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Welcome to San Francisco—the city recognized for its iconic sights, as well as a rich and diverse culture. Nicknamed as the City by the Bay, San Francisco is the 4th most populous city in California. If you’ve added to the count by recently moving to the city, we understand the stress you must be coping with. Getting the right internet connection is not as easy as perceived.

Fortunately, the experts at BuyTVInternetPhone are here to help. We’ll assist you in exploring the best residential ISPs in San Francisco you can rely on. Whether you’re seeking a budget-friendly option. Or one that offers everything for your intense needs. Just stick with us and we’ll take you to the right ISP in your San Franciscan neighborhood.

Technology & San Francisco

A Cursory Overview

The internet boom of the ’90s graciously lent a boost to San Fran’s tech driven economic growth. Ever since, tech-based ventures in the region have only soared higher in number with San Francisco offering its space to Apple, Facebook, Google, and tweet-tweet Twitter for their tech-offices. Which pretty much unfurled another ‘boom’—one related to tech employment.

By 2014, San Fran’s tech employment rate had gone up by 90%, while Silicon Valley could only make it to 30%. As of now, San Francisco stands tall with a sound repute—and is considered central to tech-based startups. For this reason, San Francisco makes sure internet access for residents and businesses is no less than the best.

Types of Internet

What San Franciscans Can Access

San Francisco is one of the top most connected cities in California—and fortunate enough to access the full spectrum of broadband types available in the U.S. market. Let’s take a quick look at each. Because each type has its unique characteristics, and an understanding of these can help you pick the right service to begin with.


Cable internet uses coaxial cable to provide internet access to subscribers. The coaxial cable network is the same as what powers up TVs in your home. Service providers like Mediacom, offer their services over an HFC network—the Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial network which delivers an upgraded variant of typical cable broadband.

Cable internet is available to over 99% of the San Franciscan population. Relative to DSL, cable broadband offers speeds up to 1000 Mbps, and doesn’t flinch in reliability.


DSL is the traditional type of internet delivered via preexisting copper line networks. And, when it comes to affordability, it makes for a worthwhile option. Connection via DSL establishes over the same twisted copper lines as utilized by your landline phone. But, unlike the almost redundant dial-up, DSL causes no interference in the phone line. Many nationwide service providers have upgraded to hybrid Fiber-Copper networks so as to push the DSL speed limit as high as 100 Mbps.

Like Cable, DSL broadband is also available to over 99% residential neighborhoods in San Francisco.


Fiber-Optic internet is hands-down the fastest type of internet in the market. It’s available to over 55% of San Francisco. The presence of fiber internet infrastructure offers speeds up to 1000 Mbps for tech-savvy San Franciscans. Moreover, the best thing about Fiber-Optic internet is it ensures symmetrical speeds—meaning the same upload and download power for users.

Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless connects you to the internet via radio waves. “Line of Sight’’ plays a huge role in transferring data from one fixed point to another via a series of transmission towers. When it comes to coverage, Fixed Wireless by Etheric Networks is available to nearly the entirety of San Franciscan homes.

Top Residential Internet Providers in San Francisco

Now that you know what types of internet connections are available for the residents of San Fran, it’s important to address another elephant in the room—getting to know the top ISPs in the region and then picking the right one.

Currently, businesses in the Golden Gate City are served by a multitude of 45 ISPs whereas 18 offer connectivity to residential users.

Of course, we won’t overcomplicate stuff for you by probing into all residential ISPs. Rather endeavor to make things easy by sharing only the top 4 options that are likely to fit a variety of household needs the best.

  • AT&T
  • EarthLink
  • HughesNet
  • Xfinity from Comcast

Exploring the Top 4 Residential ISPs in San Francisco


AT&T is one of the widest available ISPs in San Francisco. The types of residential internet connections from AT&T include IPBB (high-speed DSL) and Fiber internet. High-speed DSL in San Francisco delivers up to 100 Mbps. While with AT&T Fiber you get ultra-fast speeds up to 940 Mbps, and users also get to enjoy unlimited data every month.

