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Newly subscribed to Hawaiian Telcom, and can’t figure out how to get started with your online account and the email?

Well our article today takes a look at how Hawaiian Telcom Internet and TV subscribers can create their online account, and start managing their Hawaiian Telcom affairs with ultimate convenience. Plus we will take a look at how you can get started with your HawaiianTel email. And we hope when you’re done reading you’ll feel less daunted about delving into the nitty gritty of your new Hawaiian Telcom subscription and more able to draw on the benefits it offers.  

How To Create Your Hawaiian Telcom Account?

Hawaiian Telcom facilitates your experience with its service(s) by giving you the opportunity to access and manage things via your Hawaiian Telcom account. Creating your online account is a great starting point in getting to know how you can leverage the various tools Hawaiian Telcom gives you to personalize your experience.

The process of creating your account is not the least complicated. Here are the few simple steps you need to follow. And you’ll be all ready to take control of your Hawaiian Telcom service(s). 

  1. Go to com/myaccount to start the process of registering your account
  2. Click on the Register Now link
  3. On the next screen, fill in your 15-digit Hawaiian Telcom account number. You will find it on top of your monthly invoice.
    Note: If you have not yet received your first bill, or you cannot locate a copy, check on the order confirmation email you must have received following your service subscription.
  4. Next click on Residential and fill in all the information to complete account registration. Once done you’ll have the username and password which comprises your Hawaiian Telcom login.
    Note: For residential services in the ZIP code field you must use the service address ZIP. If you are uncertain about what info you must share, just hover the cursor over that specific field of info and a pop-up will guide you.

How To Access Your Hawaiian Telcom Account?

Your Hawaiian Telcom account can be accessed in more than one way.

  • To login via the web page click here.
  • For those who feel more comfortable with using a mobile app as so many of us do, download the HT My Account app for your Android or iOS device from the Apple App Store or Google Play. This allows you the most convenient and flexible way of accessing your Hawaiian Telcom account.
  • And if you are subscribed to Hawaiian Telcom TV service, you can also sign into your Hawaiian Telcom account via your set-top box. Just press Go Interactive, and use the left/right arrow to scroll to Customer Care and select My Account. Next click on Select My TV services. You can then add TV packages, HD & DVR services, and premium or international networks.

What Can You Do via Your Hawaiian Telcom Account?

As we said, your Hawaiian Telcom account is a one stop solution available 24/7 for a number of service related aspects. With your Hawaiian Telcom account login, you can:

  • Access all your account information in one place, including account ID, contact info, products/services on your account etc. And, you can also change your account password.
  • View billing details, such as the due amount & the due date. Review billing history up to last 6 months. Make a one-time payment or setup AutoPay and sign up for paperless billing,
  • Check your HawaiianTel email account
  • Create support tickets or view the status of a current one. You can also update the ticket with info for Hawaiian Telcom support staff

How To Create & Access Your Hawaiiantel Email Account?

To get started, you need to first register your email address. You’ll be asked for the billing telephone number linked with your Hawaiian Telcom Internet account (use the one that shows on your billing statement). And also the last name of the account owner. To register the email account, you’ll be prompted to feed some basic info, and select a security question.

Once the registration process is complete you can use your HawaiianTel email login to gain access either via a third-party Client such as Outlook, or just use your Hawaiian Telcom webmail login here. If you wish to use a third-party email Client you can check for the Hawaiian email settings with the tech support staff.

Concluding Words

Whichever Hawaiian Telcom service you maybe subscribed to, we hope the information we’ve shared clarifies your confusion about the Hawaiian Telcom account & email login. It is only a smart move to shift your dealings with the provider online, and take control of managing your services by yourself with ease and flexibility. So, don’t hesitate from exploring the benefits Hawaiian Telcom account offers subscribers alongside its services!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I reach out to the Hawaiian Telcom Customer Service?

You can reach out a Hawaiian Customer Service representative 24/7 at 1-844-945-2202. They will direct you as necessary depending on the nature of your question/concern.    

What is the benefit of the online Hawaiian Telcom account?

With your online Hawaiian Telcom account, you can take control of a number of your service related aspects. For instance you can update your account information, products/services etc., view and pay bills, setup AutoPay and paperless billing, create service tickets and access support, as well as check your HawaiianTel email accounts.

How can I access my Hawaiian Telcom account?

You can access your Hawaiian Telcom account in more than one way. If you are a PC person, use the web to sign into your account. If you prefer the ease and flexibility of ready access via a mobile app, download the HT My Account app for your device from the Google Play or Apple App Store. And, if you are also a Hawaiian Telcom TV subscriber, another way to access the account is via your set-top box.

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