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Internet access is typically offered by the same service provider that delivers the landline telephone service to people - especially in rural America. In times gone by dial up internet used to reach users via the phone line. Then came along DSL, which also used phone lines, but was faster than dial up and did not tie up the phone line either. These days many service providers use their Fiber networks to deliver a phone service too. But what do you do if you live in a region beyond the reach of wireline infrastructures, and satellite Internet is your only high-speed option?

Well this is where HughesNet comes into the picture with coast-to-coast wireless coverage. And not only does HughesNet get you a high-speed internet option where none other is possible, it offers you a phone service too! Meaning, if you need both home services, you can subscribe to a single bundle under the same roof and on the same bill!

In this article, we’ll discuss what you need to know about the HughesNet phone service, and the features it offers

HughesNet Phone Service: How Does It Work?

HughesNet provides a home phone service with many features over the same satellite connection as your internet. It utilizes innovative VoIP (Voice-over-IP) technology. And the best part is it does not use the monthly data allowance which you get with your HughesNet Internet plan.

As a new HughesNet customer you can expect the technician to install the ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) which routes calls through the satellite dish and the wireless modem. You  connect via the phone quite without any disruption being caused to your satellite internet connection. It's that simple!

HughesNet Phone Service Plans, Features & Pricing

HughesNet Voice, is not only innovative in how the service is delivered, but allows you access to many essential and popular calling features. In rural and remote regions, where connectivity is a big concern, HughesNet gives you an ideal back up that does not require a connection separate from your internet. It is certainly a wireless service and susceptible to extreme weather conditions. But in areas where HughesNet Gen5 Internet is your only high-speed internet bet, relying on HughesNet phone service is a wise choice.

Also, if you do have a traditional landline and you want to keep the local number, you can transfer it over to HughesNet Voice via porting.

Unlimited Talk Time

The HughesNet phone service gives you good value for money - customers can enjoy unlimited talk time in the U.S. and to Canada without worrying about a hefty bill. Plus the way it is delivered helps you save up to 45% of the cost that you’d incur if you went with a copper line phone service.

HughesNet Voice plan is offered at the promo rate of $19.95/mo. for 6 months, and you pay $29.95/mo. thereafter. That’s a saving of $60 over 6 months. Not a bad deal at all. Especially when you’ve chosen to live far from urban or suburban America.

International Calling Plans

HughesNet Voice offers you to choose one of the following add-ons based on your calling needs:

  • The International 200 add-on gives you 200 minutes for calls to 60 countries at 9.95/month
  • The International Unlimited add-on gives unlimited calling to 60 countries for $22.95/month

Calling Features

There are many useful features included with HughesNet Voice, such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Outbound Caller ID, Simultaneous Ring, Call Block, and an enhanced voicemail (accessible through dial-in & forwarded via email). The Web Self-Care Portal is your one-stop for managing your HughesNet phone service.

Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS)  

With TRS, deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals can communicate with one another via telephone. Customers use TTY (terminal and keyboard) devices to communicate with call centers, where personnel transmit the text typed by the customer to the other party. The call center takes responses from the other party and sends text messages to the TTY device of the customer. HughesNet offers TTY service to people with disability via IP-enabled equipment.

Bundle HughesNet Gen5 & HughesNet Phone Service

Regardless of how far out you live, value-packed bundles including HughesNet phone service and high-speed internet, are readily accessible. The cost attached to this connectivity setup may seem to lean towards the higher end, but let’s not forget when you are nowhere within the reach of a high-speed wireline service, HughesNet Gen5 is your best bet. And it is only wise to bundle it up with the HughesNet phone service as it won’t need a separate connection.

If you are an existing HughesNet Internet customer, you can add-on Voice at anytime.

HughesNet Internet & Voice Installation

When you subscribe to HughesNet Internet & Voice as a new customer, the technician will show up on the day of installation with the equipment, namely the dish, wireless modem, and the HughesNet Voice ATA (analog telephone adapter). You must have your telephone and cable available. In case you are an existing HughesNet Internet customer, most of the equipment will be already in place, and very little would need to be done.

Your services are installed and activated by the technician. And they will also set up 2 of your connected devices such as a computer, tablet etc. At an additional charge, you can have more devices setup and ready to go.

As we said earlier, you are given access to a web-based application that lets you manage, monitor, and update your HughesNet phone service with ultimate ease.

Non-Standard Installation Items

It is not uncommon for customers to want to customize or enhance their installations. Below is a list of some of the most common enhancements. HughesNet standard installations do not include these enhancements; however, they can be ordered directly from certified independent HughesNet installers. The independent HughesNet installer will itemize any charges for non-standard work or equipment on your HughesNet Installation Reference Sheet, which will need your signature prior to installation. The installation of these non-standard items involves significant customization of your HughesNet system, which requires the following:

  • Build, remove, or repair structures to conceal or support the HughesNet system.
  • Extensive onsite time to meet customer requirements.
  • Invest in molding, cosmetic hardware, or special materials to hide cables.

Final Word

HughesNet Voice is an innovative service that offers you phone connectivity by making smart use of your satellite internet connection. Satellite internet is surely not the most favorable choice when high-speed wired options are available. But when that is not the case, connectivity becomes a major concern. And this is when HughesNet Internet and Voice can save the day for you.

Contact HughesNet Customer Service at 1-855-349-9309 and speak to a representative about offers available at your location.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much data will HughesNet Voice consume?

The HughesNet Voice service does not consume your data allowance, with how it is delivered via your HughesNet satellite internet connection.

Is it possible to still make calls if I have exceeded my data allowance?

Yes. HughesNet Voice does not affect the data that you receive through your HughesNet Internet service plan.  

Is HughesNet Voice worth it?

HughesNet Voice is a great choice when you are situated far from wireline services. Together with HughesNet Internet it presents a complete solution to your connectivity needs. You save for the length of the promo offer, and you also save because the service gets you unlimited talk time. Contact HughesNet Customer Service at 1-855-349-9309 and speak to a representative about offers available at your location.