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Imagine your life without an internet connection in this time and age. Not that internet access was not already a necessity to sustain the modern lifestyle. But in the aftermath of the pandemic, our lives have become all the more dependent on the internet. Whether it is about you working from home or kids attending online school, banking or shopping, staying connected with family and friends, or leisure time activities such as gaming and streaming—all that and more is acutely dependent on the internet connection at your home. 

As for urban and suburban America, largely speaking wired choices are in good plenty. And most cities are served by a decent number of ISPs offering a variety of broadband types—DSL, Cable, or Fiber. But, in regions where the wired infrastructure is not updated, because of terrestrial or corporate obstacles, communities are often at the mercy of traditional DSL of the slow kind—while parts of the U.S. where nothing better than a dial up is available, the only viable choice is satellite internet.

It is in this rural and remote landscape, that HughesNet Gen-5 Internet saves the day for you!

A Quick Word on Choosing an ISP

If you are in a well-connected city like San Francisco, you’ll have no shortage of options when picking an ISP for your home. But, if you are a member of a rural community in one of the less connected states like Montana, the situation may just be a total opposite. Yet, the benchmark of a good service would change little.

In either situation, you must have a fair assessment of your own speed and data needs as well as budget constraints. And you’d also do well by looking for a trustworthy name—an ISP that is likely to fulfill its promise of delivering optimal network performance, gets you value-added perks, and does not charge an arm and a leg for the subscription. When you pay attention to these key aspects, you are more likely to make the right choice for your home.  

Why Is It a Good Idea to Choose HughesNet?

For rural and remote parts of the U.S. HughesNet Gen-5 makes a solid choice—with decades of experience in communication tech, and expertise at providing services based on SmartTechnologies™, Hughes Network Systems enjoys the trust of over 1 million subscribers in the US.

Hughes has continued to strive since 1996 with the aim to deliver satellite internet service to both residential and commercial markets. And in 2017 it became the first satellite based ISP to meet the FCC’s definition of broadband—with its HughesNet Gen-5 Internet. This achievement followed the launch of the world’s highest capacity broadband satellite.

All in all, when it comes to good repute, a penchant for innovation, and delivery of a quality broadband service, there is little reason why you should not choose HughesNet for your rural home.

But that is not all. To learn more about what makes HughesNet worth a short, read on.


What HughesNet Gen-5 Has in Store for You?

While satellite internet has its inherent flaws given how data is transmitted, in areas where a slow DSL connection or still worse dial up is your only choice, satellite internet is sure a wise bet. Even if there is fixed wireless internet available at your address, you’d good by comparing your options and not undermining satellite internet for its latency alone.

Let’s take a quick look at what HughesNet Gen-5 internet service have to offer.

Faster Speed   

All HughesNet Gen-5 plans offer the same speeds—the download speed are up to 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps, depending on your internet plan. For all standard usage such as working from home, virtual learning, shopping and banking online, streaming HD or light online gaming—the speed suffices unless of course the number of users is one too many for the bandwidth allocated under the plan.  

Stated speeds are not guaranteed.

The Variety of Data Plans

HughesNet offers a variety of data options for all types of internet users—each plan is designed to cover a variety of online needs with generosity—residential plans come with a fixed data allowance—100GB or 200 GB. From a small family to a large one, the data allowance does the job. More so because HughesNet saves your data by giving you a smart Data Saver feature, which modifies data rates as you stream or load web pages.  

Bonus Zone Data

With all HughesNet plans, you get access to off-peak data in the Bonus Zone—that is 50GB data every month, which can be utilized between 2am and 8am.

With the Bonus Zone, you can get involved in more online activities without using data from your service plan. Use your extra data to download videos, movies, heavy files and conduct system updates for your devices. Plus you always have Data Tokens available for purchase which you can use if your data consumption is anticipated to be higher in any given month. 

In any case HughesNet does not disconnect you from the internet when you run out of data—and there is no overage fee. Once you cross the soft data limit, the connection is throttled down to 3 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speeds.

Built-in Wi-Fi

HughesNet Gen-5 Internet features a satellite modem which comes with a built-in Wi-Fi router. With the 2-in-1 device, there is no clutter of devices, and you get a strong signal everywhere in the house. The satellite gateway device utilizes Wi-Fi 5 and is able to support multiple devices. The connection is secure and allows you to set up a separate guest network if need be.  

Coast-to-Coast Availability

Availability is one of the biggest advantages of the HughesNet internet service—satellite coverage is available from coast to coast. So, wherever you may be located, one thing you can rely on is availability of satellite broadband from a provider as reputed as HughesNet.

Professional Installation and Support

The installation of the HughesNet Gen-5 internet connection is handled by professionals. When you place your order with HughesNet Customer Service they’ll arrange an appointment for a qualified installer to visit your premises and set it all up—the satellite dish, Wi-Fi modem and 2 of your devices such as a desktop PC or a laptop, tab or smartphone. The installer can also connect more devices for you at an extra charge.

Through the life your customer experience, the HughesNet team of trained professionals is at your disposal—so all your concerns about the service or otherwise get heard and resolved on time.   

The End Note

HughesNet Gen-5 is the most viable choice for rural America—when you are limited in the number of wired choices or there are none—fast and reliable satellite internet from a trustworthy provider is what you can consider. Sure satellite internet has its downsides such as the latency factor and it is a pricier choice, but HughesNet gets you fast speeds and a healthy data allowance among other features—which a slow DSL or dial up can not compare with.

For information on plans and pricing contact HughesNet Customer Service  at 1-855-349-9309. You never know when you are able to grab a promo offer with a good discount on the monthly service fee.