One of the few ISPs which provide value-packed internet deals, AT&T includes many perks in its internet plans—such as no contracts, top-rated customer satisfaction, whole-home Wi-Fi, and an online security suite powered by McAfee.

Browse AT&T Internet plans and packages. And speak to an AT&T representative at 1-855-925-2541 to check availability in your San Franciscan neighborhood.

Popular AT&T Internet Offers in San Francisco

AT&T Internet (IPBB) AT&T Fiber
$35.00/month for 12 months $60.00/month for 12 months
  • Download speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Connects 3 to 5 devices
  • Ideal for browsing
  • Effortless file sharing
  • Moderate online gaming
  • HD video streaming
  • Telecommuting & Virtual learning
  • Super-fast download speeds up to 940 Mbps
  • Connects 10 or more devices
  • Instant sharing of large files on social media
  • 4K UHD video streaming
  • Hard-core online gaming
  • Best for smart home devices
  • Ideal for home-based start-ups


Another alternative for the residents of San Francisco is EarthLink with its HyperLink internet. The two types of connections offered by EarthLink are high-speed DSL and Fiber-Optic. EarthLink offers a wide range of speeds, but depending on your location not all speed tiers maybe available. In service locations where fiber lines stretch straight up to your premises you get super-fast symmetrical speeds—with ample power to upload and download. And with no barriers such as data caps, things only get better.

EarthLink HyperLink plans are perfect if you are someone who prefers powering devices up with substantial bandwidth. And, there is a plenty of perks available as well—such as the EarthLink Online Backup service & EarthLink Online Security.

Browse EarthLink internet plans. And, speak to EarthLink professionals at 1-844-343-1171 to check availability at your San Francisco address.

The Most-Wanted EarthLink Internet Plans in San Francisco

HyperLink 100 Mbps HyperLink 1000 Mbps
$79.95/mo. for 12 months $99.95/mo. for 12 months
  • 100 Mbps download & upload speeds
  • Connects 4 users
  • Upload and download data from the cloud
  • HD Video streaming
  • Online shopping & banking
  • Working from home and attending school online
  • 1 Gbps download & upload speeds
  • Connect 10 users
  • Game without ping spikes
  • Work from home without a drop in connection
  • Stream in 4K UHD
  • Connect all your smart home devices


HughesNet lends robust broadband satellite internet to 100% of San Francisco. Whether you are the metro area or outside it, HughesNet reaches everywhere! While living in an urban or suburban locality, satellite internet may not be your top choice. As it carries a reputation to be on the pricey end of the spectrum, and is infamous for its high latency which makes it less than perfect for gaming. But, if you don’t want to get into the hassle of maintaining a wired connection, and are not a gaming fan either—HughesNet can be a good choice.

Because HughesNet Gen-5 is the culmination of decades of experience in satellite communications—and inducts features which help with latency as well as save you data the smart way. In any case despite a data cap on each plan, these are soft limits and HughesNet does not disconnect you at any point. What’s more the 50GB Bonus Zone data is an ideal way to organize your data consumption.

Browse HughesNet Gen-5 Internet Service. And, speak to HughesNet sales support at 1-855-349-9309 for more information.

Practical HughesNet Gen-5 Internet Plans in San Francisco

HughesNet 10 GB Plan HughesNet 20 GB Plan
$49.99/mo. for 6 months $59.99/mo. for 6 months
  • Download speed up to 25 Mbps
  • Upload speed up to 3 Mbps
  • Bonus Zone data for off-peak hours
  • In-home Wi-Fi with high-end satellite modem
  • Download speed up to 25 Mbps
  • Upload speed up to 3 Mbps
  • Bonus Zone data for off-peak hours
  • In-home Wi-Fi with high-end satellite modem

Xfinity from Comcast

Finally, we have Xfinity from Comcast. If a feature-rich internet plan is what you seek in San Fran, then cable internet from Xfinity is a safe and worthy bet. Xfinity offers a variety of speed tiers, crafted to fit different consumer needs—from modest to intense.

What makes Xfinity internet earn bonus points is the perks of the service. Besides delivering reliable fast speeds even at peak times, Xfinity gets you a free Flex 4K streaming device, a voice-activated remote at no extra cost! Xfinity plans come with a 1.2TB data allowance, but for all practical purposes that is virtually unlimited.

Browse Xfinity Internet plans.

In-Demand Xfinity Internet Plans in San Francisco

Xfinity Performance Select Xfinity Gigabit
$34.99/mo. for 12 months with AutoPay & Paperless billing. $84.99/mo. for 12 months with AutoPay & Paperless billing.
  • Download speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Connects 5 devices
  • 1.2 TB of data every month
  • Download music and photos, share on social media
  • Work from home or go to school online
  • Stream HD
  • Download speeds up to 1000 Mbps
  • Connects unlimited devices
  • 1.2 TB of data every month
  • Download everything for your connected home
  • Stream with the ultimate Wi-Fi experience

Choosing a Residential Internet Provider in San Francisco

What to Consider?

Choosing a residential internet provider in a new neighborhood is a daunting task nonetheless. It’s okay if you’re awkward to ask your new neighbors about the best ISPs in the area. We’re going to ease your stress by jotting down some factors that you can consider to evaluate which option is the best for you.


Residing in San Francisco can be expensive. Of course, you wouldn’t want your utilities to be a money drainer. While settling for an ISP, be sure to compare the prices of various other options available in your ZIP code—and check out the speed to cost ratio in each case. At times the price you see is low, but what it gets you does not cut it. A more accurate comparison is possible when you determine the cost of 1 Mbps, and pick the plan that does fits your needs and pocket.


San Franciscans are very fortunate when it comes to accessing the fastest internet speeds. But, while choosing an ISP be mindful of the internet usage in your household. Gauge how much your family consumes. Choose the speed range that fits the family’s needs comfortably.

Data Caps

Not every option out there is like Spectrum Internet that offers broadband plans with no data caps. Most ISPs impose a data limit every month, and if you wish to go for more or unlimited data you must pay an additional amount. To avoid the expense of purchasing more data, assess the data consumption in your household. This way you’d know which plan to opt for—whether with data caps or an unlimited one.

Monthly Contracts

Don’t overlook the contract period. While some ISPs don’t require contracts, you’re likely to come across ones that do. One year to two—that is the period for a contract ISPs mostly obligate you to sign.

Installation Fees

The process of installation comes with the options of self-installation and professional installation. If you know the ins and outs of the installation process, you can save a good buck by opting for self-installation. Professional installation may cost you up to $100. Sometimes, ISPs waive off the installation fee as a part of a promotional gig or if you bundle the internet with other services. So, do keep an eye on that.

All Things Summed

Growing tech opportunities will only grow more. And so will the digital needs of a fast-paced urban life in San Francisco. Currently, San Francisco ranks #5 among the most connected Californian cities. Our assumptions tell us in the future, San Francisco is likely to grab a higher spot—but for now we hope you have gained enough insight to pick the best ISP option in the city for your new home.

If at any point during your decision making process you wish to speak to a professional in the field, call at 1-855-349-9328. You are likely to receive advice and help with searching options available at your San Francisco address.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is the internet in San Francisco?

Internet speeds in San Francisco go as high as 1000 Mbps. For information about speeds available at your address in San Francisco call at 1-855-349-9328.

How much is the internet per month in San Francisco?

Internet plans in San Francisco vary in price depending upon the provider, the service type, speed tier and your location. For information about available plans and pricing at your address call at 1-855-349-9328.

How good is 25 Mbps in San Francisco?

25 Mbps is a pretty good a speed for 2-3 users. Standard video streaming, online gaming, browsing, and file sharing is easily done with 25 Mbps download speed. Many providers in San Francisco offer a 25 Mbps plan, but availability can vary. For details about offers available at your address call at 1-855-349-9328.