Auto Pay). You get up to 300 Mbps download speed that will enable you to stream in HD, work from home without lag, and play games on multiple devices without any hassle.

In addition, you get no data caps or contracts, and even a free Internet modem, access to Spectrum WiFi hotspots, Spectrum App, free antivirus, and a 30-day money-back guarantee! Great, right? So, call (844) 760-4220 and get the plan right away!

All Spectrum Internet Only Plans

If you’re looking for Standalone Spectrum Internet Plans of different speed tiers, then check out the detailed plans along with their prices below:

Spectrum Internet®

The Spectrum Internet plan is good for you if you plan on using the internet on a few devices. Moreover, this plan is also suitable if you’re working from home, and want to stream content whenever you want on your laptop/ PC or smartphone. Check out the plan’s details below:

Spectrum Internet®

From $49.99/mo.
For 12 months* with Auto Pay

Internet speeds up to 300 Mbps

Work from home & stream HD shows on multiple devices at once

Call to Order

Spectrum Internet® Ultra

The Spectrum Internet Ultra meets your diverse needs by offering up to 500 Mbps fast download speeds. You can stream HD content on multiple devices, enjoy gaming, and surf the internet without any hassle. Check out the plan’s details:

Spectrum Internet® Ultra

From $69.99/mo
For 24 months* with Auto Pay

Up to 500 Mbps Download/ 20 Mbps upload speeds

No Data Caps

No Contracts

Call to Order

Offer, speed and channel availability may vary by location.

You can also check out the detailed blog on Spectrum Internet® Ultra to know more about the plan, or contact (844) 760-4220 to place your order!

Spectrum Internet® Gig

Spectrum Internet® Gig

From $79.99/mo
For 24 months* with Auto Pay

Up to 1 Gigs** Download/ 35 Mbps

upload speeds

No Data Caps

No Contracts

Call to Order

**Price for Gig speed additional. Gig capable modem required for Gig speed. For a list of Gig capable modems, visit ©2024 Charter Communications

When we talk about Spectrum Internet Gig, you can expect superfast speeds up to 1 Gbps. With this plan, you can stream content in 4K, game, and stream simultaneously, and enjoy using multiple devices without any hassle. Check out the plan’s details below:

If you want, you can check out our Spectrum Internet Gig review to know why it’s such an in-demand plan and why you should get your hands on it today!

What Is Spectrum Internet-Only Plan Best For?

The Spectrum Internet Only plan brings several perks that make it best for many users. Let’s check them out below:

  • You get to pay only for Spectrum Internet, which is good for those looking for just an internet connection for their homes/ offices, etc.
  • The speeds are great, going as high as 1 Gbps, accommodating needs such as streaming YouTube, Netflix, etc., gaming, working from home, and more online activities.
  • You get no data caps, which means you can enjoy the speed of your plan limitlessly. No more speed-throttling data exhaustion and overage issues.
  • You get a free internet modem with your connection, and access to out-of-home Spectrum WiFi hotspots that will keep you connected wherever you go.
  • Spectrum Internet Only plans are readily available in most locations. Contact Spectrum customer service to know about availability.

Should You Buy Spectrum Internet Only?

The real question that pops up in your mind is “Should I buy Spectrum Internet only plan?” Well, here’s why you should and why you shouldn’t:

Buy Spectrum Internet Only Plan

  • To enjoy fast internet speeds with no data caps or contracts.
  • To get Spectrum Internet almost everywhere you go with WiFi hotspots
  • To enjoy messaging, voice, and video calling without any hassle
  • To stream content from numerous streaming sites and online sources
  • To pay a single internet bill every month.
  • Save money by buying just one service
  • To buy/ bundle with TV packages from Spectrum or any other provider

Don’t Buy Spectrum Internet Only Plan

  • If you want multiple services such as phone, cable TV plans, etc.
  • When you are usually traveling and need a cellular plan for on-the-go internet activity
  • When you want to watch on-demand content available exclusively on TV lineups
  • If you want to buy a TV package from another provider with a preferred lineup

How to Choose Spectrum Internet Only Plan?

If you’re looking to choose standalone Spectrum Internet plans, then here’s how you can pick the right plan for your needs:

Number of Users

The foremost thing you need to consider is the number of users that will be connected to the network. If you have 10 or more devices that you need to use simultaneously, then you should opt for Spectrum Internet Gig.

If you need to use 5-8 devices simultaneously, then you should opt for Spectrum Internet Ultra. If the user count is less than 5, then Spectrum Internet would be a good pick. Here’s an illustration to help you understand better:

Number of Users Internet Speed Required (excluding usage)
10+ At least 500 Mbps or more
5-8 At least 300 Mbps or more
Under 5 At least 100 Mbps or more

Type of Activity

People often buy a plan with a lower speed, thinking they don’t need more of it. Little do they know that this speed is only good for general browsing. Hence, before you buy a plan, consider your usage and speed requirements.

Hence, if you’re looking for something to accommodate high-end, speed-intensive tasks, then the Spectrum Internet Gig plan would do you justice. Otherwise, you can opt for Spectrum Internet Ultra too, which would be good if you’re using minimal devices simultaneously for speed-intensive tasks.

The Spectrum Internet isn’t recommended for high-end tasks as it lacks speed and can result in lags. But you can still opt for it if you have 1-3 devices to use the internet on. Here’s an illustration to help you understand how much internet does some common activities need:

Activity Internet Speed Required (for 1 device)
HD Streaming At least 5 Mbps or more
4K streaming At least 25 Mbps or more
Gaming + Streaming At least 100 Mbps or more
General Browsing At least 5 Mbps or more
Work from Home At least 10 Mbps or more
YouTube Streaming At least 5 Mbps or more
Video conferencing At least 5 Mbps or more
Data Migration At least 10 Mbps or more


Make sure the plan you’re opting for is within your budget. With the prices mentioned above, you can settle for any plan that you can buy easily, given it has the speed and the features you’re looking for.

Concluding Thoughts

Spectrum Internet plans are great as they offer great speeds, up to 1 Gbps, and are suitable for most users looking for just internet services. If you’re intrigued, you can contact Spectrum customer service at (855) 423-0918 and get a plan right away!


What is the cheapest Spectrum Internet plan?

You can get Spectrum Internet® plan starting at $49.99 for 12 months with Auto Pay.

How much internet does Spectrum give you?

Spectrum Internet only plans bring internet speeds starting from 300 Mbps up to 1 Gbps.

How much is Spectrum 300 Mbps internet?

The Spectrum 300 Mbps internet plan starts from $49.99 for 12 months with Auto Pay.


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