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Cox Internet Service in Tulsa, OK

Cox Communications, the 3rd largest cable broadband provider in the U.S., is available to an estimated 21.2 million U.S. citizens. That is not a small number. Quite in line with the colossal nationwide coverage Cox enjoys, the provider makes services accessible to 98.4% of Tulsa too. In turn, the impressive city-wide footprint coupled with the fact Cox Communications is the only renowned cable service provider in Tulsa makes Cox one of the most sought after amid the 11 residential internet service providers in T-Town.

The cable broadband behemoth has a variety of offerings on the menu. With Cox, Tulsans get the opportunity to equip their household with internet, cable TV, digital home phone, and a full-fledged home automation & security system. But the most popular item on the menu remains the Cox Internet service in Tulsa.

Among the DSL, fixed wireless, fiber, and satellite broadband providers operating in Tulsa, Cox is the only one that manages to furnish Gig-level cable broadband speeds to subscribers, pretty comparable to fiber broadband standards in terms of speed, but far more affordable.

With an upgraded fiber-coaxial hybrid network, which uses pre-existing coaxial cable lines only in “the last mile from the Node”, Cox is able to deliver reliable data transfer services in a range of speeds – there are five varied speed tiers to choose from, starting as low as 100 Mbps and going as high up as 2000 Mbps.

The Go Fast is a good fit for 1-2 users who do not indulge in bandwidth-consuming, data eating activities too often. While the Cox Gigablast allows a great number of devices to connect simultaneously, even if engaged in activities that would normally strain the average cable broadband connection.

Cox Internet Plans

Max. Download Speed

Avg. Upload Speed


Go Fast

Up to 100 Mbps

Up to 5 Mbps


Go Faster

Up to 250 Mbps

Up to 10 Mbps


Go Even Faster

Up to 500 Mbps

Up to 10 Mbps


Go Super Fast

Up to 1 Gbps

Up to 35 Mbps

For 12 months

Go Beyond Fast

Up to 2 Gbps

Up to 100 Mbps


*Everyday low price. No annual contract

For more details Visit COX Internet

The perks? If you are subscribed to a Cox Internet plan with 250 Mbps or higher internet speeds, you get free access to 650,000 Wi-Fi hotspots outspread across the Cox service states.

As an add-on feature, you can include Panoramic WiFi with any Cox internet plan. This next-gen whole-home Wi-Fi system lets you enhance the otherwise weak and faint wireless signals in dead spots around your house.

Panoramic WiFi pods, together with the smart Panoramic WiFi Gateway, are fully equipped to extend the range of wireless signals for true wall-to-wall coverage. Plus with the FREE Panoramic WiFi app, you get to manage your in-home network activity, monitor usage, create user profiles, organize devices, and set rules with Parental Controls, etc.

Cox Contour TV and More from Cox Cable Tulsa

Who said cord-cutting has become a big deal? With Cox novel take on cable TV, every Cox TV plan allows you to experience the new facets of cable TV entertainment. You get to enjoy convenient navigation via the smart on-screen guide that learns your preferences and makes recommendations, and you save time and energy by letting the voice remote do the job at the command of your voice. What is more, Cox offers you a variety of plans for the DVR service that let you record your favorite shows and watch them on your own timeline. Plus, a plethora of streaming apps and a massive library of On Demand titles are at your disposal too!

What about Cox TV plans? Here is what you get.


Plan Details


Call to Order

Contour TV Starter

· 75+ local networks

· Top broadcast networks including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, & more!

· One Contour box with Voice Remote included

· Premium add-ons available


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Contour TV Preferred

· 140+ local and cable TV channels

· Popular cable channels, including local broadcast networks, ESPN, HGTV, USA, PBS, & more!

· One Contour box with Voice Remote included

· Customize with add-ons


Call to Order

Contour TV Ultimate

· 250+ local and cable TV channels

· Extensive lineup with premium networks like NFL Network, Disney Junior, HBO Max & more!

· One Contour box with Voice Remote included

· Exciting add-ons available


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*Everyday low price. No annual contract.

