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If you are looking for a reliable internet service, odds are you have come across Cox Communications.

Cox Communications is the 3rd largest cable internet provider in the U.S., with services available to nearly 7 million people across 19 states and Washington, DC. Cox Internet plans bring great value for your money. One of the best things about Cox is it sells the entire range of its internet plans across its service area, meaning there are little to no chances of variations in network capacity and capability. All put together—widespread availability, excellent range of plans, and generous monthly data allowance—Cox Internet is a popular choice nationwide.

If you have been swayed by Cox’s sweet internet offers and reliable service, the big question that may cross your mind as a potential subscriber is how much does it cost to set up Cox Internet? To answer this question, let’s take a comprehensive look at the installation costs associated with a Cox Internet subscription.

Cox Internet Service: Installation Costs

Cox aims to provide you with not just the best internet service but the best post-purchase service too. To that end, it offers two different installation options—Cox Pro Connect and Cox Easy Connect. Let us discuss the two in a bit more detail, so you can understand the cost associated with each. Our guide will also help you choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

Cox Pro Connect

If you do not want to spend time struggling with cables and modem settings to set up your internet service, Cox Pro Connect is the perfect option for you. This professional installation service requires a trained technician to visit your house to handle the installation of your services. Plus, Cox charges a one-time installation fee of $100 for this service.

The biggest plus of Cox Pro Connect is you do not have to worry about doing anything, except scheduling an appointment for the technician visit. The technician comes well-equipped with all the tools necessary for installation. All you need to do during the installation process is sit back and relax while the technician sets up your internet service.

Cox Easy Connect

If you think the professional installation cost makes Cox Internet plan out of budget for you, Cox Easy Connect may be your safest bet. Cox Easy Connect is a self-installation kit for a simple and convenient approach to self-installation. You can get the installation kit delivered to your doorstep or grab it directly from a Cox store, whichever works best for you.

With the Easy Connect kit, you will have everything you need—including a coax cable, Ethernet cable,  power cord, and your gateway device—to set up your internet service. What further sweetens the deal is Cox Easy Connect service is completely free of cost, meaning you can save up to $100. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to save some money they would otherwise have to spend on professional installation.

Cox Self-Installation: Helpful Tips

The idea of self-installation may be intimidating, but it is not that difficult. Cox provides descriptive instruction manuals, guides, and a plethora of online tools that you can employ to aid the process. Furthermore, if you feel stuck at any point and run into a problem, you can reach out to Cox tech support online and get help.  

If you have decided to opt for self-installation, here are a few tips that will help you with the process:

  • Use the Cox app to get guidance. It is not essential to the installation process but provides incredibly useful tips that can help make the process easy.
  • Choose the coaxial outlet that allows a central placement of your modem so the signals are distributed evenly throughout your home.
  • You can connect to the router wirelessly but if you want to download large files or data efficiently, connect your laptop to the Ethernet cable.
  • Run a speed test after you have completed setting up the connection to identify any speed issues.
  • Watch the support videos present on the Easy Connect website in case you experience any problems. If you run into any issues, do not hesitate in calling Cox tech support at 1-866-867-7644 to get guidance.  

Should You Get Professional Help or Self-Install?

Whether you should get professional help or install the Cox Internet service yourself depends on your preference and budget. Here are the pros and cons of both options to help you decide better.

Cox Easy Connect

Cox Pro Connect


·        When you opt for self-installation, the Cox self-install kit comes free with your service.

·        Cox self-install kit will teach you how to install your own Cox Internet and share troubleshooting tips to fix common issues that you may encounter during the process

·        Cox self-installation option will allow you to install the Cox Internet yourself whenever you like.


·        Self-installation requires you to have some technical knowledge

·        There won’t be any professional to offer help for technical issues.


·        You don’t have to do anything except being available at the scheduled time.

·        The Technician will take care of any issues that arrive on-site.


·        Cox charges $100 for professional installation, which is pretty expensive

·        You will need to schedule an appointment with the technician, which may require a larger time commitment

There You Are!

We hope this guide helps answer all your questions and concerns regarding the costs associated with setting up Cox Internet. When you compare Cox Pro Connect and Cox Easy Connect, make sure to consider various aspects of each service to decide which one is a better fit for your needs and budget. And if you need assistance, reach out to Cox Customer Service at 1-855-349-9316 to get advice from experts to make an informed decision. Visit Cox En Español if you're a Spanish user.