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Most consumers would probably agree, Spectrum’s service quality is exceptional! Whether you have subscribed to Spectrum TV, Internet, or Home Phone services, you can be dead sure of its network stability and high-end coverage around the clock.

However, that doesn’t mean you will never face any disruptions in your services, especially when it comes to using certain equipment from the provider, such as Spectrum DVR. Because devices can fail to work from time to time, once in a blue moon, you might get Spectrum DVR errors too. So, it just makes sense to learn about some easy and effective ways to fix this problem whenever needed.

Just in case you are a Spectrum DVR user, and you have been getting different types of errors lately, then this blog is exactly what you need! Below, we have come up with a detailed overview of how to fix Spectrum DVR errors and also what different errors mean. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Top Five Spectrum DVR Errors (With Solutions)

Below are the most common DVR errors for Spectrum, and the provider offers several convenient ways to fix these problems. Let’s take a look!

DVR Unable to Record

Is your Spectrum DVR unable to record TV shows lately? Well, if so, follow the steps given below and fix this issue within no time.

  1. Open your browser and navigate to Scroll through the options and verify that you are trying to record on your Spectrum Active DVR.
  2. Ensure that the memory on your Spectrum DVR is not full. Just in case you find it full, consider deleting some of your previously-recorded shows.
  3. Next, go to Settings and click on Series Priority. If you find different settings or a recording conflict, your DVR will record only the higher-ranked shows/series

Note: Spectrum doesn’t allow its customers to record On-Demand shows or digital music channels. You can only watch an On-Demand program with Spectrum for as long as you rent it.

Auto-Deleted Recordings

Do you often find your recordings auto-deleted from Spectrum DVR? Follow the given steps to prevent this from happening.

  1. The first step is to check the Available Storage of your device.
  2. Next, navigate to Recording Options. Just in case your DVR is full, or the settings are marked to: Keep Until: Space is Needed, your files will be automatically deleted. So, you might consider freeing up some space and deleting some recordings from the DVR.
  3. You can also unmark the Keep Until: Space is Needed option from the Settings menu.
Want more information regarding Spectrum DVR settings? Call 844-760-4220 or visit here .

Disk Space Unavailable

You might get an error for low storage, if your disk space drops below 5%, or your recordings for the next 2 weeks exceed the available disk space. In such a case, your storage gauge will be outlined in red. This means that your DVR won’t be able to record new shows until you free up some space. Here’s how you can do it:

Space-saving tips:

  • Navigate to Record Duplicates and set it to No.
  • Consider recording only new programs
  • Delete any unwanted shows that you don’t watch anymore.
  • Consider investing in an eSATA.

DVR Not Recording Series Shows

Spectrum DVR may stop recording certain shows such as news, or gaming series, if you set the device on series recording setting. This usually happens because these programs don’t provide specific data, so, when you set series recording, you cannot cancel different episodes of the show while it is being recorded.

Unrecoverable Write Error

Unfortunately, you cannot fix the Unrecoverable Write Error at home. So, just in case you get an alert for this, please call Spectrum support at 844-760-4220 . Spectrum’s trained professionals will provide you with all the guidance you need!

Spectrum DVR Error Codes

Spectrum DVR Error Codes What’s the Problem?
  • “Service Unavailable, try again later” error code
  • Unable to play saved recordings
GDVR-2007 Service outage/Network instability


No matter how high-end or advanced your equipment is, it can still fail to work at times due to external or internal issues. However, being a Spectrum user, luckily you have a plethora of convenient options available to fix these issues, especially when it comes to DVR.

We hope this guide provides you with a good understanding of Spectrum DVR errors and their solutions. Just in case you still have any questions regarding Spectrum troubleshooting, DVR settings, or more, do reach out to Spectrum Customer Support at 844-760-4220.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I fix Spectrum DVR errors?

You can fix Spectrum DVR errors by taking a few simple measures. Please call 844-760-4220 and connect with Spectrum’s trained professionals for more info – they will provide you with the right technical assistance, depending on the type of error.

What does Spectrum GDVR-1004 error mean?

DVR is unable to play saved recordings. Please reach out to Spectrum Customer Support at 844-760-4220 for more info.

How can I fix the Unrecoverable Write Error on Spectrum DVR?

Unfortunately, you cannot fix the Unrecoverable Write Error for Spectrum DVR at home. So, just in case you get an alert for this, please call 844-760-4220 and connect with Spectrum’s trained professionals. They will provide you with the right technical assistance.