Digital Home Phone Service - Voice Premier from Cox in Tulsa, OK

Distortions, while you are on call, can be annoying. However, with the 100% digital home phone service from Cox, Tulsans get to experience reliable reception and HD sound quality – simply because Cox monitors its state-of-the-art fiber-optic network 24/7 to keep you connected. Perks like unlimited long-distance calling in the U.S., and to Canada & Mexico, access to 14 handy calling features & Voicemail, and the ability to use your Cox home phone via the Voice Everywhere app even when you are on the go – all for a price tag of $29.99/mo., is bound to make you feel like you hit many birds with one stone!

If the standalone phone service seems costly to you, you can always choose to include the Cox Voice Premier plan as you build your bundle and avail yourself of all-round discounted rates.

Notable Cox Voice Premier Features

Cox in Tulsa gives you access to a multitude of useful calling features that can help you organize and keep track of your daily communication. Here is what you can benefit from with the Cox digital home phone service:

  • Call Waiting
  • Call Waiting ID
  • Speed Dial 8
  • Speed Dial 30
  • Call Forwarding
  • Selective Call Forwarding
  • Busy Line Redial
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Call Return
  • Caller ID Per Call Blocking
  • Block Anonymous & Selective Calls

Other prominent service features include E911, Voicemail, Nomorobo, and 3-Way Calling.

Cox Homelife

Rest assured, including Cox Homelife in your value-packed Cox bundle would only increase the worth of your investment. You will benefit from the ability to fully automate your home, manage all your smart home devices even remotely via the Homelife app, and keep your home under the 24/7 watchful eye of professional Cox Security.

Cox in Tulsa, makes the Homelife automation plan all the more worth it when you bundle it with other services, by giving you a $10 discount! The same goes for the Homelife security plan too, but in this case, Cox doubles your discount to $20. Surely it would not be too wise to miss out on an offer as lucrative as this one!

Plan Key Features Price
Cox Homelife Automation ? Enjoy the free mobile app for remote access
Get Live Video Feed
Manage door locks, lighting, and thermostat
Get door & window alerts
Cox Homelife Security ? 24/7 professional home monitoring
Motion sensors & battery backup
Carbon monoxide, smoke/heat, and water detection add-ons available


Bundles from Cox in Tulsa, OK

Bundling up is always a great idea when you want to save and at the same time ensure maximum service value. With Cox Bundles, you get to save a lot whether you sign up for a triad of services or a duo – in either case, you benefit from significantly discounted rates. Plus, you have the freedom to customize your bundle as you deem fit.

Here are a few popular bundles by Cox in Tulsa. You might as well end up subscribing to one!


Max. Download Speed

Channel Count

Home Phone

Starting Monthly Price

Go Fast Internet + TV Starter + Voice Preferred

Up to 100 Mbps


Unlimited nationwide calls


Go Faster Internet + TV Starter + Voice Preferred

Up to 250 Mbps


Unlimited nationwide calls


Go Faster Internet + TV Preferred + Voice Preferred

Up to 250 Mbps


Unlimited nationwide calls


Go Even Faster Internet + TV Preferred +Voice Preferred

Up to 500 Mbps


Unlimited nationwide calls


Go Even Faster Internet + TV Ultimate + Voice Preferred

Up to 500 Mbps


Unlimited nationwide calls



For more details Visit COX Bundles


Cox Communications in Other Oklahoma Cities

Cox Communications does not only enjoy a city-wide coverage as encompassing as 98.4% in Tulsa, but there are also other popular Oklahoman cities too, where Cox dominates the market pretty impressively. Here are a few of those cities:

Cox Servicio al Cliente is also available for spanish users at 1-855-349-9316

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the cheapest Cox internet plan in Tulsa?

The cheapest Cox internet plan is Go Fast. You get 100 Mbps worth download speeds for $50/mo. for 12-mos with a 1-year service agreement.

Can I get gigabit download speeds from Cox Internet?

The Cox Gigablast plan gives you up to 2000 Mbps download speed at $150/mo. for 12-mos with a 1-year service agreement.

Does Cox offer international calling options?

Cox has a Simply Worldwide Plan for international calling. Priced at $2.99/mo. you can add the Simply Worldwide plan to your Cox Voice Premier Service.

Can I customize my Cox Communications bundles?

Yes, Cox allows you to customize your Cox Internet, TV, Home Phone, and Homelife plans. Head to Cox Bundles to find out more.