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Let’s face it — we all get a bit confused when it comes to the management of our routers. No matter how simple the piece of equipment seems, there is always something new-found that leaves us baffled. Spectrum router purple light is also something that perplexes Spectrum customers (often using the Wave2 Sagemcom devices), and it gets hard for them to understand what it is indicating.

What Does the Purple Light on Spectrum Router Mean?

When you see that purple light blinking on your Spectrum router—half blue and half red—don’t jump to any conclusions. There are so many things that could be causing that purple light to blink. Albeit, more often than not the Spectrum router purple light issue is observed alongside a problem with internet speed—at times even preventing users from connecting to the internet.

One possible reason behind the Spectrum router purple light blinking is a malfunction or failure of the device. Modems and routers are pieces of electrical equipment, and with usage, components are likely to wear out—wireless routers can also fall prey to overheating which results in unstable performance.  

But these problems don't come without a solution! And before you rush towards your phone to contact Spectrum Customer Support, you can try some of your own tactics that may help resolve the Spectrum router purple light hindrance.

Effective Ways to Fix the Spectrum Router Purple Light Issue

If you are wondering how to resolve the Spectrum router purple light problem and how to fix Spectrum Internet, here are some effective ways to try it out as a DIY endeavor. Have a look!

Give a Thorough Check to the Wires

One more trick that can assist you in getting rid of the Spectrum router purple light is checking all the wires that are connected to your device. More often, wires that are plugged into the router either become loose or damaged with time—which in turn can cause problems with the Spectrum router and your internet connection—and this instability can, in turn, give rise to issues such as the one with the “purple light”. That is why it is essential that you carefully check all the wires and connections.

While you are at it if you notice a wire is not properly connected to your device, unplug and reconnect, making sure it’s a tight connection. And, if you find a damaged wire, just replace it right away. Unless all wires are up to the mark and all connections tight, it may not be possible to tell what maybe causing the Spectrum router purple light issue.

Power-Cycle Your Spectrum Router

Rebooting your Spectrum router can resolve most temporary issues causing your Spectrum Internet connection to lag. So, in order to get rid of the Spectrum router purple light, your first move must be to reboot the equipment.

Steps to Reboot Your Router

If you have a separate modem and router, follow the below-mentioned steps to reboot your equipment—you’ll have to reboot both:

Steps to Reboot Your Gateway Device

If your modem and wireless router are combined in a single piece of equipment—the gateway device— follow the below-mentioned steps to reboot your equipment:

Reset Your Spectrum Router Online

If rebooting the Spectrum Internet equipment does not resolve the Spectrum router purple light problem, another route to take is that of a hard reset. To reset your Spectrum router you’ll need to sign in to your Spectrum account online—with your Spectrum credentials. Navigate to the Services & Equipment tab, and select the Experiencing Issues? option next to the device you want to reset. Click on Reset Equipment, and, you’re done.

Reboot your wireless devices, and connect to Spectrum Internet—chances are you’d neither face the purple light issue with the Spectrum router nor would you need to struggle for an answer to “how to fix Spectrum Internet?”

Resolve the Spectrum Router Purple Light Issue via My Spectrum App

As one of the leading internet service providers, Spectrum focuses on providing readily available solutions to its customers. The My Spectrum App gives you instant access to your Spectrum account and services. You can resolve issues with your equipment by signing into your account. And, also get access to troubleshooting tools, check the status of your modem, router, or gateway device, and manage your Spectrum in-home Wi-Fi network.

Essentially all the convenience and accessibility you enjoy when accessing your Spectrum account via the web gets placed at your fingertips with the My Spectrum app. And, the process of troubleshooting Spectrum router issues becomes more personalized.

Read all about how to create your Spectrum username and password & how to reset the Spectrum router.

Your Last Resort — Contact Spectrum Customer Service

In case none of the troubleshooting tips discussed earlier help resolve the half-red and half-blue light issue with your Spectrum Internet router, the sensible thing would be to contact Spectrum customer support and be guided to the relevant tech support personnel. Spectrum provides 24/7 tech support, so you can rest assured help is always available. Plus, if your router indicates it requires a deeper level of troubleshooting or a possible replacement of equipment, we will suggest you take a break and let the professionals handle the situation.

To Narrow It Down

Spectrum Internet is reputed for being fast and reliable, and popular in 40 service states for the quality of service and the offerings on the provider’s menu. Yet, technical glitches with networks and equipment cannot be ruled out. And this is where Spectrum’s 24/7 tech support steps in.

We hope our two cents today help you out with your DIY endeavor—as far as resolving your Spectrum router purple light issue.


What do I do if my broadband light is purple?

If you see that your broadband light is half-blue and half-red looking purple, check all the connected wires to make sure none is damaged and the connections are tight. If all that is good, try rebooting your modem and router, or gateway device. And in case a simple reboot does not work, go for a reset of equipment to resolve the Spectrum router purple light issue.

How can I troubleshoot my Spectrum router?

You can follow these steps to troubleshoot your Spectrum router via a simple reboot:

Note: You can also run a wired and wireless Speed test before and after you troubleshoot your Spectrum router issues. This will confirm if rebooting the Spectrum Internet equipment has helped improve internet performance.

How do I test my Spectrum router?

This is how you can test your Spectrum router: